Mike was being carried by Tyrone as they made their way through the woods.  Miranda, Ashley, Sam and Brett led the way.

"Almost there" says Brett.

"Good, we've got some questions to ask" says Sam.

The five continue to make their way through the woods.  Ashley pauses to take a breath and looks behind her, there are tons of biters following them.

"Guys, we may need to move faster" she says.

The four turn around and see the biters.

"Run?" asks Miranda.

"Run" says Sam.

The five run through the woods and into the town where there car is parked.  Sam hops into the driver's seat and Brett goes into passenger.  Miranda, Tyrone, Ashley all squeeze into the back with Mike lying on top of them.

"What happened to you Mike?" asks Miranda.

"I... I feel numb" Mike says.

"Kid, you're an idiot, you know that?  I was five seconds away from killing you" says Sam.

"I saw.  I don't think I have ever been more scared in my life"

"Wait, you saw?" asks Brett.

"Yes I saw.  Fuckers paralyzed me.  I was fully aware when Sam was pointing a gun on my head, or when Miranda almost suffocated me cause she didn't move her head"

"Sorry about that" says Miranda.

"It's okay Miranda, I'm glad to see you are okay though.  When I last saw you, you were practically dead"

"Luckily I'm not dead, and neither are you" says Miranda kissing him.

"Welcome back little man" says Tyrone.

Arnold, Summer, Naomi, and Jake were on top of the RV watching for them to return.  Summer was sitting on a chair writing in her notebook.  Jake and Naomi were watching patiently.  Arnold sat down next to Summer.

"So, what are you writing about?" he asks.

Summer just sits there and writes.

"So, you aren't a big talker, huh?"

"Let it go Arnold" says Jake.

"What-- why?"

"She won't talk to you.  Maybe she'll talk to someone she can relate too" says

Tommy runs up to the RV.

"Jake" he exclaims.


"Can we play football?"

"Maybe later champ"

"But, Jenny is busy and Brenda asked me to leave her alone so she can have alone time with Sully"

"You have got to be kidding me" says Jake getting up.

"What?  You don't allow sex between minors?" asks Naomi.

"No, I put Brenda in charge of watching over Charlie in case he pulls a stunt.  Yet she's not at her post"

"He's right over there being watched by Alan and Zoey" says Naomi.

"Where'd Damian and Tyrell go?" asks Arnold.

"They are on a supply run"

"Look, they're hear" says Arnold looking at the street.

They look and see the car pulled up.  Arnold climbs down and opens the gate and they enter.

"You found him?" asks Jake happily.

"We did.  Almost killed the kid" says Sam.

Will, Chrissy, Mike C., and Ash make their way over to them.

"Mike, are you okay?" asks Ash.

"I'm fine" he says.

"Did they do anything to hurt you?"

"No mom, they didn't"

"Why aren't you walking?" asks Will.

"Can't feel my legs, nor my back"


"They paralyzed me.  Suppose I'm lucky though.  Sam had his gun pointed at me ready to shoot"

"I didn't though" says Sam.

"No, no you didn't"

Suddenly, a gunshot goes through Mike C.'s head.  Everyone looks around in shock.

"AMBUSH" screams Naomi from on top of the RV.

Naomi, Summer, and Jake jump from the RV onto the floor and hide behind it.  Everyone goes behind some sort of cover.  Matt, Charlie, Zoey, and Alan react the same way, they all grabbed guns and ran up to the groups hiding.  They started handing them out to everyone.  Tyrone was behind a couch with Mike and Ash.  Mike looked at Miranda who is with Will, Chrissy, and Brett.

"1, 2, 3" says Will and the group all opens fire in the direction the gunshots are coming from.

The bullets rain above their heads and most are scared to get out of cover.

"Miranda, Ash, bring Tommy back to one of the houses" says Sam.

Miranda and Ash run up to Tommy who is hiding with Ashley.  Miranda picks him up and the three run to a house.  Alan gets up to cover fire and is shot in the heart.  Naomi puts him down almost immediately.  Miranda, Ash, and Tommy get into a house where they are met by Jenny, Brenda, and a shirtless Sully.

"What's happening?" asks Jenny.

"We are under attack" says Miranda.

James, Emma, and two of the other teens, one being the one that was hit by Jeremy earlier, that are part of the bandit group are standing there in shock of what's happening.  They are shooting and killing random people.  They look at Jeremy who is with Marissa and Dennis, the three are shooting blindly into the air like they're not even caring anymore.  The teens look at each other.  They slowly start leaving, and when they are out of sight, they sprint away in fear.

"Where are we going?" asks Emma.

"Back to camp, let's get our family's out of there" says James.

"I don't have one"

"Neither do I" says one of the other teens.

"Sarah, Emma go clear out a building in town.  Me and Quentin will get our families and meet you there"

"Which buliding?" asks Emma.

"How about the 7-11?" asks Quentin.

"That sounds good.  See you there" says James. 

Mike and Tyrone were sitting behind the couch, unarmed.  Charlie runs over to them with guns and gives Tyrone one.

"What about me?" asks Mike.

"Sorry kid, you aren't in condition to carry a firearm"

"I don't need knees to shoot"

"You think you don't, but trying going in and out of cover like that"

"What is Zoey doing?" asks Tyrone looking up.

Zoey is climbing the ladder of the RV.  When she reaches the top, she shoots at propane tanks that are near the bandits.  She hits it and it blows up, killing several of them.  Zoey is than shot in the chest and then head and falls off the RV onto Summer.  Summer pushes the dead body off of her and gets freaked out.  She goes to run inside but is stopped by Naomi.

"Not happening" she says.

Sherry leaves the house with a pistol and shoots at the bandits.  She goes up to Mike, Charlie, and Tyrone who were behind the couch.

"What are you doing?" asks Tyrone.

"I'm getting Mike, he's defenseless" she says.

"Fine, take him" says Charlie.

Sherry helps Mike up and they go into the nearest house.  Sherry sits him down and Mike sees Billy and Gwen standing there, shaking.

"What should we do?" asks Gwen.

"Join the fight" says Billy.

"I agree with Billy" says Mike.

"Mike, you stay here with me" says Sherry.

"I'm more than capable to fight"

"And to get yourself killed"

"We're heading out" says Billy grabbing a gun. 

Gwen grabs a gun too and they walk outside.  Mike looks out the window and sees Tyler, Christa and Kendall joining the fight.

"They can come from behind us" says Mike.

"Huh?" asks Sherry.

"They can flank us, easily"

"Don't worry about that.  Just stay here, where it's safe"

Mike sees Brenda and Jenny exiting the house to join the fight, firing at the bandits.

"Everyone but me" says Mike.

"Now is not the time to get yourself killed" says Sherry.

"Than when is?"

The firefight continues for 4 hours, no one giving an inch.  Randomly the shooting stopped.  Everyone remained quiet.  After 10 minutes, Will, Ashley, Jake, and Naomi climb up the RV and look around.  There is no one to be seen.

"Where's Mike?" asks Will.

"Inside, why?" asks Billy.

"We need to find out where that bandit camp is, we are going to war"



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