This is the seventh issue in Say Goodbye To America and the second issue in Volume 2: The Last in Line

Long Lost SoulsEdit

Miya: What have you done?

Everyone watches as Malcolm brings in a half dead Kylie back to their camp. The voice rings in his mind. “What Have You Done? What Have You Done?”

Jack: Sonny Boy, what’s wrong? What happened back there? Where is Steven?

Malcolm doesn’t know what to say. Could he just lie to them? No, they trust him, and trust is a two way street.

Malcolm: He’s dead. He turned and I had to put him down. He… He beat Kylie everyday. I thought something was up, but I did nothing

Johnno: So you killed him, didn’t you?

Malcolm: Yes. I killed him

Gasps are heard, as well as people looking at Malcolm and at the others. Silence, the worst thing

Malcolm: I did what I had. There was no choice. Choose the abusive man or my sister? If you think I should have left Steven...then you’re sick. Sick!

Malcolm walks to his tent, grabs his rifle, and leaves. No one follows. No one moves. Miya and Susie take Kylie, who has barely awoken, back to her tent. No one expects Malcolm to come back. They pack up their things and leave the woods. No one looks back to where Malcolm went, and nobody cares

            Malcolm has stopped for the night in a small suburb in a child’s tree house. It’s too small. The gun is strapped to his back, the hatchet and knife are on the floor, and the tears do not want to come out. They need to. He feels like a kid. He sits in a child’s treehouse, crying like a two year old, or at least is supposed to. He can’t believe what the rest of the group is going through. They are tough. Lam, Jack, Miya, Johnno and Christian. They can take care of themselves. He can take care of himself. He just needs to close his eyes, and go to sleep. Close his eyes and go to sleep. Close his eyes…

            How long has he been out? Three hours, five hours? Had any biters gotten a whiff of him? Is it time to leave?

            He climbed down the stairs and runs across the street. He can see two figures standing in the distance, but are they biters, or can they be helpful?


Malcolm Marsh

Miya Carena

Jack Blake

Johnno Topsy

Lam Kendal (No Lines)

Christian Blake (No Lines)

Susie Blake (No Lines)

Kylie Hargroon (No Lines)




  • Malcolm goes on his own
  • Two figures are seen in the distance, moving towards Malcolm

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