Prince Bliss
Actor Mateo - Iman Jordan
Status Alive
Age 24
Gender Male
Occupation Professional Actor
Ethnicity African-American, Hispanic
Relations Kendall Carter (Girl-Friend)

DeWayne Bliss (Older Brother) Fabian Blue (Best-Friend)

First Seen Issue 1
Other Information
 Prince Bliss is a chaaracter in Beyond The Dead


Prince had always been into acting. He appeared in many movies, such as him being the first African-American Karate Kid.

Prince lived in a very expensive condo, and even had enough money to hire a butler. He lived happily with his girlfriend Kendall, and would often speak with his best friend Fabian & DeWayne. Sometimes in public, Prince would get annoyed by people wanting their autographs.


Prince and his girlfriend Kendall were peacefully living in the home, until Prince was forced to destroy the brains of his infected butler. Prince called his agent, and his best friend and they all flew down to Kansas to visit his old friend Mario.

Pricne awoken to find his brother dead the next morning. He was as well forced to kill Carlos, afte rh gone mad crazy, almost killing Fabian in the process. Instead his girlfriend Kendall was the one to die. Prince was very devastated.

Months LaterEdit

It is revealed Prince, and Fabian are th eonly soul survivors, and they been forced to become bandits. Princ ehints to Fabian he would like to return to a group, but Fabian still has mixed feelings.

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