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Nick Grey
Actor Logan Lerman
Status Alive
Age 21
Gender Male
Occupation College Student
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
First Seen Issue 13
Other Information
 Nick Grey is a character in Beyond The Dead


Born to a poor family in South Dakota, Nick and his parents always fought. He was the youngest and only boy of 5 siblings and because of that, he is a little feminem.  One day when he came home from school in the 7th grade, he witnessed his father kill a man with a gunshot to the head Nick was to scared to tell.  After that he became an outcast and he went into a long period of depression.  One of his sisters Kendall, was always there for him and he was the only family member he cared about.  When he was a sophomore, Nick and Kendall went out for a jog.  On the way home from the park, a drunk driver spun out of control and almost hit Nick.  Kendall pushed him out of the way and was hit herself.  Nick never forgave himself and neither did his dad.  His dad started to beat him.  In school, he was bullied too.  He managed to keep his grades high enough to move out of South Dakota and to Nashville, Tenesse on a scholorship.

At the college he went to, he took an appartment near the campus and he let his sister Janie come along because their mom started sexually abusing her.  He met three people who actually accepted him, Kenny, Mike, and Lucy.  He started dating Lucy and the two did everything together.  For the first time in his life, Nick was happy.  When his mother got in contact with him and told him his dad was dying of cancer, Nick hung up the phone and never responded her calls. 


Nick if first seen in issue 13. He is seen reading a book titled "The Hunger Games" He is first greeted by Teague and Jarvis. The two try to encourage him to try more things, but Nick refuses. Nick comes out of his shell more and comes with Drew, Teague, and Alfred to the mansion. He is quickly changed and begins to feel more comfortble around them. He reveals his story to them, and they call him family.

Nick is forced to drive Scarlett and Nadine out of harm's way. He later explains to the two girls how they changed them. The 3, are then weiry weather or not their friends made it out alive or not.


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