Billy and Gwen were laying in their beds.  David opened their door and stormed in.  Billy hopped up automatically at the sense of danger.  He relaxed a little when he saw it was a human. Gwen woke up slowly.

"What are you doing?" asks Billy.

"I am here to settle something with that bitch" says David pointing to Gwen.

"Hey, don't call my girlfriend a bitch"

"Come on queer. What are you gonna do about it?"

Gwen doesn't even bother getting up.  She lays back down in bed.

"Yeah put your fucking head back down"

"What is your problem?" asks Billy.

"My problem is that whore"

"Watch your mouth. I may be 18 but I'll still punch you in your mouth"

"What no respect for your elders?"

"Have respect for the young first"

The commotion from Billy's room awakens Will and Veronica.  Will runs out of his room to see what's happening and Veronica puts on a shirt and sweatpants before doing the same.

"Come on you piece of shit, hit me" says David.

"What's going on?" asks Will who notices Jim, Jake, Monica, Paul, and Kennedy leave their rooms too.

"What's going on is this whore" he says pointing to Gwen.

"What did she do?" asks Will.

"Let this bastard tell you"

"She confronted him when he acted hostile when I asked him if he wanted a drink" says Billy.

"Seriously? This is what this is about David?" asks Jake.

"Fuck off. That whore should've let it be"

"No, you fuck off.  Stop calling that girl a whore" says Jim.

"What are you gonna do grandpa?" asks David.

"I'll throw you off my land."

"Haha I don't wanna be here anyways"

"We don't want you here" says Will.

"What did you say?"

"We don't want you.  All you do is cause problems for us and we can't have that anymore."

"Fuck you. Fuck all of you" says David going downstairs.

They hear the front door open and get slammed shut.  They stand their awkwardly.  Billy goes back to Gwen and hugs her.  Jim stands their watching his son.

"I'm going to go talk to him" says Monica.

"Monica, don't worry about it" says Veronica.

"No it's fine. I'll handle this" says Monica leaving.

Beverly, Ash, Miranda, and Sherry were on the roof of the house looking at the stars.  Sherry and Ash were laying next to each other and Miranda and Beverly were on opposite sides of them.  They see David slam the door shut and walk away.  They see Monica go following him.

"What just happened?" asks Sherry.

"I don't know. Probably nothing" says Beverly.

"Ok, so isn't it beautiful out here?" asks Ash.

"It is" says Miranda.

"We use to come up here when my dad was asleep... it was the only time for relaxation when we had to manage the farm" says Sherry.

"You know what we should do?" asks Ash.

"What?" says Miranda.

"Ok, we should have... yes! We have binoculars here, you wanna see what those two people who left were doing?"

"Why not. Should be interesting" says Beverly.

Ash gives the binoculars to Miranda who looks through them.

David was pacing back and forth with his pocket-knife in hand.  Monica walked up to him slowly and carefully.  David sees her and looks at her with his eyes wide open.

"What do you want?"

"I just want to make sure you're okay"

"I'm fine. You shouldn't be here"

"Come back inside. You need to rest


"I don't hate you.  You are very nice, you just have to show others that"

"It's way too hard.  I just took some pills...or I think they were pills I don't know what they were"

"You took drugs? David that's not safe."

"I know... it's just I always use to and now I feel like I need them so I'm not as stressed out"

"But taking something you don't know what it is isn't good. What if it was poison?"

"I don't-I don't"

David pauses. He sees a biter coming up from behind Monica.  He goes up and stabs the biter in the heart who is about to get her and it falls. He hears a scream.  He looks over and sees the four girls who were on the roof running inside.  He stands their confused.  He sees Miranda leading Will, Jim, Paul and Sam over to where he was.

"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO" screams Will.

"I saved Monica's life... a biter almost got her."

David looks over to see there were no biters around but only a dead body.  He sees that it was Monica's body with a stab wound in the heart.  David breaks down into a cry.

"I didn't do anything"


"It wasn't me"

"Bullshit" says Jim.

Monica's body started to move.

"You see she's still alive. It wasn't me" says David.

Paul bends over Monica and Monica opens her eyes.  They were different, her eyes were full brown.  There was no white or no pupils. She looked just like a biter.

"Was she bit?" asks Paul.

"No, there's no walkers" says Jim.

"So does this mean that... everyone's infected?" asks Will.

"I don't know. If it is that's fucking crazy" says Sam.

"What about her?" asks Will looking at Miranda.

"I got this" says Jim.

Jim takes David's pocket knife away and stabs Monica with a "I'm sorry" in the brain. Will, Jim, and Paul take a crying Miranda away.  Sam and David just stood there.

"Bro, it wasn't me" says David.

"I'm sorry brother. But you killed David. You're going out on the road again and I am not joining you"

"Why not?"

"You're a fucking murderer."

"I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING" screamed David.

He went through Monica's jean pockets and picked up her pocket knife.  He ran after Sam and tried to stab him.  Sam pushed David down and hopped on him and started punching him in the face.  David layed there bleeding. Sam picked up Monica's knife that David dropped and put it to his throat.

"Come on kill me bro" says David.

"You're not my brother. My brother was lost when the outbreak started" says Sam stabbing David in the head with Monica's pocket knife.

Paul called a meeting between everyone.  Everyone was standing or sitting there waiting to hear what happened.  Paul stands in the middle and makes everyone quiet down.

"We lost Monica today. As most of you know.  She will be missed, not by us but by her kids, Tommy and Izzy.  That's not the only thing we learned.  We also learned something that may scare some of you... we are all infected" says Paul.

The group murmers.

"What does that mean?" asks Kennedy.

"It means we all have this virus in us.  Monica was stabbed in the heart by David. She reanimated as an eater a little while later." says Paul.

"You're lying" says Nancy.

"I am not. Now I know this may be hard to take in, but now we have to take extra steps to ensure safety" says Paul.

Sam enters the door and stood next to Will and Veronica.

"Where's David?" asks Veronica.

"He is no more... and he won't reanimate either" says Sam.

"I'm sorry" says Will.

"No, I am"

"Don't worry about it. There's nothing you could've done" says Veronica.

"How's everyone taking the news that you don't have to be bit?" asks Sam.

"The older ones don't mind. But the kids, Mike, Beverly, Billy, Gwen, Ash, and Sherry are all taking it hard. I mean look at them, they are all practically crying" says Will.

"Well, this information is going to come in handy someday" says Sam.

"Yeah, I hope you're right" says Will.



  • Last appearance of Monica and David
  • The group finds out that you don't have to be bit to become a biter
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