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ALRTF Paloma
Paloma Avila





Hazel brown


36 ("A Toast to the Future")


Stunt double




Array of weapons


Blanca Soto

First Seen

"Shrouded Shadow"

Time On Story

Issue 27 - present

Appears In

13 issues

A Long Road to Fortune

Paloma Avila is a main character in A Long Road to Fortune.

General InformationEdit

Paloma grew up pampered and bought in her rich family. Daughter to a famous musician mother and actor father, the rich life demanded her presence constantly. Growing up being snobby and condescending, Paloma found few friends outside of her inner circle of rich people.

When it finally came to choosing her career, Paloma endured a rigorous training workout in order to prep for the world of stunt doubles while also modeling on the side. She'd continue to do this up to the present day.

Months before the apocalypse, Paloma had been signed on to be the stunt double for a famous actress in a film that was to shoot in Acapulco. Paloma took a free weekend to visit a close friend in San Jeronimo, outside of Tecpan de Galeana


Pushed to Tecpan by the undead assault, Paloma found herself trapped near the ouskirts and was forced to take refuge in el Cerrito. Along the way she met another survivor, Jesus Velez, and together both moved from house to house in the abandoned town until the pair eventually settled in the armory.

Chapter 2Edit

To be added.


Paloma's matured harshly over the years, ridding herself of her snobbish ways. The dangers she's endured in the apocalypse have left her violent yet serene. Her older-sisterly bond to Jesus pushes her to extreme measures when it comes to his protection.


Personal life


Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of infected
  • Four hostile men
  • Aguila Perez (Caused)


Chapter Two appearances
ABBA Wind of Change Hell Frontier Demon Company Away With the Wind
In Deep Addiction Home Shrouded Shadow My Desire Reflection Undead Academics
We Breathe, We Live, We Try A Toast to the Past A Toast to the Future Color This Black Heart Rue Let The Smiles Last
Chapter Three appearances
Tenexpa Blades of Glory The Children of Tomorrow Gone We Are, The Two Of Us Agonize Like Me Ember Falls
Precipice  ???  ???  ???  ???  ???
 ???  ???  ???  ???  ???  ???


  • Paloma originally possessed a supporting role, but this didn't last long and her significance was expanded upon.
  • Paloma is Zain's.
  • Paloma is the strongest female character in the story and easily outranks most others in terms of physical strength, endurance, and combat skill.
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