Nick Camper
Personal Information
Portrayed by Kenneth Mitchell
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Age 37
Occupation Unknown
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Relations Helen Camper (wife)
Lia Camper (daughter)
First Seen 101, Pilot
Last Seen 407, Psalm 23
Death 404, Don't Let Me Fall
Origin Waynesburg, Pennsylvania
Created by Kaffe4200

Nick Camper is a main character in Hope On The Rocks.



Not much is known about Nick from before the outbreak. Nick lived with his wife and daughter. He liked hunting.


Nick, his wife and daughter escaped to The Rocks, where they met Miles, Odin, Chad, Texas and Ellis. They later found Al as well.
Nick's wife was killed when Chad and Miles was looking for supplies and didn't manage to close the door in time. After her funeral, they got contact with Gavin Cart who told them about a refugee camp.
Some of them went off to find the it, but ended up finding Rogersville instead. They brought Nick, and the others who had stayed behind, to there.

In Rogersville, Nick began using Axel's prostitutes, as some sort of coping over the loss of his wife. As Chad, and also Axel, were kicked out of Rogersville, Nick and some others went with them.

They stumbled upon Doug Tallie's farm, where Nick was mistaken for a zombie. Doug shot him, and Ridley put him down so that he wouldn't reanimate.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of zombies.


Killed byEdit

Nick was accidentally shot by Douglas, and put down by Ridley in order for him to not reanimate.

Centric IssuesEdit


  • Nick is one of the few characters to have his name featured in an issue title.
  • Nick had a total of 2 centric issues, and appeared in 14 issues.
  • Nick has met all of the main characters, except Garrett, Margaret, Kevin, Timmy, Holly and Daniel.
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