Brett, Sam, Tyrone, Ashley, and Miranda were walking through the woods.  Sam led the way, followed by Miranda, Ashley, Sam and Brett.  There were some biters every now and then, but they were easily taken out.

"Where is he?" asks Miranda.

"He said he'd be around here" says Brett.

"Why did they break their deal?"

"We were a day late.  Someone counted down the week wrong" says Sam.

"They said they'd leave Mike unharmed here... where the hell is he?" asks Tyrone.

The four continue their way through the woods.  They walk up and in between two trees lay Mike.  Miranda ran up to him and his eyes were wide open but he wasn't moving.  There was no gunshot or bite or any blood for that matter.  Miranda got over him and put her head to his chest.  She couldn't find a heartbeat.  She starts preforming mouth-to-mouth CPR on him and the four stand their watching.  Tears came to her eyes, same as Ashley.

"Someone help please" Miranda pleads.

"If he's dead, he's going to reanimate soon" says Sam.

"Don't you think that would've happened already?" asks Tyrone.

"Maybe, but we can't be too sure"

"No, I won't let you" says Miranda.

"Honey, I'm sorry"

"Why would they do this?  They said he'd be unharmed" says Brett.

Four days ago, Mike and Lee were in a cell.  Emma and James guarded it with another young guard around their age.  Lee has two black eyes and a cut above his lip.

"Two more days and we're out this shithole" says Lee.

"Yeah, I'm glad this is almost over.  Although, I didn't have that bad of a stay" says Mike.

"Yeah, the handicapped kid gets special treatment and I get fucking tortured"

"Fuck off"

"You deciding to grow some balls?"

"Hey, keep it quiet" says Emma.

"Ok whore" says Lee.

James walks up to the cell with a Taser and tazes Lee.  Lee falls to the ground.

"Stay quiet" he says.

"Only two more days.  Keep quiet and it'll be peaceful" says Emma.

"Yes ma'am" says Mike.

Will and Miranda were on the RV keeping watch.

"Three more days you get your boy back" says Will.

"Yeah, I'm excited.  I can't keep but thinking they are torturing him though" she says.

"Don't worry about it Miranda.  How are you feeling?"

"I'm doing better.  It doesn't hurt to run as much"

"That's good.  How has Sherry been taking care of you?"

"Good.  Luckily she is one of the nicer people we have around camp"

"Yeah.  Sherry's a good kid"

"So, three more days" she says with a sigh of relief"

"That's write, three more days"

Jeremy was in his house.  He heard a knock on the door and he went to answer it.  It was John.

"Come on in John" says Jeremy.

"We have something to discuss" John says.

"What's that?"

"I want out man.  I feel so guilty about killing Zane and Keith, I'll leave and never come back"

"You know the deal, you stay or you die"

"Fine.  I'd rather be dead"

As John says that Jeremy takes out a knife and stabs him in the heart.  Slowly, John falls to the ground.  Jeremy walks over his body and stabs him again in the head.  He makes his way outside and sees the teens training with Dennis and Marissa.  One of them, missed a fairly easy target.  Jeremy walks over to him and hits him in the gut.  The teen falls to the ground.  Marissa and Dennis make their way to him.

"What was that?" asks Dennis.

"If that kid wants to defend his two little sisters, he needs more discipline. This 'try again' shit won't work anymore.  You need a reason to hit the target"

"That's insane" says Marissa.

"Maybe, but it will be efficient"

Miranda hasn't left Mike's dead body.  Sam walked over to her with his pistol in his hand, ready to put Mike down.  Miranda hops on top of Mike's body so that her head is on his and her arms are covering the sides of his head.

"Miranda, it has to be done" says Sam.

"No.  No it doesn't" cried Miranda.

"Fine.  But when Mike comes back and bites you, don't be surprised"

"I don't wanna live without him"

"Yeah, well you might not have to if you do this" says Brett.

Two days has gone by.  Mike and Lee were in a car with Jeremy, Marissa, and another guard.  They were on their way to the meeting place.  The cars parked in front of the bar, as the sun was setting.  Lee was on his knees with a guard pointing his gun at him, Mike was lying on the ground with a guard doing the same.

"They ain't here boss" says a guard.

"There's one" says James pointing at the corner of the building.

Jeremy looks and sees Lee Dixon, Xander, Jeremiah and Isabella standing there.

"Where's the food?" questions Jeremy.

"We-- we're waiting on our group to get here.  They'll be here shortly" says Lee D.

"I don't belive you.  Remember John Adams?  He told me there were two seperate groups.  Where's the other one that has the food?"

"I have no idea why they aren't here" says Xander

"Well, this puts a crack in our deal doesn't it?"

"C'mon, no need to do anything harsh.  We'll bring it tomorrow" says Jeremiah.

"Bring it tomorrow, you get the kid back safe and unharmed.  But now--" starts Jerry walking over to Lee E.

Jerry pushes the guard out of the way and he puts his pistol to the back of Lee's head.

"NO" screams Dixon running towards them.

Jerry pulls the trigger, killing Lee.  Lee Dixon continues to run at him but is stopped by Xander and Isabella.

"Remember, tomorrow" says Jeremy.

The next day, they were in the same spot as last time, minus Lee Everett and Mike.  Lee Dixon, Ashley, Miranda, Kenny, Naomi, and Will were there.  Jeremy was going through the contents of the bag Will gave him.

"What happened?" asks Will looking at Lee.

"You missed the day... yesterday you should've been here with the food" says Lee.

"No, what happened?"

"Is Mike okay?" asks Miranda.

"He's fine as long as you brought food today you bastards" says Kenny.

"What happened to the other Lee?" asks Will.

"They killed him.  Shot him right in the head"

"I'm sorry"

"Don't be"

"Food's all good" says Jeremy putting it in the car.

"Where's the kid?" asks Ashley.

"He's fine.  We ain't giving him to you now.  Tomorrow morning, we'll let him go somewhere in the woods.  He'll be safe and sound, don't worry" says Jeremy.

"That wasn't part of the deal" says Naomi.

"Neither was showing up late" says Jeremy going into the car.  The cars drive away leaving the others behind.

Eight hours ago at night, Mike was sitting in his cell, still shaking from watching Lee's execution.  Emma sat beside him in the cell.

"You'll be fine" she says.

"Where will I be taken?" asks Mike.

"Somewhere in the woods, trust me Mike"

"Trusting isn't my forte"

"Than make it one"

Jeremy walks downstairs and Emma gets up and acts like she was guarding.

"Stand down Emily" he says.

Emma walks away sending an eye at Mike.  Jeremy looks at Mike and shows him a jar which had a yellow spider in it.

"What's that?" he asks, getting scared.

Jeremy opens it and using gloves, throws it at Mike.  The spider bites Mike's arm and Mike swats it away, killing it.  Mike starts feeling dizzy.

"Don't worry kid, it won't kill you.  It'll paralyze you for about 8 hours.  You'll be fine" says Jeremy.

"Fuck... you..." mutters Mike as he loses all ability to talk, move his body or anything.  He can still think, hear, and see though.  He sees James and Emma enter the cell and pick him up.  They bring is body to one of the pickup trucks and put him in gently.  The car drives off.

Four hours ago, it was just becoming dawn. Jeremy, Emma, James, were sitting in a car parked in the woods.  James and Jeremy get out and put Mike in between two trees.

"They should find him easily" says Jeremy.

"Yes sir" says James.

"James, relax.  I'm sure the kid will be fine.  No need to feel any guilt or remorse"

"Yes sir" James repeats.

The three get into the truck and drive off leaving Mike awake by the tree.

Miranda still lied on top of Mike.  She puts her head up and looks at him into his eyes.

"I'm sorry.  Goodbye Mike, I love you" she says.

Miranda gets up and walks over to the other four.  Tyrone pulls her in and they hug.  Sam nods and pulls out his gun.  He puts the gun to Mike's head.  He feels hesitation and a tear falls from Sam's face looking down at Mike.  Sam lowers his gun and walks over to the four.

"I can't do it" he says.

Ashley looks over at Mike and sees his hands starting to move.

"He's starting to reanimate" she says.

Ashley walks over to him, machete in hand and she looks at him.  His eyes were normal, she didn't get it.  She looked at him carefully and his mouth starts to move.  "Help" he mouths, slowly, but well enough for Ashley to notice it.

"JUST DO IT" screams Miranda, who is still crying in Tyrone's arms.

"I don't think we have to" she says.

"What do you mean?" asks Brett.

Miranda, Brett, Tyrone, and Sam make their way slowly over to Ashley.  They look at Mike and see he's attempting to move, and that he's breathing normally.

"Mike?" Miranda asks going on her knees.

Mike lifts his arm and touches her head.

"What happened to him?" asks Tyrone.

"Something we'll have to ask him later about" says Sam.



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