Quinn Materhorn is a character that appears in Apocalypse Life.


Much like Henry, Quinn was good friends with Julius's parents. However, she wasn't as close to him as Henry was, often being the one greeting him whenever Julius visits.

The First NightEdit

In the early afternoon of the apocalypse, Quinn was bit by a zombie. Unlike her husband, she accepted her faith, instructing Henry on what needed to be done. Henry didn't accept it, planning on what he could do to save her. His worriedness caused him stay beside his wife the whole time, just as what she had wanted. While there, Quinn had the last conversation she will ever have with him.

Once she died, Henry left her in her deathbed, unable to face her new self. He has since left her there, throwing a fit of rage by fighting the zombies outside of his house, which were slowly accumulating. While fighting them, Henry somehow saves Julius, who was surrounded by a few zombies. He took him in, and gave him all of the supplies he could offer. Just as Julius urged to leave, Henry chose to stay and face his wife for the final time.


  • In an earlier version, Quinn was supposed to be alive but infected upon meeting Julius in the third issue.
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