Ramona Faith
Ramona GONE
Actor Da'Vonne Rogers
Gender Female
First Appearance Ashes On Sunday
Status Alive
Series lifespan Ashes On Sunday to present
Ramona Faith is a main character in Gone.

Biography Edit

Ramona is often loud and confrontational. If she feels she doesn't have to be nice to someone, she won't be. She's upfront and doesn't lie very often.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Not much is known about her life pre-apocalypse.

Post-Apocalypse Edit


Killed Victims Edit

  • Numerous counts of walkers

Trivia Edit

  • Ramona is the second character to be portrayed by a Houseguest in the reality show "Big Brother," being Season 17 & 18 Houseguest Da'Vonne Rogers.
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