It's been a month since the battle, and winter is coming, it snowed for the first time the day before. Megan, Shane and Miranda were walking through the woods and snow, all dressed up in hoodies and gloves. Megan, holding a M1911 pistol, Shane holding an axe, and Miranda holding a machete. They walk and find a creek, they sit down on the rocks and pull water bottles out of their bags.

"So, how's everyone been treating you back at camp?" Miranda asks.

"Mostly well. Robert and Tyler feel a bit uneasy about some of us still" Shane says.

"Don't worry about Robert, we're still uneasy about him"

"So, you feeling better Miranda?" Megan asks.

"Mostly well, still get nightmares every now and then... kinda like PTSD"

"Really? What kind of nightmares?"

"Watching my dad get eaten... I didn't get them before but now I get them every night"

"That's strange... but don't worry about it, they go away" Shane says.

"I really hope they do" Miranda says, taking a sip out of her bottle.

"What about you Megan? You seem to be very fond of Mike"

"He reminds me so much of my brother... it's eye-canning"

"And Miranda, you seem to be getting along with Lilly quite well"

"She's very nice to me... unlike that Bill guy"

"He's a good guy when you get to know him" Megan says.

"It's been a month, you think he would've warmed up to us by now"

"Well, everyone's different... now let's go finish our supply run" Shane says, and the three get up and continue on their way.

Mike and Ashley were on top of the RV keeping watch. Mike was pale white. Sherry climbs up with a blanket in her hand and sits down next to Mike, putting her arm around him and putting the blanket over herself. Sherry is starting to gain weight,

"How are you feeling? Better?" Sherry asks.

"I don't understand why I'm on watch, I've been puking all morning" Mike says.

"Cause no one else is here kid" Ashley says.

"We've got Bill, Jorge and Sully too"

"Bill is a douche, Jorge is on the back wall on watch with Brenda, Joe, and Lilly, and Sully's foot, well stump, got infected"

"We're falling apart. Mike with his flu, Sully getting infected, Will going crazy, me with my pregnancy" Sherry says.

"We are, there is no denying it" Mike says.

"How are you and the baby?" Ashley asks.

"Starting to feel kicks... I'm honestly terrified"

"How long has it been?"

"Around two months, maybe a little more"

"Don't worry Sherry, I'm here to help you" Mike says.

"What do you know about babies?"

"More than you think. I used to take care of my baby cousin all the time"

"What about delivering them?"

"That I'm no good with... the blood"

"Don't worry Sherry, had to deliver my best friend's baby. It's not that bad" Ashley says.

"Plus we have two doctors don't we?" Mike asks.

"Joe and Lilly? They were more of surgeons"

"I have the biggest want for chocolate" Sherry says.

"That's gonna be hard to get kid" Ashley says.

"Where's Ash?" Mike asks.

"She is on her period, we ran out of tampons and she's embarrassed to come outside" Sherry says.

"That's understandable" Ashley says

"She's been complaining more than me though, and I'm pregnant"

"Can I come up?" they hear Tommy say from behind them.

Sherry turns and smiles, Tommy starts climbing up and he sat down next to Sherry.

"You ready for that haircut Tommy?" Sherry asks.

"Yes" he simply replies.

Will, Tyrone, Joe, Jenny, Jeremiah, and Brett were in a pharmacy going through the racks of stuff. Joe was with Brett, Jeremiah was with Tyrone, and Will was with Jenny. Will and Jenny go into the back of it and start going through the pills.

"Found some... Etodolac" Jenny says.

"That's a painkiller" Will says.

"What does it do?"

"Something with Arthritis I think"

"So... we don't really need this do we?"

"Take it... just in case"

Jenny puts the painkillers in her pocket. Will sees how uneasy she looks and he walks over to her. He puts his hand over her head and feels she is burning hot. Will grabs a bottle of water out of his bag and hands it to her, which she starts to drinks.

"Why didn't you tell me you needed a drink?" Will asks.

"I didn't feel it..." Jenny says, softly.

"That's a lie. C'mon Jenny, why didn't you wanna say anything?"

"I wanna seem useful, you know? I don't wanna seem weak like everyone thinks I am"

"No one thinks that"

"I over heard a group of the guys talking about me and Brenda, saying we're useless and dead weight. They even said stuff about you"

"What about me?"

"They said you are losing it. They said you killed some dude on the street in cold blood"

"I recognized him as a bandit"

"They don't believe you. I'm only telling you this because you're one of the only people that likes me at this point. If you can't pull your own weight, you are looked down upon in this group, and I'm sick of it"

"What are you gonna do?"

"I'm leaving the group"

"Jenny, you have to be kidding"

"I'm not Will. I'm taking my stuff, and I'm leaving. I don't wanna leave you all behind but--"

"But nothing Jenny. You can't leave, not by yourself. You won't make it very far"

"I know that, but I'd rather die than spend the last of my days miserable"

"Jenny, I know you think that's the case, but it isn't"

"It doesn't matter though. My mind is made up" Jenny says, putting her backpack on and continuing through the store.

Lee, Naomi, Billy, and Isabella were walking back to the camp. Billy led the way with Naomi and Isabella waked behind her, gun pointed at her.

"You don't have to keep it at my back" Naomi says.

"I don't trust you" Isabella says.

"It's been a month. You'd think I would've earned it"

"You have, Isabella's just mad about the death of Xander still" Lee says.

"You aren't mad about Everett's death?" Isabella asks,

"Yes, but Naomi didn't kill him"

"Just lower the gun Isabella, she's fine" Billy says.

Isabella reluctantly lowers her gun and they continue walking. They get to the base and Ashley opens the gate for them. Naomi climbs up the RV where Mike and Sherry both were.

"How are you feeling Mike?" Naomi asks.

"Still like shit" Mike says.

"Alright, you can go... I'll take shift"

"Thanks" Mike says.

Mike and Sherry gets up and leave. Ashley climbs back up and goes back onto watch with her.

Megan, Shane, and Miranda were leaving Costco's with bags of supplies.

"I can't believe how lucky we got" Shane says.

"We are heroes tonight!" Megan says.

"Why?" Miranda asks.

"We got so much food, being the one who normally rations food, this makes me so happy" Shane says.

"We were running low?"

"Very low. Especially since Sherry is pregnant, some people had to miss out on their rations"

"People must've been pissed"

"Yeah, to name a few, Kenny, Jeremiah, Bill, Brad, Kent, Summer, and Tyler. And that's not all of them. They started picking out Jenny, Brenda, Sully, Mike, and you for the weak links and should miss out on their share of food"

"They should understand the circumstances though"

"They do, they're just selfish" Shane says.

"It's the selfish people that die first though, from what I've experienced" Megan says.

Ashley and Naomi were on watch. In the distance, they see people walking very fast to them.  When they get closer, they see it was Damian and Tyrell, Tyrell was carrying someone.  The two jump into the street and run over to them.  When they get there, they see that Tyrell was carrying Emma, and they were covered in blood.

"What happened?" Ashley asks.

The two look up at her, drenched in blood.

"WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?" Naomi screams.


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