This article is about a character from The End. You may be looking for Hope on the Rocks, Peter's Journey, Dead Frontier or Everything Is Lost characters.
Peter McIntyre
Actor Ian Somerhalder
Status Alive
Age 23
Gender Male
Occupation Unemployed
First Seen Episode 3: Three's Company
Last Seen N/A
Death N/A
Other Information

“My dad gave me the bow when I was in high school. At first I didn't like it, but now it's like a part of me. Became a championship winner when I was seventeen. Also, it's easier to hunt with”

Peter to Xander.

Peter is a main character in The End and After The End.


Peter was in a car accident. He was okay, but the other driver lost his wife, who was in the passenger seat. She later reanimated.


He is first seen helping the group survive a hoard of walkers. He goes with them to the gas station and tells them that he has no plans of where to go, and later joins them as they go to the church. He helps everyone escape once the church is set on fire. When the church group reveal themselves to be bad, Peter takes up a leadership role for the group. He tries to find Danny after he is kidnapped. He goes with Meghan and Elle to find food, but they find Elles body, after she threw herself off a cliff. He reads her suicide note to Meghan. When he goes to carry her back to the group, he realises that she's still alive.

In Season 3, he carries Xander's body back to the town. He later goes looking for Danny, but he finds Jeff's dead body, and an eaten body in the cellar. Him and Mac venture off to find Danny. He finds a little girl called Sniper and brings her with him. When a herd of walkers finds them once they find Danny, they are split up. Patrick and Sniper stay with him. They go back to the town, and after Darren and Sam die, they go on their own journey.

After The End

They try to find Danny's farm, but after an encounter with Nicholas, they stay away from it. They go to Sniper's uncle's house when she says her dad has a boat, and the keys are there. Merle and Daryl leave after Peter threatens that they have to leave if they kill Vlad, who came back, but Merle shoots him anyway. Merle leaves and after a brief moment of hesitation, Daryl follows him. Peter, Patrick, Sniper and Meghan make it to Savannah, realizing that there are no boats left. But Peter notices walkers hung up on spikes.


  • His current weapon is a bow and arrow.
  • He was suggested by the user Moodyrocks.

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