This is the fourth issue in Volume 1: In the Beginning

The Big Bite Edit

Malcolm: So how long have you been in the church?

Kelly: We’ve been staying here since the outbreak occurred. Well, a week after it

Kylie: I like your hair. It’s full of body, even in the apocalypse

Kelly: Thank you. Now we’d like to get back to praying. God hasn’t answered yet, but he soon will. I hear it

Johnno: Actually, sweetheart, that’s a massive group of biters heading this way. The priest hit the bell on his way down and it will attract multiple biters. If I were you, we might want to board the place up

Jack: You dumbasses lead them to us. How could you? We’re a family here. Leave. Now!

Malcolm: We’re staying here

Kelly: Grandad, let them

Susie goes over to calm Jack down. He starts breathing heavily

Malcolm: Here sir. Breathe into this paper bag

Miya: He’s hyperventilating. Does he have asthma?

Christian: No he doesn’t

Steven: Hey kid. Can you come help us?

Christian goes with Steven, Malcolm, Derek, Lam, Kelly and Kylie to board up the doors. They use the pews, but it won’t stop them forever. Christian, Steven, Derek, Lam and Kylie stay at the door to hold it back

Malcolm: You might want to pack up your things. WE could hit a snag at any moment

Susie: Jack isn’t better yet

Jack: I’m fine Susie. I’ve been through worse. I listened to your sister’s snoring

Susie: Elizabeth doesn’t snore

Jack: She used to snore a lot. I tell you son, it was a chainsaw going off in the middle of the night

Susie: Jack, cut it out

Jack: Alright, honey


Everyone turns around to see the biters break through the doors. They grab hold of Derek and bite into his skull. Many others try to break in.

Malcolm: We have to leave. WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!


Malcolm Marsh

Miya Carena

Johnno Topsy

Kelly Blake

Kylie Hargroon

Steven Hargroon

Jack Blake

Christian Blake

Susie Blake


Lam Kendal (No Lines)

Elizabeth Blake (Mentioned)

Unnamed Priest (Mentioned)




  • Last Appearance of Derek

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