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Nadine Helmsworth
Actor Leighton Meester
Status Alive
Age 24
Gender Female
Occupation Beauty Store Re-tel Clerk
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
First Seen Issue 14
Other Information
 Nadine Helmsworth is a character in Beyond The Dead


Born to a rich family, Nadine had a dull childhood growing up, thanks to her overprotective parents. Every aspect of her childhood was controlled; from the straightness of her posture, to her table manners. Growing up, she struggled to conform to her parents; she has an outgoing personality that they can't seem to contain. Enough was enough when, at the age of 16, Nadine was disowned by her parents for being a socialite, ignoring all of the values that were taught to her as a form of rebellion. She was then kicked out of her house, leaving her with some small pocket money to provide for herself. She could return to her parents, but only if she was willing to be "proper" like them.

She struggled to provide for herself at first, being aided by her friends along the way. She would move on from house to house, until she finally had a stable income. She constantly changed jobs since then, mostly because she found it hard to settle. She worked at Victoria's Secret (a job she seems to enjoy) when the plague erupted.


Nadine is first seen, when she butts in Drew and Scarlett comversation and reveals to them Teague and Jarvis will join them in the rebellion. Nadine is later on seen chatting with Scarlett. She tells her one day they could go to the mall, and steal some stuff.

Nadine is quickly caught off guard at the rebellion. Her and Scarlett are then forced to leave to the mansion along with Nick. The 3, are weiry weather or not their friends survived or not.


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