Will walks unarmed through the street with James and Emma, both holding guns to his head.  The three walked down an abandoned street.  They were nearing the bandit camp.  Will looked up on a roof of a McDonalds where he saw Billy, Gwen, Arnold, and Chrissy.  Billy was looking through his binoculars.  He turns to them and gives them a thumbs up, letting them know they see the camp and are ready.  The three turn the corner and see the bandit camp.  One of the bandits notice them and raises his gun.

"Emma, James, that you?" asks the bandit, prompting the others to look too.

"We caught one, thought you might wanna interrogate him" says Emma.

"Ok, bring him in, I'll go get Jeremy"

"That won't be necessary" James says.

As James says that, Will's army popped up from behind the buildings and from the roofs.

"AMBUSH" screams the bandit and Will's group open fires.

A firefight ensues, and James gives Will one of the guns.  Brett, Matt, Jake, and Tyrone come from the rear and attack the front gate.  Naomi, Xander, Jeremiah, Sarah, Sam, and Lee Dixon start heading around to flank from the back.

"Don't let them near those fucking military cars with the turrets" says Brett.

"On it" says Tyrone and Matt aiming for the bandits going to it.

The ground starts shaking, and they hear a large vehicle.

"Oh shit" says James.

"What the fuck was that?" asks Brett.

"Tank" says Emma.

"They have fucking tanks?"

"They invaded a military base... you didn't think they'd have some?"

"What do we do Will?" asks Jake.

"We stick with the plan" says Will.

The tank bursts through the gate, but doesn't go for Will, he aims for the roof at McDonalds.  Will looks up there to see what's going on.

Gwen, Billy, Chrissy and Arnold are rapidly firing at the tank who's shooting, very poorly at them.  Billy has his sniper, and the rest of automatic weapons. 

"God, we're screwed" says Arnold.

"Don't say that... we can make it" says Billy.

The tank shoots again, this one Billy sees is a bulls-eye, he dives out of the way pulling Arnold and Chrissy out of the way, who are closest to him.  Gwen also dives away.  The explosion took off some of the McDonalds.  Billy, Chrissy, and Arnold looks up and sees Gwen lying there, both legs blown off.

"NO" Billy screams and runs to her.

Billy puts Gwen's head in his lap, and he starts crying.  Gwen looks up at him and rubs her bloody hand on his face.

"Gwen, you're going to be okay" he says.

"No, I'm not... you have to leave me" Gwen says, barely audible.

"No Gwen please no"

"You have to carry on... Sherry is depending on you"

"Billy we have to go" says Chrissy grabbing his arm.

"We can't leave her" Billy says.

Arnold goes over and looks at the street where the majority of the battle is taking place.

"We have to go down and help" Arnold says.

"No, I can't do it" Billy says.

"Did anyone make it?" asks Tyrone, looking up at the McDonalds.

"I don't know" says Will.

"Dudes, we don't have any sniper support do we?" asks Jake.

"We have a lot of ground support though" says Will.

A bandit hops on one of the military turrets and fires at them, a bullet almost hitting Brett.

"Fuck me" Brett says.

"Shit, fall back?" asks Matt.

"Not yet" says Will.

Quentin, Robert, Kendall, Isabella, and Anthony run up to the group, firing their weapons.

"We have to get in there, only way to win" says Robert.

"What about the tank?" asks James.

"I'll handle that" says Matt.

"I'm coming with" says Quentin.

"Let's go kid" says Matt.

Matt, Anthony, Quentin, Isabella, Kendall, and Brett get out of cover and run over to the tank.  The bandit on the turret fires at them and hits Kendall.  Kendall falls down, prompting Anthony and Brett to trip over her dead body.  The bandit on the turret shoot at the two and tears Anthony apart.  Brett is shot in the shoulder and he falls to the ground.  Matt, Quentin, and Isabella jump on the tank and Isabella goes down to open the latch.  Quentin and Matt shoot from on top the tank.  The tank turns which knocks Quentin off of the tank.  Matt ducks in time.  Matt hops off the tank to go help Quentin up.  The bandit on the turret shoot at the town, and hits Quentin in the skull.  Matt turns around in time to see a bullet enter his eye, killing him.  Isabella opens the hatch and hops in.

Naomi, Xander, Jeremiah, Sam, Sarah, and Lee Dixon get to the back of the town.  Sarah hops the fence followed by the other five.  The five make their way through the town.  The town is full of civilians ready to be thrown against Will's guard.  Xander and Jeremiah open fire on them.  The rest jump in and the bandits turn around to return fire on them.  The group of six don't give up their ground.  Sarah sees Jeremy exit one of the buildings and she fires at him.  Jeremy looks at her, and with one shot of his magnum, he shoots her in the head.  He does the same, and hits Sam in the leg, taking him to the ground.  Xander, Jeremiah and Lee continue shooting while Naomi pulls Sam behind one of the houses.  Jeremiah, Lee, and Xander kill some more bandits before realizing their outnumbered.  The two run into one of the houses.

"Can you walk?" asks Naomi

"No, leave me" says Sam.

"C'mon, at least try"

"Go Naomi.  Tell Will I apologize for not being there at the end.  Tell him I'll be looking down at Heaven, and will always be watching over him.  He always welcomed me with open arms, and I'll do the same for him when he meets me there... I also owe him a few drinks"

Naomi gets tears to her eyes.

"Don't cry, just run" Sam says pulling out his pistol.

Naomi nods and runs into the backyard of one of the houses.  Sam looks around the house at the bandits and shoots at the bandits.  Jeremy shoots at him and hits him in the arm, making him drop the gun.  Sam reaches for it, but Jeremy steps on his hand.

"Fucking old prick" Jeremy says shooting Sam in the head.

Brad, Charlie, Daniel, Kenny and Tyler were watching from the bushes.

"Do we go?" asks Daniel.

"Will said only go if they are getting their asses kicked" says Tyler.

"They are getting their asses kicked" says Kenny.

"Yeah, but--"

"Listen, we have to go help them" Charlie says, picking up his rifle.

"Right behind you" says Kenny.

"Same" says Brad.

Charlie, Brad, Daniel and Kenny get up and run to Will's group and helps shoot at the bandits.  Tyler looks in disbelief and finally decides to go.  He runs up, shooting and killing a bandit.

"Anyone make it to the tank?" asks Brad.

"Isabella" says Jake.

"Nice, my girl is a badass" Brad says smiling.

"Not sure if she won, but the tank hasn't shot in a while" James says.

Isabella hops onto the floor of the tank where four bandits are waiting for her.  She looks at them and drops her pistol.  One bandit goes up to her with handcuffs and she jumps in the air kicking him in the face.  One of the bandits fire at her but she dodges it, letting the bullet hit another bandit.  One of the other bandits ran up to her and she pulled a pistol out of her back pocket, shooting him in the face.  The bandit she kicked got back up and received a bullet to the face.  She remained with one other bandit who looked at her, hungrily.

"Bring it beauty" the guard says dropping his rifle.

"Let's dance" Isabella says dropping her pistol.

The guard goes to punch her in the face and she blocks it, kicking him back.  The bandit charges again and she goes to kick him, he grabs her leg and pushes her against the controls.  The bandit picked her up by the throat and tossed her to the other side of the tank.  The bandit walked over to her, while she is holding her head.  She tripped him and went for her pistol.  He went for it too and Isabella kicked got it before he got there.  She went to shoot and barely missed his head.  The bandit went down to grab her, and she kicks him in the balls, causing him to fall.  She looks over him and puts the pistol to his head.  She pulls the trigger and kills the bandit.  She hops in the controls of the tank which has a blueprint of how to use it hanging above the controls.  She turns the tank around and pushes the fire button.

The tank shoots down the barricade leading to the bandit's camp.  Will, Tyrone, Jake, Emma, James, Robert, Tyler, Charlie, Kenny, Brad, and Daniel take it as their cue to move up.  The bandit on the turret fires at them and kills Daniel.  Kenny sees Daniel's death, and his former college buddy was dead.  Kenny's face turned red with rage and he shot and killed the bandit.  They make their way into the town and see, what looks to be, twenty bandits standing their aiming their guns at them.  The bandits all shoot and everyone runs for cover.  James and Emma see Jeremy shooting at a house where he sees Jeremiah's face.  James points this out to Will and Will, James, Emma, Charlie and Jake start making their way towards him.  The rest draw the fire of the crowd of bandits.  James sees Dennis and Marissa loading up a car filled with children.  James, Emma, and Charlie quietly make their way towards them.

"Marissa, Dennis" James says.

The two turn around quickly with guns raised.

"What do you want?" asks Dennis.

"To give you the location of our camp so you can bring the kids there" says Emma.

Marissa and Dennis both look at each other.  Dennis shoots, and kills Charlie.  Emma and James fire, James killing Dennis and Emma killing Marissa.

"BITERS" they hear a bandit scream.

They turn and look, and see apart from the gunfire, they see a bunch of biters making their way into the battlefield.

Arnold climbs down from the roof, followed by Chrissy and Billy.  Billy still had tears in his eyes. They get down and see nothing but biters.

"Oh my God, biters are everywhere" Chrissy says.

"Let's go" Arnold says.

Arnold, Chrissy, and Billy start to leave, but a bandit comes from behind and shoots Chrissy and Arnold in the legs and running away.  Billy shoots at him but he gets away.  He sees the biters getting closer and looks at Chrissy and Arnold, both on the ground.

"Go Billy, grab Chrissy and leave" Arnold says.

"No Billy... get Arnold and get the hell out of here" Chrissy says.

Billy stands there, dazed.  He doesn't want to pick one of them to live while the other dies.  This moment tears him apart and he helps Chrissy up.  The two start to leave and Arnold fires at the biters, until they catch up to him and eat him.

Will and Jake run over to Jeremy and fire at him.  Jeremy returns fire.  Lee, Xander, and Jeremiah fire at him too from the window.  Jeremy looks over at them and he shoots three times, two of them hit Xander in the head and one misses.  Jeremy pulls out his arsenal of grenades and throws one of them at the window.  Lee and Jeremiah see it coming and they run from the window.  It gets in he house and blows up, taking the floor where it exploded with it.  The force knocks Lee against the wall.  Lee rolls down and falls through the hole.  Will and Jake continue to fire at Jeremy from the street.

James and Emma are looking at the biters invading.  The two run away and go to hop the fence,out of the town.  Emma hops it and James goes to, but is shot in the arse while in air.  He falls over on top of Emma.  They see the biters coming for them.

"FUCK... I guess this it Emma" James says.

"No James, you'll be fine... let's go" Emma says.

"Probably should've told you sooner... I love you"

"Me too" Emma says, crying.

The biters around them get taken down.  The two look up and see Kenny, Robert, Tyrone and Tyler standing there.  Robert helps his brother up.

"Hasn't mom taught you anything James?  Never give up" Robert says.

"Where's uh-- what's his name?" asks Emma.

"Brad?  He went for his gal" Kenny says.

"Should we wait for them?" asks James.

"We should wait" Tyrone says.

"No way in Hell. We leave" Tyler says.


"This isn't a discussion... we leave.  We are screwed if we stay"

"Fine, let's go"

"Hey James, that's gonna leave a hell of a mark" Emma says sarcastically.

"First you were crying, now you're making jokes?  Bipolar much" James says.

Kenny, Tyrone, Robert, James, Emma and Tyler start leaving.  Robert, helping his brother walk.

Billy is helping Chrissy walk back to their camp.  Chrissy topples over and Billy picks her back up.  They hear footsteps and they turn and see a biter approaching them.  Billy drops Chrissy and aims at his head.  The biter is taken out from behind him and they see Naomi with her pistol, aimed at it.

"Naomi, you're okay" Billy says.

"Yeah-- I am" Naomi says.

Billy helps Chrissy back up and Naomi walks over to them.

"Let's head back" Billy says.

"We don't have much of a choice, do we?" Naomi asks.

"No, we don't"

Brad and Isabella hop from the tank and take out a couple of biters that are near them.  They see more biters coming from the streets so they decide to run through the forest.  The two run Brad in front followed by Isabella.  Brad hops over a leg that is in the way and Isabella trips over it.  Isabella turns her head and sees Brett lying there, bleeding from his shoulder.

"BRAD" Isabella screams.

Brad runs back and sees Brett.

"Man, you made it" Brad says.

"I feel-- cold" Brett says.

"That'll happen, you didn't lose much blood.  Come on"

Brad helps Brett up and the three make their way through the forest.

Jeremy is still shooting at Jake and Will.  They are returning fire.  Jeremy looks around and see that his society is done for.  He pulls out a flash bang and throws it at them.  It goes off, temporarily blinding them.  Jeremy uses this to make his escape.  He hops over the back gate and runs.  Will barely sees him leave and he runs to go catch him.  Jake follows him, closely behind.



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