Will, Naomi, Brett, and Billy were in a car with Will driving it.  There were four cars behind them, one had Sam and Gwen in it, one had Matt, Tyrone, and Jake in it, one had Charlie and Chrissy in it, and the last one had Arnold, Tyler, Christa and Kendall in it.  They were driving down the road and they drive until they reach the motel where Kenny, Dixon, and Isabella were.  They were met at the front gate by Brad and Xander, who let them in.

"Welcome back" says Xander.

"You ready for battle?" asks Brett.

"They killed three of our people.  I am ready for revenge" says Kenny walking up.

"Do we have word on their location?" asks Xander.

"You bet" says Will bringing the three to one of the cars.  Will opens the trunk and there is a guy with a busted leg in the back squirming.

"Who's this?" asks Brad.

"One of the wounded, they attacked our base"

"He give you the location?" asks Kenny.

"Not yet.  I was hoping we could get him into one of your rooms to interrogate him"

"Of course.  Who should do it?"

"Xander and Sam will go in, get what we need, and we'll free this con of a bitch after we kill them all"

"You remember Kent right?  He's not fit for the fight" says Brad.

"Don't worry.  I'll have one of our people take him to our base, we have people there who could guard them until we come back"

"Alright, let's get this started" says Brad.

Miranda is being dragged on the floor tile, she is dizzy and can barely see what's happening.  She hears signs of panic, she hears yelling and she can't see from her right eye. 

"Get her to the back Shane" says one of the men, a chubby Mexican.

"Of course."

"You know CPR?"

"Yes sir"

"Than go do it"

"What about the other two?  They're trapped under the car"

"The rest of us will handle it"

"And the biters-- they're coming Jorge"

"It doesn't matter Shane.  We'll handle this, get the girl to the back and help her out"

"Yes sir"

Shane picks up Miranda and hurries to the alleyway behind the store which was biter free.  He lies her on the floor, and starts pressing down on her chest. 

Across, the Wal-Mart, there's a bunch of people fighting off biters near the entrance.  They are taking them down with ease. and the road spikes are slowing them down.

"Lilly, Luke, Megan, try and lift the car.  The rest of us will cover you" says a red-headed girl.

"Alright Erica" says Luke.

The three lift a side of the car where Mike and Ashley are stuck under.  Mike is screaming in pain, and Ashley is unconscious.  When it's far enough lifted, Lilly and Megan pull them from under.  Luke picks up Ashley and Megan picks up Mike, they run to the back with them.  Lilly joins back in the fight with the biters.  The biters were getting closer, killing a few of the survivors.  The fight pressed on though.

"Erica, I think we lost" says Lilly.

"No, we can still save the Wal-Mart, we have a good thing"

Lilly grabs Erica's arm.

"We have to go"

"Fine.  EVERYONE TO THE BACK EXIT" she screams.

The remaining four survivors, including Lilly and Erica run to the back where Jorge was waiting.

"What do we do?" asks Jorge.

"Into the alley, Shane is in their with the girl right now"

"These people better have been worth saving" says a man.

"Shut up Bill.  Everyone is worth saving" says Lilly.

"We don't know who these people are"

"Do we have to?  Two of them are basically kids" says Erica.

"We can discuss this later, let's go" says Jorge.

Will, Tyler, Naomi, Kent, Tyrone and Jake were at a table.  Will was tapping his foot wildly.  He looked nervous.

"She's fine" says Naomi, grabbing his arm.

"We don't know that.  I told Miranda to meet us here, they should be back" he says.

"She's 17.  She knows how to get out of trouble if she found any"

"But, what if they were captured?  What if they are torturing her?"

"I'm pretty sure Damian, Tyrell, Mike, Ashley, and Miranda are all fine.  You'll see"

"I hope you're right" Will says.

"I'm always right Will.  Something you'll come to learn" says Nina.

"You wanna go for a walk?  Get our mind off things for a bit?" asks Will.

"Yeah, let's go" Naomi says, smiling.

As the two get up, Jake and Tyrone grabbed each other's shirts getting excited.

"The man found love" says Jake.

"Yeah he did.  How long you think it'll last?" asks Tyrone.

"Assuming they live throughout the battle, forever.  Love is in the air"

"Not for us.  We are forever alone"

"Haha, love will find us.  And if not, we can find love in Heaven"

Tyrone laughs and puts his hand on Jake's shoulder.

Sherry and Ash are keeping watch on the RV.  Brenda, Jenny, Sully, Tommy were all in the road, all looked paranoid, waiting for an attack to happen at any moment.  Summer was writing in her notebook at the end of the street.

"So, you think they will win?" asks Ash.

"They better, or else we'll all die" says Sherry.

"We can always make a run for the nearest safe-zone, about what? 200 miles away?" asks Ash sarcastically.

"Or, we could spend our last moments alone" says Sherry, leaning in and kissing her.

"Or, you could let us in" says Damian.

Ash and Sherry both look up and see Damian and Tyrell standing there.

"Oh shit" says Ash, surprised.

Sherry climbs down and opens the gate, letting them in.

"I heard there was an attack, where is everyone?  Is everyone okay?" asks Tyrell.

"We lost three.  Everyone else is out fighting" says Sherry.

"Right now?" asks Damian.

"No, they're discussing it with your old group right now"

"Okay, thanks for the info" Tyrell says and starts walking out.

"No, stay here" says Sherry.


"We barely know how to use a gun, if we are invaded while they're gone, we'll be obliterated"

"Fine, we'll stay.  You ready to learn how to shoot?" asks Tyrell.

Miranda wakes up and starts breathing heavily.  She looks up and sees Shane looking at her.

"You made it" he says.

"Who are you?" she asks.

"I'm Shane.  Your car flew right into here"

"Oh my God.  How's Mike?  Is he okay?  Did he make it?"

"Mike?  The young, brown-haired kid?  Yeah, he's fine... I think.  I brought you here so I can save you, I heard him screaming when he was trapped under the car"

Miranda gets up quickly and feels woozy.  She holds her head.

"That'll happen if you stand up too fast" says Shane.

"Yeah, I know" Miranda says.

The door opens and the group enters.  Miranda sees Megan holding Mike, and runs to them.

"Is he okay?" she asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine" Mike says.

"Good thing it was your leg stuck.  It was fucked up anyways"

"Love you too"

"Listen, we have a bit of a problem" says Bill.

"Eater situation?" asks Shane.

"Yeah, we're pretty screwed"

"Shane, Erica hold the door, make sure no eaters get through" says Jorge.

"Yes sir" says Erica and Shane in unison.

"Joe and Bill cover the street, make sure no eaters turn the corner and get us"

"Of course" says Bill, sarcastically.

"How's the police officer?" asks Jorge.

"She'll be fine, her wrist was stuck under the car... it's pretty fucked, but she'll be fine... knocker her head good on the floor too" says Luke.

"Alright.  Hold the line people" says Lilly.

Will and Naomi were walking through the almost deserted town.

"So, how's Summer?" asks Will.

"She's fine... doesn't talk anymore.  Should I be nervous about that?"

"I can't say yes or no.  It could go either way.  I'd try talking to her"

"I have... she just doesn't listen to me"

"Well, did anything bad happen to her?"

"We saw our mom die.  I was taking a sick day cause Summer was up all night puking, mom and dad weren't around because Summer moved in with me a year ago.  I was taking care of her, and all of a sudden, mom and dad burst through the door.  Mom was bleeding, she was bleeding a lot, and than--" Naomi is interrupted when she heard gunshots.

"THERE THEY ARE?" they heard a man yelling.

The two looked and saw a fire fight starting between a group of the bandits and people in a 7-11.  Will and Naomi pulled put their guns and shot at the bandits, killing a few.  When the bandits turned to fight them, they were shot and killed by the other group.  Within a minute, the group of seven bandits were history.  Will and Naomi walk to the 7-11 and are met by James who is comforting a crying Rachel.

"Hey, you okay?" asks Will.

"We're fine... thanks" says James.

"Why'd they attack you?" asks Naomi.

Emma, Sarah, Rob, Quentin and Greta meet up there.

"They have something against defectors" says Emma.

"What do you mean, defectors?" asks Will.

"People who leave cause they find out they're living with crazies" says Sarah.

"You lived with them?"


"We're going to war with them, tonight.  Care to tell us where there base is?" asks Naomi.

"Yes.  It's time they got what's coming to them" says Emma.

Sam and Xander are inside with the wounded bandit.  The bandit was tied to a chair.

"Where is it?" asks Sam.

"I ain't telling you shit" says the guard.

Sam punches the guard in his face.  The guard's nose starts to bleed.

"That the best you got?" he asks.

Xander pulls put his gun and shoots the bandit in the shoulder.  Sam looks shocked and confused at first.

"Now, listen dude.  You will tell us where your base is, or your arm will be full of bullet holes" says Xander.

"Fuck you old man" the bandit says.

Isabella and Anthony enter the room and whisper something to Sam and Xander.  When they are done, the two leave.

"Well, we don't need you anymore" says Xander.

"Okay.  Now what?" asks the bandit.

Sam pulls out his pistol and shoots the bandit in the face.

"Hey, I was gonna do that" says Xander, lighting a cigarette.

"Can I have one?" asks Sam.

"Yeah, here" says Xander, tossing the lighter.

Tyrell, Damian, Ash, Sherry, and Brenda were on the RV, looking for any signs of an attack, or something.  They see a whole bunch of people come from down the block, and they're fighting off biters. 

"What is that?" asks Brenda.

Sherry looks through binoculars and sees Miranda leading they way.

"It's Miranda" she says.

"Are you fucking serious?" asks Tyrell.

Tyrell, Damian and Brenda jump down and run over to the group.  They help them take down the biters and lead the way back to the base.  When they are inside, Ash and Sherry close it behind them.

"Welcome back" says Sherry hugging Miranda.

"Who are these people?" asks Tyrell.

"Listen dickface, we can ask the same question" says Bill.

"Bill, do us a favor, and shut the fuck up" says Erica.

"We can discus who's who later... but for now can someone tell me, where the fuck is everyone?" asks Miranda.

"There's a car coming" says Joe who is standing by the gate.

They go and look, and see Christa bringing Kent, Rachel and Greta to the base.

"More people?" asks Miranda.

"Our place is gonna be flooded" says Brenda.

"We don't have enough room" says Ash.

"It's okay, we can take over our own houses.  We're more than capable" says Lilly.

Will is standing on the lookout post.  Everyone who will be in the battle, from Gwen to Jake to Emma to Jeremiah to Charlie to Sam are standing below them.

"Tonight, we go to war with an enemy far greater than those damn biters.  Why?  Cause they know how to use guns.  Tonight, we'll get revenge on those assholes who killed our friends.  Mike Chandler, Alan Richardson, Zoey, Zane Bell, Lee Everett, Keith Wyatt, and the innocent they have killed before we were on their radar.  This battle means life or death, not just for us, but for any survivor that comes here looking for help... we're helping them too because we will get rid of the threat that is keeping us down, from turning this town into a safe-zone... so, let's go kick some ass" says Will, as his mini-army rages with cheers below him.


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