This Page includes the Vehicles that are driven by the Survivors.

Neighbourhood Surivor's vehiclesEdit

Swift RVEdit

  • Owned by - Unknown Family
    Swift RV
  • Colour – white
  • Driven by – Peter (Peter)(formally) , Mark (Peter) , Jamie (Peter)
  • Series span – Issue 2 – Issue 41
  • Background – it was owned by a family that lived in the same street that Peter and the others lived in, Peter then took it with Anna to the church, then it transported a few survivors to the school and then back to the church, it was then used to transport survivors to the Mornes, and then to the EDYC, Mark then drove it during the attack, it was then used Mark and his small group during the winter months, it was last seen parked at the Church as it set ablaze.

Triumph Edit

  • Owned by - Ben
  • Colour – Red
  • Driven by – Ben (Peter) (formally), Peter (Peter)
  • Series Lifespan – Issue 2 – Present
  • Background – the bike was initially seen on the back of Ben’s dad’s truck, and was only driven by Ben a few times after they left the Mourns, Peter then drove it when they were attacked at the EDYC and rescued Jess on it, he has then used the bike ever since.


  • Owned by – Scott’s mother
  • Colour – Silver
  • Driven by – Scott and Peter
  • Series Lifespan – Issue 2 – present
  • Background – Scott drove his mum’s car throughout the series, transporting people from different locations.

Ford RangerEdit

  • Owned by – Ben’s dad
    1990 Ford Ranger
  • Colour – Brown (bottom half), Blue (top half)
  • Driven by – Ben (Peter)
  • Series Lifespan – Issue 2 – Issue 4
  • Background – Ben drove the Ford to the church by himself and then took it with two other survivors to the school. When they got back to the church it was later left there. Later on in the Series the group returned to the church after the winter months, there they stripped down the Ford for spare parts.

Citroen C4Edit

  • Owned by – Ross’s dad
    Citroen C4
  • Colour – grey
  • Driven by – Mark (Peter), Ross (Peter), Ben (Peter)
  • Series Lifespan – Issue 2 – Issue 20
  • Background – the vehicle was driven by Ross until the group left the Mournes, and then it was driven by Mark and Ben until it was later abandoned after the EDYC when it ran out of fuel.

Mini Cooper JeepEdit

  • Owned by – Mark
  • Colour – Grey
  • Driven by – Mark
  • Series Lifespan – Issue 2 – Issue 4
  • Background – Mark drove the mini to the church with Susan and Henry as passengers, then it took it to the school, when they came back to the church he left his mini there.

Church Survivor's vehiclesEdit

Nissan jukeEdit

  • Owned by – Sarah
    Nissan Juke
  • Colour – Red
  • Driven by – Sarah (Peter)
  • Series lifespan – Issue 3 – Present
  • Background – Sarah drove the car to the Mourns and back again, then to the EDYC and different locations.

Fiat PandaEdit

  • Owned by – Shannon
    Fiat Panda
  • Colour – White
  • Driven by – Shannon (Peter), Jamie
  • Series Lifespan – Issue 3 – present
  • Background – Shannon used the Fiat to travel in throughout the series, she drove it to every location that the group of survivors went to and she and Jamie where in it when the walker attack came on the EDYC before winter, she then travelled in it with Jamie and Jess and possibly others.

Ford Pickup TruckEdit

  • Owned by – Unknown
    Ford Pickup truck
  • Colour – Black
  • Driven by – Jamie
  • Series Lifespan – Issue 25 – Issue 32
  • Background – The Truck was found in the Estate similar to the Lexus, Jamie drove the truck to the Church and it was then left behind when the group left the church again.

Boat Club Survivors VehiclesEdit

Jeep PatriotEdit

  • Owned by – Jack
    Jeep Patriot
  • Colour – Black
  • Driven by – Jack (Peter)
  • Series Lifespan – Issue 14 – Issue 44
  • Background – The Jeep wasn’t used but only seen in the background at the Boat club however it was used by Jack during the walker attack, Jack then fled with some survivors in it and eventually found Peter and a few others. The Jeep was then taken to the next locations but was abandoned after Jack died.

Lexus HybridEdit

  • Owned by – Unknown
    Lexus Hybrid
  • Colour – black
  • Driven by – Jess (Peter), Peter
  • Series Lifespan – Issue 25 – Issue 34
  • Background – While at the Estate Jamie, Jess and Susan found a nice clean Lexus, Jess then suggested that they took the vehicle as they needed it, Jess then drove the car with Susan when they left the Estate. When the group arrived at the church the Lexus was parked beside the other cars. When some of the group left again to go to Anna’s the vehicle was then used to take Falco back to the Apartment where he and other survivors were staying, when they got overrun by walkers the group had to leave the vehicle behind and leave in the other group’s vehicles.

Apartment Survivors' VehiclesEdit


  • Owned by – Nathan
  • Colour –
  • Driven by – Nathan
  • Series Lifespan – Issue 34 – Issue 37
  • Background – The Vauxhall was used when the group of survivors where escaping the block of apartments from the walkers. When the group left to go to the church the Vauxhall was then left there as they didn’t need it.


  • Owned by – John (presumably)
  • Colour –
  • Driven by – John, Nathan
  • Series Lifespan – Issue 34 – present
  • Background – The Citroen was first seen at the side entrance of the Apartment Block, where John, Reece, Nathan, Alice, Falco and Judy where staying, it was then taken back to Anna’s house, when the group left for the church it was used again and then to go to the North Coast.


  • Owned by – Falco
  • Colour –
  • Driven by – Falco
  • Series Lifespan – Issue 34 – Issue 37
  • Background – The Cleo used to take Falco by himself in the car to Anna’s old house, it was then used to transport other survivors to the church and there it was left behind.

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