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Paxtan Irvin
Actor Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd)
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation College Student
Ethnicity African-American,White
Relations Lionell Irvin (Cousin)
First Seen Issue 1
Other Information
 Paxtan Irvin is the main character in Beyond The Dead

" Busy day for the police it seems, I wonder what the entire ruckus is about."

- Paxtan reguarding the apocalyspe


When Paxtan was just a little boy, his parent's passed away forcing him to live with his cousin Lionell. He was a student at University of Vanderbilt, where he became best friends with Dee.


Paxtan has been handleing the Apocalyspe well. In class he threw a paper at Lionell head encourageing him to ask Dessy out. He also calls Walter Wallace to come help them out. He helps saves Bradley and Landan as well. He is also very happy about the idea of a mansion, and calls it "Paradise". In Issue 8 He goes along with Ajay, Bradley, and Walter and ends up saving Destiny and Jay Tucker.

Paxtan isn't seen much, he does take a large part helping Lionell back to his feet after the death of Joey. Paxtan spends his time preparing for the Assault by shooting. He turns out to be a good shot. During the actual assault, Paxtan is devastated by  the death of Dee, he charges towards Kilo, only to get shot in the kneecap.

His recovery goes very smoothly, and is able to make it with the bus group once the fences fall as biters start rushing in towards the house. Once at the mansion, he begins to grow lazy and is hardly seen. Until one night, he hallucinates and has a chat with his mother explaining to him he has to quit his ways and begin to grow up. He wakes up the next morning only to realize he passed out, and was saved by Mark. Mark and him become friends, but once at the Mall for supplies he has no choice to leave him to die as Mark is bitten in his neck.

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