This is the second episode of Say Goodbye to America Season 1


Lam: She got overrun and couldn’t be saved. She did her best effort, and that’s all we ask for

Malcolm: Amen to that

Lam: Besides, the gunshots have brought more to here, so we need to go, and fast. Pack it all up and go

Steven: I’ve got a truck for five, including the back

Derek: We got a squad car. We can take the back way out. Quickly to the elevator

Malcolm: No, they’ll be waiting in the elevator. We have to go down the emergency stairs

They run towards the door and slowly open it. Dozens of biters crawl up the stairs towards them. Malcolm closes the door

Malcolm: Elevator it is then

Derek tries the call button while Malcolm and Lam make sure none of the others break through the door

Derek: There

Linda: I’ve got to open it before you do that

Derek: Fine, ruin my happiness

Miya: Will you guys stop arguing?  We have to work together to do it right

Kylie: She’s right. We’ve got to get going


Linda: Got it

The biters grab Derek by the arm. He pulls away and they grab Linda and dig their teeth into her neck

Derek: Malcolm. Lam. She’s dead. We have to go downstairs now

The group runs downstairs with what they can carry. Malcolm and Lam up front shooting the biters. Derek, Kylie, and Miya with the supplies. And Johhno and Derek watching their backs. They quickly escape the building with no problem. Soon, nearly ten biters come by. Malcolm and Lam take out most of the biters. They pause as one gets closer

Lam: My god. It’s Diane. She turned

Malcolm: Come on, we have to go

They quickly vacate the area. They run only as far and as fast as they can. They see a church up ahead in the distance.

Credits Edit


Kavan Smith as Malcolm Marsh

Cherie Dvorak as Miya Carena

Darren Criss as Johnno Topsy (No Lines)

Allison Miller as Kelly Blake (Does not appear)

Woody Harrleson as Jack Blake (Does not appear)

Jim Coleman as Lambert Kendal


Lili Reinhart as Kiley Hargroon (Series regular)

Andrew Scott as Steven Hargroon


IronE Singelton as Derek

Angie Harmon as Diane (Zombified)

Paulina Singer as Linda

Deaths Edit



  • Last apperance of Linda
  • Last apperance of Diane (Zombified)
  • Two Main cast members do not appear in this episode: Woody Harrelson (Jack Blake) and Allison Miller (Kelly Blake)