Oliver is a character in Say Goodbye to America: Scatter

Prentice jordan-still
First seen
Last seen
Mid 30s
Portrayed by
Jordan Prentice


Nothing is known about Oliver's life before the outbreak


At some point, Oliver joined the Apex community

Scatter Season 1Edit

"Others" Edit

Although not credited, it is confirmed Oliver attends Jenny Hanson's party


Oliver first appears at Jenny's doorway telling her Leo returned

Season 2Edit

"The Same Asylum as Before"Edit

Oliver appears in Meredith's house with Elizabeth Hill, Olivia Graham, Dex Hubbard, Kendall Standish, Jack West, Doug Santos, Taylor Burns, Miranda, Hannah Johnson and Annie McGovern discussing spirit animals over wine. He is told his animal would be a badger

"Once" Edit

Oliver is seen in Apex talking with Dex when Sean Moreland and Gavin Foxx walk by on their way to work. He is present when Todd Andrews and the mall group return

"My Book of Regrets" Edit

Oliver is seen with in his house shaving talking to Eli when Gregory Ames and the Yard arrive at Apex. Oliver runs outside with shaving cream on his face wearing a wife-beater and boxers. He is able to grab a weapon by the time the attack on Apex begins

"Home Invasion" Edit

Oliver is present during the attack on Apex, during which he kills an attacking Yard Soldier with a knife

"It Will Rain for a Million Years Edit

Oliver is seen in Jenny's house attending her meeting. He is the first to leave and looks at the dark clouds in the sky and feels the rain as he leaves

"Trains" Edit

Oliver is seen in his house when Eli walks in. He introduces Nils and Izabel to Eli, since the two move into the same house

"Arriving Somewhere but not Here" Edit

Oliver and Eli are seen talking with Nils and Izabel about the Yard. He later helps Izabel carry Nils to Elizabeth after he is stabbed

"Stars Die" Edit

Oliver is seen with Eli, Dex and Taylor in Todd Andrews and Annie's at night

"Off the Map (The Day that Never Comes)" Edit

Oliver and Eli look upon Logan Schiff's dead body, where he dry heaves

Season 3 Edit

Coming soon

Killed VictimsEdit


Season 1 Edit

  • Others (Uncredited)
  • Death

Season 2 Edit

  • The Same Asylum as Before
  • Once (No Lines)
  • My Book of Regrets
  • Home Invasion (No Lines)
  • It Will Rain for a Million Years (No Lines)
  • Trains
  • Arriving Somewhere but not Here
  • Stars Die
  • Off the Map (No Lines)

Season 3 Edit


  • Oliver is the first little person in Scatter
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