This is the fifth episode of the Say Goodbye To America Season 1


Malcolm: I think we lost them

Jack: Sonny boy, the only thing I lost back there was my breath

Johnno: We can camp here for the night. We still have our bags, though we didn’t expect this much in the church. Kelly will take a tent with Christian. Malcolm and Miya can have one, Steven and Kylie can have one, Susie and Jack can have one and I’ll take one with Lam. Is that all settled?

Christian: Who died and made you leader?

Malcolm: My lungs did, remember?

They break into laughter and begin to set up tents. And just as Johnno put it, they went into the right ones. Unaware that danger lurked in the shadows of the tents. Nothing would ever be the same.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Malcolm: Do you remember the people we had to end when it all happened? I remember Karey. I had to stop her with a pencil

Miya: One of the students in my second period class had been bitten, I assume. It was Tommy Darko. He bit Lucy Hand, and Kevin Harmon. We escaped the room in time and went in Luke Shepard’s office. It was the low class, so I had seven kids and had lost three of them already. We stayed in there for four hours until Katie Williams and Vanessa and Tom Tyson decided to go find their families. I heard Vanessa’s distinctive scream. One of them grabbed Matthew Roderick from the window and bit him. I ran away and found you and Johnno in the teachers lounge. I saw Tommy, Lucy, Kevin, Vanessa, Tom and Matthew on the ground, dead. I’m not so sure about Katie

Malcolm: I was on my period off in Jenkins’s office when Wendy Drake showed up. Something was wrong. She had blood on her neck and looked awkwardly at us. Jenkins asked her what was wrong and she bit his neck. I ran past him and the Nurse’s office and past Mike’s room. I heard him scream and I saw him get taken down by two from the window. I met up with Johnno, Jeffery Juarez and Margaret Niño. He Jeffery hated me, so he took her away from us and they left. When we left, Wendy and Jenkins were eating the Janitor and I put them both down. I saw Jeffery and Margaret dead and Mike was also. What was strange was that Jeffery and Margaret weren’t looking like the biters. They were just stabbed or shot in the head. I think the Government might have been shooting the infected and those who weren’t. I later went into the teacher’s lounge and saw Karey in there. She had turned as well. She started shuffling towards me and I couldn’t stop her. I grabbed a pencil and stabbed it through her eye. And she stopped moving. She fell to the floor. I sat down and rested on the couches.

The light came so quickly the next morning, no one was ready for it until about 9:30. Everyone was then up except for Steven and Kylie. Malcolm didn’t know what was wrong, but he knew something was up. He grabbed his knife and left

He found them in the woods. Steven had gone completely berserk. He smacked her, he punched her, had beat her senseless. She had black eyes and a bloody nose and a fat lip. He didn’t care what the others thought until he was struck with a stick. He had trusted Steven. He had gotten along with Steven. He was Torn. Torn between two people. Why should he. Because it wasn’t obvious. She he save his sister, who can only gossip about shopping, or his abusive brother in law, who will help out in the group. HE IS TORN

Credits Edit


Kavan Smith as Malcolm Marsh

Cherie Dvorak as Miya Carena

Darren Criss as Johnno Topsy

Allison Miller as Kelly Blake (No Lines)

Woody Harrleson as Jack Blake

Jim Coleman as Lambert Kendal (No Lines)


Lili Reinhart as Kiley Hargroon (No Lines)

Andrew Scott as Steven Hargroon (No Lines)

Jack Quaid as Christian Blake


Lucie O' Ferralas Susie Blake (No Lines)

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  • The title is based on the Primal Fear song 5.0/Torn
  • First mention of Berry College and the inhabitants(Both alive and deceased)
  • Malcolm finds out about Steven abusing Kylie