Will started to make his way to the house that Mike and Sherry were in; he was furious.  His adrenaline was still pumping and Mike knew where their base was.  Naomi, Ashley, and Charlie stop him before he enters.

"Will, wait" says Naomi.

"Wait for what?" he asks.

"You can't go in their like this.  We have to be smart about this" says Charlie.

"Smart?  They just killed three good people.  They are all going to die"

"Will, let me talk to the kid" says Ashley.

"He barely knows you, I'll get him to tell me where they are"

"Listen, I'll get the location... you stay here and come up with a game plan.  Okay?"

Will thinks the idea through "Fine" he mutters.

Ashley enters the house while Naomi, Charlie, and Will walk away.  They meet up with Jake, Brenda, Kendall, and Tyrone who was looking at Jenny's leg.  It had a bullet wound in it.

"Are you okay?" asks Will.

"I'm fine, I don't feel much" says Jenny.

"Can you walk?"

"I think so"

"It didn't go in very far.  She should be fine" says Charlie looking at it.

"Brenda take her inside please.  We need to discuss something" says Will.

"Yes Will" says Brenda.

Brenda helps Jenny up and helps her go into one of the houses.  Will looks at Matt and Brett who were on the RV.

"They gone?" asks Will.

"It looks like it, those assholes are gonna regret what they did" says Brett.

"You can count on that?" asks Jake.

Will and Tyrone climb up and get a good luck at the street. 

"Yep, they are definitely gone?" asks Tyrone.

"What should we do?" asks Will.

"We should hit them soon, but not without a plan" says Brett.

Mike and Sherry was sitting down on one of the couches.  The two were shaking, seeing the bodies of their friends go down.  Ashley enters the room.

"Hey kid" says Ashley.

"Here to hit me with the gun again?" asks Mike.

"No, we need the location of their base"

"I don't know where it is"

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"I had more on my mind than remembering the location, I was thinking about Miranda and not dying"

"So, just fucking think"

"Hey.  He doesn't know where it is" says Sherry.

"Listen blonde, I know you wanna help your fucking friend right now, but we have to make sure that we don't get attacked again"

"I may be able to show you" says Mike.


"I mean, if we drive down the road, I might be able to recognize the buildings and stuff like that"

"Fine, let's go.  Me and you, we'll get this out of the way"

Chrissy was looking at Zoey's dead body.  She couldn't control the tears.  Arnold comes up from behind her and puts his arm around her.

"It's okay Chrissy" he says.

"Zoey, she's gone"

"She died saving our lives.  If she didn't deplete their numbers like that, they'd still be attacking us"

"But-- why did she have to do it?"

"Cause no one else would"

"What do we do now?"

"We'll put those people where they belong, in Hell"

Emma and Sarah were in a 7-11.  They were boarding up the windows so no one could see them.  There was an abundance of food, and they were surprised it wasn't raided yet.  The front doors open, and James and Quentin enter with Quentin's two little sisters and James' older brother.

"James, why are we here?" asks his brother.

"Robert, Jeremy just killed innocent people.  We have to stay here" says James.

"But, why not just stay there?"

"I would be killed from running away from battle.  Like it or not, we have to stay here"

"Fine, I'll help with the windows"

Emma walks up to Quentin's little sisters, Greta and Rachel.

"Are you two okay?" asks Emma.

"We're fine" says Greta, the older of the two.

"Nice to hear it"

Sarah walks over to Quentin and James.

"What did you bring?" she asks.

"Sleeping bags, pillows, clothes, some food, and blankets" says Quentin.

"We should be set than"

"Yes we should"

"There they are" they hear someone say form outside.

The seven fall to the ground and they look out the door.  They recognize the guards from their base are pointing their guns at two people.  One of them was a black teenager, and the other one was a middle-aged black guy.

"Hey, we don't want any trouble" says the older one.

"People can't be trusted these days" says the guard.

"They're going to kill them" says Emma from inside the store.

"What should we do?" asks Robert.

James and Emma look at each other and they grab their guns.  Robert, Sarah, and Quentin follow them.  There is only six guards, and the five start shooting at them.  They kill the guards and motion the two to come inside, which they do.

"The hell was that?" asks the older black guy.

"You're welcome, they were gonna kill you" says Emma.

"Names?" asks Quentin.

"I'm Tyrell, this is Damian" says Tyrell.

"You have somewhere to be?  You're more than welcome to stay" says James.

"No, we got a base downtown.  You're more than welcome to come"

"We'd rather not" says Sarah.

"Why not?  We will welcome newcomers"

"It's just-- you know how we knew those people were going to kill you?" asks Quentin.

"How?" asks Damian.

"We saw them attack some society for no reason... it may be yours" says James.

Upon hearing that, Tyrell and Damian automatically leave the store, rushing out the door.

Ashley helps Mike leave the house.  She helps him over to one of the cars and they get in.  Before they leave, there was a knock on the car window, they turn and see it is Miranda.  Mike rolled down his window.

"Where are you going?" she asks.

"To find Damian and Tyrell" says Mike.

"Yeah.  Will wants us to find them, make sure they're okay" says Ashley.

"Than why are you bringing him?" asks Miranda.

"I have some good eye-sight" Mike says.

"No you don't.  Back at the farm you could barely see the TV screen.  Now, I'll ask again, where are you going?"

"Mike's going to show me the way back to their base so we can counter-attack later" says Ashley.

"I'm coming with" says Miranda.

"Don't worry babe" says Mike.

"I'm coming" she says, opening the door and going in the car.

"You ready?" asks Ashley.


"Than, let's go" says Mike and they drive.

Jeremy exits one of the houses, angrily.  Dennis and Marissa were waiting for him.

"They gone?" asks Dennis.

"Yes they're gone.  James, Sarah, Quentin, Emma, Robert, Greta, Rachel, all gone." says Jeremy.

"What should we do?" asks Marissa.

"Find and kill them"

"They're just kids though"

"I don't care, find and kill them.  You two will lead the search" he says, walking away.

Dennis and Marissa give each other nervous glances.

Charlie was taking the bullet out of Jenny's leg while Ash, Sully, Tommy, Summer, and Brenda were watching.  Jenny kept screaming in pain, but Ash had her hand over Jenny's mouth to keep her quiet.  Brenda and Summer held her legs down so she wouldn't move them.

"Almost done?" asks Ash.

"Yes, almost have it out.  Just a bit further" says Charlie.

"Is she gonna be okay?" asks Tommy.

"She'll be fine" says Sully.

Tyler, Kendall, and Christa enter the room.

"Do you need any help?" asks Tyler.

"We are fine" says Charlie.

"Are you sure?" asks Christa.

"I said we're fine"

"Okay" says Tyler and the three leave.

Sam, Billy, and Gwen were inside of Sam's house loading up guns.  On the table, there is around ten assault rifles, mostly M16s.  Each one was ready for action.

"I call this one" says Billy picking up a gun.

"Put it down kid" says Sam.

Billy put the gun down and Gwen picked it right back up.

"Why this gun?" she asks.

"Put it down.  No touching the guns till it's time for battle" says Sam.

"Why?  What if they attack again?"

"They won't.  We scared them off"

"When are we attacking?"

"I don't know.  Probably tonight while it's dark"

"I hope it gets dark soon"

Ashley, Mike, and Miranda drove down the road, pretty fast, going 60 miles per hour.

"Turn left when you see the Wal-Mart" says Mike.

"How far away is that?" asks Ashley.

"Half a mile"

"Mike, how come you lied to me?" asks Miranda from the back.

"I didn't wanna see you get nervous, and I didn't want you to come and get hurt"

"But, I love you.  If you're going to die, I'm coming with"

"Don't talk like that kid" says Ashley as she makes the left. 

As Ashley turns, the car hits road spikes which kill the tires, making the car tumble and spin into the glass windows of the Wal-Mart.  Miranda hit her head against a board and se felt something warm going through her eyes.  She saw dark figures coming closer to them, and she passes out.


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