This article is about a character from The End. You may be looking for The Choices I Make, The Sewers or Help is on the Way characters.
Actor Aaron Paul
Status Dead
Age 30
Gender Male
Occupation Unknown
First Seen Episode 3: Three's Company
Last Seen N/A
Death N/A
Other Information
 Sam is a character in The End.


Sam and Darren are brothers. Their dad left Sam's family and went to Darren's. Sam didn't like him, possibly because he was abusive. He met Darren in an airport, because Darren was bringing their father's body to them, but it was lost. When Darren get community service, the body is found. The body is reanimated, and almost kills Sam, but Darren saves him.


He helps save the group from walkers. He helps Xander and Darren find food in the gas station, and later, when they go to the church, he accidentally says bitch in front of the priest, which the priest is not happy with.

In season 2, he gets upset when he learns that Darren is upset, and says that Darren once saved his life. Eventually they dig Darren up and find out he is alive, making Sam happy. When they find a new town, Sam goes to the doctor, and finds out he has a brain tumor.

In season 3, he makes more of an effort to be important. He is told that an operation can be perform, but it's risky. When he agress he sees Darren on a roof. When Darren goes crazy he helps him to escape the town. He and Darren run and are almost killed by walkers in Alice's house. They make it to the basement of her house after finding Peter, Daryl and Meghan. The only way out is through an electronic door, but the power is out. There's a generator upstairs, and Sam says he'll get to it, but he'll die because there are walkers there. He tries to convince Darren to leave him go, saying the tumor will kill him anyway. Darren reveals that he is bit, and offers to go, but they decide to go together. They both run into the herd of walkers, dying.


  • He is the first character to have a catchphrase, that being "bitch".
    • It is first said in Episode 4.
  • He is the first character to have a real-life "disease".

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