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Sarah Daniels
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"Digusted" (Alive)
Gutted by Dallas
Georgia, USA
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"What do you call two idiots who can't keep their voices down? Dead meat."
—Sarah, talking to herself.[src]
Sarah Daniels was a main character in Surviving, Not Living.


Unknown Area, GeorgiaEdit

Before the apocalypse, Sarah was training to be a midwife in a small but busy hospital in her local town. She was single and lived only with her cat after moving to Georgia from England, where her family live.


When the apocalypse struck, Sarah joined her pregnant best friend Michelle's group with Michelle's husband, David, and step-daughter, Amelia. Six months into the apocalypse, Sarah helped Michelle give birth to Bobby. It is not clear how but it is believed that soon after the birth, Sarah caused the death of Michelle and David.

20 Years LaterEdit

Sarah is seen alive and well living in a house with Amelia and Bobby. Although, she has not spoke a word since the awful day of Michelle and David's deaths. Then, Sarah stayed behind while Amelia and Bobby went on a supply run to the nearby Walmart. However, as Sarah shot a few infected from the rooftop of their house, she saw Bobby and Amelia return without going to Walmart and without gas. The next day, she retrieved the first aid kit for Amelia and watched as she told Bobby he only had a cold. Later and enraged, Amelia shouted at Sarah for not speaking but she still doesn't speak. A few days later, Sarah goes out onto the main road to siphon gas from cars with Amelia and Bobby but they are seperate by a herd of infected. She runs off, alone, heading for the woods. Hours later, Sarah is boxed in by five infected and eventually saved by Bobby and Amelia.

Killed VictimsEdit


As a show of authority, Dallas chained Sarah up and gutted her, in front of her fellow survivors. She remains reanimated.


Sarah is strong and persistent but she is starting to show cracks in her stability.



  • Sarah's theme is "Somewhere Only We Know" by Lilly Allen.
  • Sarah was a contestant in the UFSW Hunger Games. She received twenty-fourth place after she sacrificed herself for Amelia and was shot by Mark Jones, a character from No Hope.
  • Her total issue count is twenty. She has appeared in nineteen issues as a living person and one issue as an infected.
  • Sarah was the first main character to die.
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