Will and Jake is running through the forest chasing Jeremy. Jeremy is faster, stronger and more durable than the two and they know it. Jeremy leads the chase into town where he runs trough the streets. Will and Jake are falling behind. They see Jeremy turn and run into one of the buildings, the local gym. The two run in after him and enter the gym. They look around for him, not seeing him anywhere. Jeremy comes from behind them, quiet enough so they don't notice him. He puts a gun to Jake's head, ready to pull the trigger. Will looks over and sees and he pushes the gun out of his hand. Jeremy punches Will in the face, knocking him down. Jake quickly turns around and tackles Jeremy, both going to the ground. Jeremy head-butts Jake, and Jake goes back. Will gets up and sees the gun lying on the floor. Will runs for the gun, and Jeremy does the same. Will gets to if first and grabs it. He points it to where he last saw Jeremy and he didn't see him. He only sees Jake staggering to his feet. He quickly realizes what is happening and turns around, gun first ready to shoot. Jeremy hits Will with a dumbbell, in the head, knocking him down. From here on out, it gets blurry for Will, he sees Jake and Jeremy fighting it out. He sees Jeremy take out Jake, hitting him with the dumbbell. Jeremy goes and picks up the gun which is lying next to Will. He walks over to Jake, cocks back the gun and shoots Jake in the face. Will gets very angry, seeing his best friend go down and he gets up and charges at Jeremy.

Miranda, Tyrell, Shane, Lilly, Erica, Bill, Ashley, and Damian are awaiting the return of the attacking team. Miranda looked nervous.

"So, will they accept us as part of your group?" Shane asks.

"Will is one tough son of a bitch, I'll tell you that" says Tyrell.

"So... is that a no?"

"Nope, he's very accepting, just know that if he catches you putting anyone in danger, he'll go crazy on you, ask Jim"

"Who's Jim?"

"That story will warrant a different time"

"Sounds like a ball of nice" Bill says, sarcastically.

Ash, Sherry, and Mike walk up, Sherry helping Mike walk.

"Guys, I have something to say" Sherry says.

"What is it Sherry?" Miranda asks.

"I'm pregnant"

"What.. but-- how the hell is that possible? I thought Gwen said you were lesbian" asks Damian.

"I am, I'd rather not discuss how this happened, is that's okay with you guys"

"You don't have to tell us how it happened Sherry. Know that we'll be keeping an eye out for you though" Tyrell says.

"People are coming" Erica says, looking out at the street.

The group turns and looks and sees Billy and Naomi, helping Chrissy walk back to the base.

"It's Billy" Miranda says.

"Billy? He made it?" Sherry asks, glee coming through her face.

Sherry hands Mike over to Ash and runs out the gate. Shane hops down from the RV going to help. Sherry runs up to them and hugs Billy, who hugs back, slowly. Shane picks up Chrissy to help go back to camp.

"Are you okay Billy? You're all bloody" Sherry says.

"I'm fine" he manages to say, though very weakly.

"What happened? Where's everyone else?"

"We don't know what happened to everyone else. Sam is definitely dead... that's all I know" Naomi says.

"Gwen and Arnold... both of them are gone" says Billy.

"Gwen? Oh God no. Billy, I'm so sorry" Sherry says hugging him.

"No need for sorrow, I just want everyone else to make it back"

Lee Dixon wakes up on the floor of the house. He staggers up holding onto the cabinet for leverage. He feels a bit woozy and feels like he may puke. He holds onto his stomach and exits the house. He sees the neighborhood filled with biters, not a trace of a person is left, just the bloody remains of them. A biter approaches Lee from behind, slowly but surely, and gets to him, but is taken out by a hammer. Lee looks behind him and Jeremiah stands there, hammer in hand.

"Let's go" Jeremiah says.

Jeremy throws Will against the lockers, causing them to dent.  Will falls to the ground, almost ready to give up.

"Is this the end Will?" Jeremy asks, walking over to him, reloading his gun.

Will remains quiet, and just lies there.

"I know everything about you, everything about the people back at your fucking camp.  Like that kid Mike... fucking bullied teen who was lucky enough to be at a family therapy session the outbreak started and not in school.  How about Ash?  Lesbian and fucking whore.  And you Will.  You lost your pregnant fiancé, some man you are... only to fall in love with some bitch named Veronica who got pregnant and died.  I know everything about you guys"

"How do you know all this?" Will manages to say.

"I've got someone on the inside, that doesn't matter though, does it?  You won't live long enough to find out who it is anyway" Jeremy says, aiming his gun at Will's face.

Summer is writing in her diary, staring at the mirror and Naomi storms in.

"We're screwed" Naomi says.

"What happened?" Summer asks.

"Will and his group were more prepared than we thought"

"Fuck.  What happened?  Is our cover blown?"

"I don't think so, I think we have to stay part of the group, forever.  But don't mention this shit to anyone, and I mean anyone"

"Yes sis"

"Okay, we should be fine as long as you continue staying quiet, and I continue being part of the group"

Jorge and Megan are on the back RV, keeping watch.  Both of them are having a drink of beer.

"What do you think of these people Meg?" Jorge asks.

"They're good people, but from the looks of it, they're under a lot of stress" Megan says.

"We just lost six people, we are too"

"We can cope with death better though"

"We're all alone.  They are all with their families, I think that's the difference here"

"Hey, can you let us in please?" they hear a female voice say.

They turn and looks to see Brad, Brett, and Isabella standing there, with Brett holding onto his shoulder.  Megan climbs down and opens the gate, letting them in. 

"Hey, yo papi, we got another injured one" Jorge says to Brenda and Jenny who are hanging out by the side.

Brenda runs over and helps Brett lie down on top of the lawn chair.

"That doesn't look that bad" Brenda says.

"Hurts like hell though" Brett says.

"When Charlie gets back, we'll have him patch you up"

"Charlie didn't make it" Isabella says.

"So?  We have no doctor then?" Jenny asks.

"What about Joe?" Megan asks.

"Who the fuck are you, and who the fuck is Joe?" Brett asks.

"She's Megan, saved Ashley, Miranda, and Mike's life.  Joe is one of their members" Brenda says.

"Well, where is this Joe guy?"

"He's a little busy with uh-- Chrissy's injury" Jenny says.

"Can anyone else help?"

"Lilly, Joe's mom might be able to.  She's a doctor" says Megan.

"I'll go get her" Brenda says, leaving.

Kenny, Tyrone, Robert, James, Emma and Tyler are walking through the town.  Tyler, Kenny, Tyrone, and Emma on lookout for anyone or anything while Robert helps James walk.

"We almost there?" Robert asks.

"A mile left, maybe more" says Tyrone.

"Can someone else take him?  My arm is tired"

"I will" says Emma, taking James.

"So, did anyone else make it?" Kenny asks.

"Why so nervous?  I'm sure everyone's fine" Tyrone says.

"It's-- I had a good thing going.  I let a nice group of people, and as far as I know it, they're all dead"

"Kent is still alive"

"Yeah, that old bastard is God's gift to the world.  No disrespect, but he got a few of our members killed back in the day because he's too trusting"

"I see.  Had the same problem" Tyler says.


"Well, mines different.  It was before all this shit, I was too trusting and I got a few people killed.  Some dude named Patrick came up and I let him in, he started telling us how he wanted to "cleanse" the world.  He then killed four of my people"

"Patrick?  Long haired dude?" asks Kenny.


"That's the dude Kent trusted too and he killed a bunch of our people"

"Hopefully, we never see that guy again"

Will looks up and sees Jeremy pointing the trigger at him, he reaches up very quickly and grabs the gun from his hand.  Jeremy looks startled, but he then smiles.

"Looks like you got some fight left in you"

"Always" Will says, standing up, pointing the gun at him.

"Now, you could shoot me, or you could drop the gun"

"Not gonna happen" Will says, wiping the blood from his mouth.

"Why not?"

"I killed one of my best friends, and he didn't do anything wrong, you think I won't shoot you in the fucking face for killing many of my friends?"

"I don't think you will.  That gun has no bullets"

Will pulls the trigger, and nothing happens.

"Of fucking course not" Will says,

"This one, does though" Jeremy says, pulling a pistol from his back pocket.

Will looks at the gun and smiles.

"What are you smiling about?"

"Behind you"

Jeremy turns around and sees Jeremiah and Lee Dixon standing there.  Jeremy quickly takes aim but is quickly kicked in nuts by Jeremiah, and he falls down in pain.

"Hey, did you bring the trap?" Will asks.

"Of course I did" Jeremiah says, pulling out a bear trap.

Jeremiah starts hooking it up, with help from Lee.  When it's all set up, Will and Jeremiah put Jeremy's foot in it, and it snaps shut, and Jeremy screams in pain.

"You ready to go?" Lee asks.

"You bet" Will says, and the three leave.

The three walk down the street, hearing Jeremy scream.  They turn and look to see a bunch of biters entering the gym.

Christa, Luke, Sully, and Kent are looking over Greta, Rachel, and Tommy who are playing in one of the houses.

"So, you do this most of the time? Christa asks.

"Sadly, yes.  Can't do much without a foot" Sully says.

"So, how'd the foot come off?  You get bit?" asks Luke.

"No, got it stuck in a bear trap"

"That must've fucking hurt"

"It could've been worse.  I could've been biter food by now"

"That's true"

"I'm still sorry that, that happened kid" Kent says.

"Not your fault"

Lilly and Joe enter the room.

"Hey guys" Luke says.

"So um-- a large group came back, and uh-- the two girls over there lost their older brother" Lilly says.

"So..." starts Luke.

"What should we tell them?"

"Have one of their closer buddies do it" says Sully.

"Yeah, it'll come bad from a stranger" Christa says.

"I'll go get Emma" Joe says.

Miranda is on the RV alone, looking for Will.  She hears someone climbing the ladder and turns around, it's Mike.

"How'd you get up here?" Miranda asks.

Miranda sees Emma climb up too.


"Listen, to both of you, I'm sorry about everything" Emma says.

"It's okay" Mike says.

"Okay?  I could care less if I got shot, it's what happened to you I care about.  I was five seconds away from stabbing you in the head so you wouldn't reanimate" Miranda says.

"You didn't see the note?" Emma asks.

"What note?"

"I put a note in Mike's shirt pocket, wrote "paralyzed" on it"

"How was I supposed to know?"

"Umm... I don't know.  I couldn't leave it out in the open, he would've killed both of us on spot"

"Would you look at that?" Mike says, looking at the street.

Miranda and Emma both look, and see Will walking up to gate with Lee and Jeremiah.  Miranda hops down and runs to Will, and hugs him.  Mike and Emma remained on the RV.

"How come she never does that to me?" Mike asks.

"Haha, jealous?"

"Me?  Jealous?  Of course not"

"Uh-huh, sure"

Will, Miranda, Jeremiah, and Lee get to the gate and Tyrone is there with Shane to let them in.

"Who are you?" Will asks.

"I'm Shane..."

"How'd you get here?"

"Will, he saved me, Mike, and Ashley with his group" Miranda says.

"How many people are in his group that you brought back?"

"There is seven, excluding me"

"Alright, welcome to the family" Will says.



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