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José "Pepe" Lunar









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Roberto Manrique

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Issue 6 - present

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26 issues

A Long Road to Fortune
José "Pepe" Lunar is a recurring character in A Long Road to Fortune.

General InformationEdit

Details about Pepe's personal life prior to the apocalypse are unknown, except for the fact that he was a military soldier working under Sergeant Jorge Mendoza.


Pepe was part of the squad sent to Tecpan in order to secure any living inhabitants during the initial stages of the apocalypse. His squad secured a large number of survivors and gave them refuge with the town's somewhat roomy marketplace.

Pepe is briefly introduced during the grosero attack on the marketplace, where he saves Jose Quintero's life along with his fellow comrades. The following day he assists Jose, Mario Galeana, Manuel, Juarez, Jacobo Barrera, and Pedro Suares in killing a small herd of groseros outside one of the walls.

Not long after Mr. Chet returns from Gustavo Texta's grasp, he discusses the strategy on what to do with the former's attack looming after the marketplace. He rebels against Mendoza's opinion of not getting anyone but the squad and Mr. Chet be involved in the gun exchange and manages to convince Mendoza to include the rest of the marketplace in the plan in some form.

To be added.


Pepe upholds a serious attitude in order to maintain severe professionalism. He takes lives and protecting them very seriously. Unlike some of his fellow comrade's, Pepe is crucially active throughout the day and often questions Mendoza's authority.



Killed VictimsEdit

  • Unknown counts of unnamed people.
  • Numerous counts of infected.


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  • Although his identity had been revealed from his first appearance, Pepe did not actually have any dialogue until his 7th appearance.
  • Pepe is catholic. His nickname "Pepe", is of catholic origin.
  • KP likes to call him "Papi Lunar".
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