Will gathers up everybody in the center of the street, ready to make his victory speech.  While everyone is converging, Sherry and Miranda are standing next to each other.

"Where's Billy?" asks Miranda.

"He's upstairs in my house... he won't leave" Sherry says.

"I'll go get him" she says, and Miranda leaves.

Everyone, excluding Miranda, Billy, Bill, and Summer were all there.  Most of them happy, but some sad.  Tyrone, Greta, Rachel, Chrissy, and Kenny were all sad.  Standing there, all has lost someone they cared about deeply during the battle.  Tyrone lost Jake, his best bud.  Greta and Rachel lost their brother Quentin.  Chrissy lost Arnold, and Kenny lost Daniel.  Will hops on a chair and looks down on everyone.

"Before I begin, I'd like to have a moment of silence for those my group lost, Sam, Gwen, Matt, Arnold and Jake.  Those who Kenny's group lost, Anthony, Xander, and Daniel.  And the newer additions to our group, who died before we could even get to know them, Charlie, Kendall, Sarah and Quentin... A moment of silence please" Will says, and bows his head.

Everyone bows their head to remember the ones who fell in battle.

Billy was lying down watching the ceiling.  He hears his door open and sees Miranda walking in.

"Hey" she says, quietly.

"Hey.  Tough night huh?" he asks.

"I'm sorry about Gwen"

"It's fine, I hate to admit it but I was going to break up with her after the battle.  I didn't want to do it like that"

"Oh, you wanna come out for the speech?"

"No thank you.  Speeches aren't really my thing"

"Yeah, but it can't really hurt"

"Maybe it will, maybe they commit a counter-attack and everyone is in the street"

"You think too much"

"Too much?  There is no reason everyone shouldn't be thinking as much"

"You may be right.  But you never know when you're going to go, you should make the most out of every moment"

"It's not as easy as you would think.  Watching Gwen's legs getting blown off, watching my dad executed by Will... just too much"

"But you haven't given up hope"

"I have.  I'm only still here because of my pregnant sister"

"How long did you know about it?"

"Not long enough"

Will had finished his speech.  He lied down in the street, staring at the stars.  Naomi lied down next to him.

"I'm convinced that the stars represent people lost" Naomi says.

WIll looks over at her and smiles.

"I'm convinced the stars have a different meaning, like keeping other planets warm" Will says.

"Everyone has their opinions, mine seems nicer"

"Yeah, it does"

"So, tell me more about yourself"

"Why?  I told you enough" Will says.

"It seems you have a way with the ladies"

Will laughs.

"Guess I do.  Am I working the magic on you?"

"A little, I'm not a hundred percent convinced yet"

"How can I fix that?"

"Figure it out"

"Okay, tell me if this works" Will says as he kisses Naomi.

"Yeah, that works" she says, smiling.

Sherry, Mike, and Shane were on top of the RV.  Shane was on watch while Mike and Sherry were lying down on chairs.  Megan climbs up on the RV and takes a spot next to Sherry.

"Hey, Sherry is it?" Megan asks.


"How come your group is full of teens, not many adults?"

"Th only survivors we were able to find and help were teens.  Don't know why it happened like that"

"Probably cause God hates us" Mike says.

"Why do you say that?" Megan asks.

"We didn't get any macho men to save us"

"Mike, you remind me of my brother" Megan said.

"I do?"

"Yeah, he was 16 and the sweetest thing ever"

"He died?"

"Early days.  Almost went out with him till my friend talked me out of it"

"I'm sorry"

"It was fine, as much as I miss him I'm over his death.  Glad it happened early, get it out of the way"

"Yeah, lost my sister... miss her like hell.  Still can't believe she's gone honsetly" Mike says.

"At least you two have each other to keep yourselves happy" Megan says, looking at Mike and Sherry.

"We're not dating" Sherry says.

"You're not?  From what I've seen you two are always together"

"We're just really good friends" Mike says.


"Yes.  I'm dating the cute red head" Sherry says.

"And I'm dating the beautiful, light-haired girl" Mike says.

"You mean Jenny?  I talked to her, you seem... out of her league"

Mike sighs while Sherry laughs.

"Not her, Miranda" Mike says.

"Who?" Megan asks.

"I'll introduce you to her later" Mike says.

Bill was in one of the houses, drinking alcoholic beverages.  The front door opens and Joe and Luke enter the building.

"Bill, what are you doing man?" Luke asks,

"Fuck off, I'm tired" Bill replies.

"So sleep, don't drink" Joe says.

"Kid, I've always been kind to you, but please fuck off"

"That's not healthy, especially given the circumstances"

"Leave me, the fuck alone"

"Bill, c'mon man.  It's time to make nice with the people who are letting us into their homes" Luke says,.

"Yeah, after they destroyed ours"

"We saved three people" Luke says.

"Three too many I wish they would've died"

After Bills says that, Luke and Joe leave.  Bill continues to drink.

Summer was sitting in front of her dressor and she hears a knock.  Brenda and Jenny enters, looking angry.

"Start talking" Brenda says.

Summer looks at them with confused faces.  Brenda walks over to her and punchs her in the face, knocking her out. 

Summer woke up, 10 minutes later tied to her bed, Brenda and Jenny standing by her side holding weapons, Brenda a baseball bat and Jenny a crowbar.

"Start talking" Brenda says.

"Talk about what?" Summer asks, clearly scared.

"We heard you and your sister talk, about how you were supposed to be with the bandits and that you gave them information on us" Brenda says.

"Ha.  Go ahead tell everyone, we did.  But who are they going to believe?  A dumb blonde and her friend who tried commiting suicide"

"They don't have to belive us.  They have to believe you" Jenny says.

"I ain't telling them shit"

"You already have" Brenda says, opening the door where Tyrone, Tyrell, and Will were standing with Naomi.

"Fuck" Summer simply says.

"So, is that what you always wrote about in your diary?" asks Tyrone.

"Yes... I didn't have a choice, Jeremy would've killed Naomi and me"

"But, now he's dead.  What should we do with you?"

"What? You are going to kill a 16 year old girl and her sister?"

"Kill you?  No" Will says.

"I already told them everything Summer, they're letting us stay" Naomi says.

"But-- why?" Summer asks.

"Why?  I have a good thing going here"

"I don't.  Everyone thinks I'm a mute anyway, now people are going to look at me with even more disgust"

"Then earn respect, you're going to need it" Will says, leaving the room.


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