Mike and Miranda lied down next to each other and was examined by Jim. Sherry took the rest to their rooms. Beverly was lying in her bed which she had to share with Mike when Sherry and Ash came in.

"Hey, Beverly is it?" asks Ash.

"Yeah. I'm sorry what's your names?"

"I'm Sherry and this is my girlfriend Ash".

"I'm Beverly, and my brother is the one being examined down stairs"

"So, how do you like the farm?" asks Sherry.

"I love it. It's so pretty"

"Thanks. My father cherishes it"

"Hey, I have a question"

"Go for it"

"How did your dad take it you were gay? Cause I wanted to tell my mom for so long but never worked the courage to do it"

"Your gay too?" asks Ash.

"Well, bisexual"

"Well, truth be told I never told my dad. He walked in on us"

"How'd he take it?"

"Well actually, I expected he would be pissed off but he wasn't"

"That must've been a relief"

"You should tell your mom" says Ash

"I think I'll tell Miranda or Mike first. They are more likely to not get mad"

"Then I'd do it soon" says Sherry.

Mike and Miranda were lying down next to each other.  Will, Nancy, Paul, Jake, and Veronica were all sitting besides them waiting for Jim to tell them if they had any serious problems.  Susan entered the room and started cleaning the blood from Miranda's head.

"Thank you so much for this" says Paul.

"Anything to help.  We're always looking for ways to help, we built infected pits all over town so the infected would fall in there and not get anyone" says Susan.

"Well, we really appreciate it" says Nancy.

Jim walks into the room followed by Billy.

"Billy you can go have fun with Gwen... just no sex" says Jim.

"Yes dad" says Billy walking away.

"Ok, let's see what we got here" says Jim looking down at Mike and Miranda.

Sam was sitting in the room with David.  Sam looked extremely angry. 

"Nice going dickhead" says Sam.

"What I do?"

"You almost got two kids killed"

"Who Mike and Miranda? They're fine aren't they?"

"They are. No help to your cowardness"

"I got shot"

"Because you wouldn't let some guy into the group.  Maybe if you said yes we could've helped the crazy guy"

"Fuck him, and fuck the rest of the group too. Brother, after I'm healed were leaving these fucks behind."

"Why? We have a good thing going here"

Billy and Gwen walk into the room.

"Hey, my dad wanted to know if you guys needed anything to drink" says Billy.

"Kid, get the fuck out" says David.

"What's your problem?" asks Gwen.

"Gwen leave it" says Billy.

"I'm sorry about my brother.  He's in a bad mood" says Sam.

"Whatever you say. We'll be upstairs if you need anything" says Billy.

"Thanks" says Sam.

Billy took Gwen's hand and left.  Sam gave David a death stare.

Kennedy was sitting on her front porch.  She was watching the sun set and feeling the breeze against her face.  Ash, Sherry, and Beverly walked outside.  They took a seat on the porch too. 

"So, how are you Kennedy?" asks Sherry.

"Good. How's the new people?"

"They are all cool besides these two brothers.  Their kind of douchey." says Ash.

"You get use to them" says Beverly.

"So, how come your brother is missing a finger?" asks Kennedy.

"An eater bit it off"

"And he survived?" asks Sherry.

"Yeah. You cut off the infected part before it spreads you can survive the bite."

"That's incredible" says Ash.

Jim finished examining Miranda and Mike.  Jim turned towards Will, Nancy, and Veronica who were still waiting there. 

"Well, they both have concussions no doubt about it.  The girl has a minor one, but the boy has a major one.  Someone needs to watch him at all times, make sure he doesn't have any complications.  Also, he's missing a finger."

"We know about that part" says Nancy.

"So, who would like to watch Mike?"

"I volunteer Miranda" says Mike.

Miranda punches his arm and laughs.

"I can do it" says Billy walking in the room.

"You sure son?"

"Yeah.  I'll train him how to use a gun with his missing finger"

"Wait, shooting a gun? He has a serious concussion and might pass out a lot. Is that safe?" asks Will.

"Well, I think he should learn earlier, rather than never"

"I'd appreciate it" says Nancy.

"I'm sure Gwen would love to help too" says Billy.

"Son, do you finish fast?" asks Jim.

"Dad that's disgusting."

"I heard you and Gwen from upstairs..."

"Well, this is awkward" says Veronica.

Beverly is laying down in her bed.  She is staring at pictures of her ex-friends and her dad.  She starts crying to herself.  Her door opens and Billy is helping Mike into the room.  He puts him down on the bed next to Beverly and leaves.

"Hey Bev"

"Hey Mike"

"How's the farm? I forgot what it looks like"

"It's beautiful. I have something to tell you"

"What is it sis?"

"I am... I am bisexual"

"I knew that"

"You did?"

"Yeah, when I was 13, so two years ago... I saw you kissing your friend Kat."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"I didn't wanna betray you"

"Mike, I love you"

"I love you too sis"

Will and Miranda were sitting down in the field of the farm.  They were looking at the stars.

"Do you like it here Miranda?"

"Of course I do"

"Good.  It's safe here and we are surrounded by friendly people"

"Will, why did you rescue me?"

"Why? Why wouldn't I?"

"You risked your life for me"

"You were the first survivor I saw in a week.  I couldn't leave you"

"Thanks. So what's between you and Veronica?"

"A lot. She is so pretty and so nice... I'm glad we met. What about you and Mike?"

"Hahaha Mike? He is sooo cute but not in a dating way. Although, the longer I hang out with him, the longer I do like him more and more as a dating option"

"Nice. He really likes you"

"Can you tell me about Jessica?"

"Jessica? Ok, she was awesome. She has nice tan skin and blue eyes.  She was four months pregnant when the biters got her.  I couldn't do anything about it. I was being held down by my best friend cause he knew she was a goner.  He tried getting me to escape but I wouldn't... I wanted her. I told him he killed my fiancée and I pushed him to the biters... God I feel like an idiot now"

"We all make mistakes... the best thing to do is to learn from them."

"Yeah. I know"


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