Richard Trombotta, better known as Rick, is a character in Apocalypse Life.


Richard Trombotta was hired by Vincent "Vinnie" Adalberto at the age of 35, after a string of unsuccessful jobs. Richard, always living in the face of poverty, was happy to take this job.

Vinnie takes a quick liking to him, sharing very many similarities to him. This made Richard a valuable bodyguard to Harold, even more than the newest guy, Valez, whom they hired half a year before the apocalypse.

Rick, noticing his boss's descend to madness, was starting to question his job. He turns to his boss's son, Hamill, who was seeing the same thing he was.


Rick was forced to stay behind his boss's estate, leaving his wife and other acquaintances to flee without him. Now stuck with an insane boss and a disillusioned co-worker, Rick had very few options. He decides to work with Hamill and Harold's ex-lover, Laura in making things right again. Hamill plans to take away Laura in the form of his father's yacht, sitting in the harbor.

But their plans were stalled by a non-compliant Vinnie, and a keen-eyed Harold. It wasn't until two strangers break into the mansion that he sees a way out; Julius Petero and Nina Mladenovic, two clueless survivors.

Rick talks Julius into helping him by giving him a brief summary of the problem. But it later on solves itself when Hamill arrives back at the house, brought back by Valez, his least-trusted bodyguard. Vinnie intervenes, and shows that he is done complying with Harold by shooting Valez.

Much later, he gives one of their spare cars to Julius and Nina and sends them on their way. He then accompanies Vinnie in visiting the grave of Vinnie's daughter. Afterwards, the two discuss their next plans.

The EstateEdit

To be written.


Rick has a distinct accent that he openly shows when talking to Julius. He looks to focus on the apocalypse, instead of continuously serving a mad man. He tends to be very persuasive and will use his words before using his gun.


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Vincent "Vinnie" AdalbertoEdit

Rick's co-worker and friend of ten years. He looks up to him, even more than he does to his boss. He claims he was responsible for finding his wife, whom he believes to be dead by now.


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