This is the second episode of Scatter Season 2

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The members from the Yard investigate a noise. Matt meets some unwelcome people.

Wet Ribbon Edit

Aaron and Tracy fight off a horde of biters that have converged on the shoe store.  Neither has had the chance to pull out their gun, but both have stabbed enough in the head to make it count.  They are backed into a corner and don’t see any escape

Aaron: Trace, I have an idea!  Stab one and push through as far as you can.  Then we’ll keep moving towards the door

Tracy: Sounds good

Aaron stabs one in the head and and pushes it forward a few feet.  Tracy does the same.  They continue to do this, but it opens up an area behind them.  Elsewhere, Gregory’s group moves towards West’s yells.  Towards the others

Gregory: Keep moving.  I know they’re here

Miles: What are we gonna do when we see them?

Lulu: Hold them at gunpoint and steal their supplies?

Margot: Or kill them on sight?

Rick: You’re not ready for that yet.  Remember you’re still the ‘B’ squad.  You need to learn before you earn a place in the ‘A’ squad.  

Cosmo: Besides, we’ve killed two already, and we have the gun to show for it.  It’ll heighten fear and paranoia

Spencer: We really just want to find where…

Gregory: Spencer!  What did I tell you?  Not here, not now.  Not with the ‘B’ squad

Julian: What?

Gregory: You’ll understand later

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kevin: Lewis!  We’ve got a problem

Lewis: What is it, Kev?

Kevin: Stephanie was attacked

Lewis steps out of Gregory’s RV and follows Kevin.  In Gregory and the rest of inner circle away on a mission, Lewis was placed in charge of the camp.  So far, he has not had to deal with much, but he’s uncertain about what happened to Stephanie.  Normally, violence is allowed in the camp if it has to deal with vengeance, but if there’s any discriminatory crime about it, then there’s an issue.  Lewis, personally, does not agree with Gregory’s stance on violence, but it’s not his place to comment.  And his mind was not quite on that right now.  Right now, he was fearful for whatever happened to Stephanie Key.  A pretty, young black girl from an affluent community in New England who moved down to UNC for college.  

Lewis: Stephanie!  What happened?

Lewis knew he should ask, but he was afraid of the answer.  It could be any reason, from her stealing or killing, to any discrimination like the color of her skin.  He kneels beside her with Kevin and Maine at her side as well

Stephanie: >sobbing< I was attacked.  Richard and Johnny, they attacked me

Lewis: Did they say why?

Stephanie: No.  But I can probably guess why

Lewis: We can’t make assumptions just yet.  I’ll go have a talk with them before this gets out of hand

Maine: I’ll join you.  You might want back up for this neck of the woods

The two men walk off towards Richard and Johnny’s area of the camp.  Most of the people in this part of the camp are former convicts who Gregory and others freed early on.  Most of them still wear their jumpsuits like badges of honor.  Many are afraid to deal with them, especially Lewis, but Gregory left him in charge and this gave Lewis more confidence.  He knew he had this, especially with a soldier like Maine by his side.  Maine, who had yet to hear any word from Callum, was a tad bit worried about his safety, and wanted to ask Lewis to send a search party to find Callum, Alex and Liam, but he wanted to wait until this ordeal was over before he asked.  The pair walk silently until they approach the other half of the camp

Virginia: What can I do for you boys?

Lewis: Nothing now, Virginia

Maine: We’re all set here

Virginia was the group whore.  She was old, but when she was younger she was a smoke show.  Her favorite was Gregory, though, because she had a thing for power.  For some of your supplies, she’d do anything, and right now, she was itching for extra supplies.  Lewis and Maine just kept on walking until they reached the group

Lewis: Johnny! Richard!  A word, please?

The two men stood up tall.  Johnny, a big, tall man, and Richard equally as big.  Johnny was in for B & E while Richard never revealed what he was in for

Johnny: What can we do for ya?

Lewis: >inhales< It’s about Stephanie.  She claims you two attacked her

Richard: Yeah but we didn’t

Maine: Figured you’d say that

Johnny: >pointing his finger< What’d you say boy?

Maine: Get that finger out of my face, Boy

Lewis: Let’s stay calm here.  I didn’t say you beat her, but she says you did. I wanna get the facts first

Richard: What if we did attack her? What would you do?

Lewis: First we need to know why you attacked her.  I won’t do anything that Gregory wouldn’t.  She seems to think you beat her because she is black

Johnny: That’s ridiculous.  If we were to attack someone because they were black, your pal Maine here would be beaten everyday until he died.  Neither of us would beat her because she’s black

Lewis: Oh good

Richard: No, we beat her ‘cause she’s a lesbian

Lewis and Maine stop for a second

Lewis: I’m sorry, what?

Richard: She’s a lezbo.  That's why we attacked her

Maine: Why the fuck would you do that?

Richard: I don't know. It's just how I was raised. Homosexuality is wrong

Lewis: Gregory won’t like this

Johnny: Well, Gregory’s not here.  So run along, pretend this didn’t happen. Or we'll beat you, too

Lewis grabs Maine and pulls him along

Maine: Lew…. Lewis let me take Max and Taz with me to the Target.  I haven’t heard from Callum or Alex or Liam yet.  We could use their help

Lewis: Why?

Maine: Because you know what Gregory would do to both of them.  Put them in the ring and fight it out.  Let me get those three and we grab them and bring them to the ring.  I’ll run it myself if I need to.  

Lewis: Fine.  Take Max and Taz and bring Alex, Callum and Liam back

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Max: So… why did you choose to bring us?

Maine: Because I trust you.  When we get Callum and Alex and Liam back, we’re gonna go to Lewis and get his permission to bring Johnny and Richard in for beating Stephanie

Taz: That’s what happened?  Because she’s black?

Maine: Because she’s gay

Max: Oh jeez.  Well I’m sorry

Maine: Why are you apologizing to me?

Max: Because you’re gay

The other two men stop

Max: I figured it out.  I could tell.  It was you and Callum, that’s why we’re out here, right?

Taz: Wait… you’re gay?

Maine: I was not out yet, but I am bisexual.  

Max: Oh.  Sorry I thought you were just gay

Maine: It doesn’t matter.  We’re here already, let’s just look for them

The three men come across the empty parking lot of the Target building.  There’s several cars left over and three bodies on the ground.  There are two walkers gnawing away at one. Max takes out his knife, runs up and stabs the first in the head before stabbing the other.  He looks in horror at the body

Max: Oh God… it’s Liam!  He’s been executed

Taz: Check the other two

Maine walks up to one corpse on the ground.  He flips it over to see the body of Alex.  He looks to Taz, who turns over the last body.  Maine is not ready, so he walks away and back into the woods.  Max and Taz follow


Phillip: How’s Eli doing?

Fish: He’s fine for now.  Still passed out due to shock.  I think we need the others to get back soon and we can leave.  He needs to be watched over in case he turns

Todd: Well Phillip and I got what we needed in the American Eagle outlet.  How’d you fare?

West: We didn’t even get into the store.  Dimitri and Nathan are down there now.

Garrett: Do you want me to get them so we can leave?

Todd: Yes.

Garrett heads downstairs to the kitchen store to pick up Dimitri and Nathan

West: I just wanna go home.  I’m tired

Gregory: Where exactly is home?  I’d like to join you

Todd, Phillip, Fish and West turn to see nine people looking at them

Phillip: Oh fuck

Lottie: What’s the move here, Gregory?  Pop one on sight?

Gregory: Easy, Lottie, easy.  We’re just gonna talk for now.  And we’ll be the ones with weapons so please, give them to Lulu

The other four comply, although hesitantly, while Lulu goes to collect the guns.  Elsewhere, Garrett grabs Nathan and Dimitri, who were unsuccessful in getting anything useful, and brings them back towards the group.  They notice the herd in front of the shoe store and run quickly towards the group.  Aaron and Tracy move closer to the door after killing each walker, but leave an open space behind them for more to file in

Aaron: Keep moving, Trace

Tracy keeps moving forward, but is unaware of the enclosing circle of biters behind her.  One grabs a hold of her bare shoulder and bites down on her neck, tearing away the skin and letting the blood trickle down like a ribbon.  She lets out a terrifying scream that makes Aaron look back in horror at Tracy.  He is unable to keep the walker from taking another bite out of her neck as she drops to her knees.  Two more move in on her and tear into her arm and leg.  She is shoved to the ground, still screaming in agony as she is torn to bits.  Aaron begins to back away from the circle, but inadvertently backs himself into a corner.  He stabs one in the head before stabbing another that gets too close, but the knife gets stuck and he is forced to abandon it.  Without a conventional weapon, he uses a shoebox lid to smack the next walker that pins him down while another comes from the side.  He reaches for a way out, but is saved by a hail of bullets from Garrett, Nathan and Dimitri.  All the undead near Aaron drop, dead, and gives Aaron enough time to run to the other three as they run away.  

Dimitri: Let’s go!

The gunfire distracts Gregory and his group, allowing Fish the chance to take out his knife and stab Lulu in the stomach before taking his gun back from her

Fish: Your move asshole

Gregory: We’re not seriously doing this are we?

The others stare at him

Gregory: Fucking really?  We already killed two of your friends, we’re gonna have to kill you, too?  

Phillip: Who... Who’d you kill?

Julian: I dunno, some guy with the initials BWO on this gun and his friend.  We didn’t get names

West: Phillip… that’s Bentley and Matt

Phillip: I know who it is, Tim

Gregory: Enough talk! You hear the gunshots? That’ll draw the dead.  Now I want you to listen…. Fuck it, Spencer shoot somebody

Spencer aims his gun at West and shoots him right in the gut, near his liver

Gregory: Now listen up!  We were initially here to make you bring us to your home.  You look like you’re living the high life, and it’s gotta be better than our shit situation.  But then you had to go and stab Lulu so we needed to retaliate.  She’s a goner, but he might not be.  Give me everything in that back you have there….

Phillip: Phillip

Gregory: Give me everything you have in that bag, Phillip, and we’ll leave now

Phillip slides over the bag to Gregory’s feet.  Cosmo picks it up and the group runs off.  Todd and Fish carry West out of the mall while Phillip takes the knife out of Lulu’s stomach and stabs her in the head.  As Gregory and his group run back, they see Dimitri, Aaron, Nathan and Garrett across the way

Nathan: Look who it is!  Shoot them!

The two groups exchange gunfire.  As the bullets go back and forth, Miles is shot in the leg around the shin and drops to the ground.  He begins to crawl after the others, but they leave him behind

Brooks: Are we leaving, Gregory?

Gregory: Yes let’s get the fuck out of here!

Brooks, Izabel and Nils join the others as they run out to the trucks, leaving Miles behind.  At the opposite end of the mall, Garrett arrives back with Aaron, Dimitri and Nathan.  

Garrett: The hell happened?

Todd: Can’t talk we have to go

Todd hops in the driver’s seat of the U-Haul with Fish and Phillip in the back with West.  Aaron and Nathan get in Garrett’s car while Dimitri starts up Tracy’s Hyundai with Eli in the passenger seat, who begins to wake up.  All three vehicles drive off

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ruben: So you were a guard back in Gregory’s camp?

Sean: Yes

Warren: Can you do any construction type stuff?

Sean: No, I’m not good with any hands on things

Scott: Neither am I when I started, but I’m here now so… we’ll introduce you to Ray and the rest of the crew

Gavin: I haven’t even been introduced yet

Warren: We had the day off yesterday to mourn Tim’s death at the Target the other day.  Now we’re back to work

The five of them arrive at the construction site away from Apex

Scott: They were putting together twelve houses for this cul de sac or something before the outbreak.  Left behind a shit ton of supplies.  C’mon guys, let’s meet Ray

Sean and Gavin walk forward towards the rest of the group

Ruben: Everyone! This is Sean and Gavin.  Sean and Gavin, this is everyone

Ray: Name’s Ray.  I’m the foreman here.  Where can we start you?

Warren: Sean said he used to be a guard where he was from, so he could start on guard duty

Ray: Great.  We’ll put you with Syl and Basil on first watch.  And how about you?

Gavin: Wherever you want me

Warren: I’ll take him to join Paul, Doug and I over there

Ray: Great.  Scott, you and Ruben can join me.  We need to have a meeting.  The rest of you can split

Sean walks over towards the other two men with guns, Sylvester and Basil.  

Basil: Name’s Basil.  Like the herb.  What’s yours?

Sean: Sean Moreland

Sylvester: Well, Sean Moreland, pick up that gun over there and help us keep watch for anything undesirable

Sean complies.  Elsewhere, Gavin is introduced to the others with Warren

Paul: I’m Paul

Doug: And I’m Doug Santos

Gavin: I’ve seen y’all before.  I think I shot at you at the Target

The four of them laugh a bit.  In his tent, Ray meets with both Scott and Ruben

Ray: Who are these men?  Are they from that camp that attacked you?

Scott: Yes.  They are

Ray: The ones that killed Tim?

Scott: The same

Ray: >slams fist< And you brought them here?!

Ruben: It wasn’t Gavin nor Sean that killed him.  It was that bitch with the rifle.  Hell, Sean was back at his camp during the massacre

Ray: I don’t care.  They’re from the same group

Scott: Jenny okayed it

Ray: That’s because Jenny always goes over my fucking head

Warren: She’s in charge of Apex.  She has the final say in things

Ray: I know.  I’m not happy about it but I know

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Back at Gregory’s camp, Lewis and Kevin sit with Stephanie when Maine walks in with Max and Taz

Lewis: Maine! Did you find the others?

Maine: Yes

He remains silent and sits down

Lewis: And…?

Max: They’re dead.  All executed.  

Taz: They knew we would head back to the Target

Lewis: Oh shit.  I’m sorry

They sit in silence

Lewis: Johnny and Richard said why they attacked you.  It’s not because you’re black, but because you’re a lesbian

Stephanie: I… I figured that’s why.  They uh…. They… they did so… something else…….. As well

The five men look at her

Stephanie: They raped me. Said I needed to know what it was like to be with a real man

The other men look down for a second.  Maine stands up

Maine: That’s it, Lewis.  It’s dragon circle time

Lewis: Dragon circle… what the hell do you mean?

Maine: Come with me.  You three as well, Max, Taz and Kevin

Maine and the other men walk quickly into Johnny and Richard’s territory and confront the men

Johnny: Hey guys.  What can we do for ya…?

Maine lands a punch into Johnny’s face and does the same to Richard

Maine: Lewis!  Take them to the circle.  I’ll lead this myself if I must.  Max.  Call everyone to the circle.  And Lewis, tell them about Alex, Liam and Callum

They comply.  Five minutes later, a crowd has circled around Johnny and Richard.  Lewis stands in the middle of them

Lewis: As many of you know, when Gregory left, he gave me control of the camp.  While I had control, the two men here beat and raped Stephanie for no reason other than her sexuality.  This is not allowed here.  We do not attack or antagonize another person based on their sexuality, or their gender preference or the color of their skin.  It was not allowed before the fall of our world, and it’s still not allowed now.  >breaths in and out deeply< Also, most of you know Alex, Liam and Callum were sent by Gregory on a mission to the Target to try and follow them home and find out where they live.  Unfortunately, they were found, most likely around last night, and the three of them were all executed.  Tomorrow, we will mourn.  But today

He motions to Max and Taz, who carry a bat and a machete respectively.  The two drop a weapon in front of Johnny and Richard.  Johnny picks up the bat while Richard picks up the machete

Lewis: Today, we let the fate decide which of these… assholes… should be allowed to walk freely and which must pay for the actions against Stephanie Key.  Let the fight, begin

Johnny and Richard go at each other with their weapons.  It’s not a fair fight.  It’s over in under a minute.  As soon as Richard had a good angle, he swung the machete into Johnny’s neck, getting stuck part way in.  He takes it out and let’s Johnny’s body drop before turning the machete at an angle to stab his accomplice in the head.  He stands up, blood covering his white tee-shirt

Lewis: I guess that settles it.  Looks like you get to walk out freely, Richard

Maine: Not exactly

Maine pulls out his pistol and shoots Richard right between his eyes.  The bigger man drops to the ground.  Everyone stares at Maine

Maine: This was for me.  Apparently some of you know, but to those that don’t.  I am bisexual.  I was in a secret relationship with Callum.  And, do to the beating and rape of Stephanie all because she was a lesbian, I decided that neither Johnny nor Richard should be allowed to walk freely with the rest of us.

Lewis: Maine… I…

Maine: Save it, Lewis

Maine walks away

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Outside of the mall, Matt continues to run away, avoiding every walker he comes across.  He ends up on a two lane road filled with cars.  He has six bullets left in his gun and only a knife.  No drink or food or anything.  He sees a two figures up ahead and ducks behind a car.  He decides to wait for them to pass instead of attacking them.  It’s no use. The figures see him stand by his side.  He raises his knife a bit

Sebastián: Save it, my one armed friend.  You attack me, Octavio will be all over you

Octavio: And Bass will do the same if you attack me

Matt lowers his arm and looks down in front of him

Octavio: Well, c’mon then.  You gonna stand up?  Run or something?

Matt looks away

Sebastián: C’mon Octavio, let’s just hit that mall

Matt: I wouldn’t do that.  I just came from there.  It’s overrun, and my friend just got shot and killed.  Bad men in there

Sebastián: Did they have a truck with a machine gun in the back?

Matt: Yes

Octavio: We have seen them.  We should go the other way, Bass

Sebastián: No.  What about Evan?

Octavio: He might be back at the old campsite.  We can cut across the other way

Matt: I know a place we can go.  Back where I’m from

Octavio: No offense, but we’re looking for a friend.  Not a home

Sebastián: He might know the area.  He could help

Octavio: Okay.  You can help.  What’s your name?

Matt: Matt Graham

The three see Gregory’s vehicles coming towards them

Matt: Quick! Behind a car

The three duck behind a car and wait for Gregory’s vehicles to pass.  On the other side, going in the other direction, Todd drives as fast as he can back to Apex.  In the back of the U-Haul, Phillip applies pressure to West’s wound while Fish holds his brother’s hand

Fish: It’s all my fault.  I stabbed that other girl and now my brother will pay for it

Phillip: Hey!  It’s not your fault.  Okay?  That guy, Spencer, he just chose to shoot him.  He could have chose anyone

Fish: Why did he have to choose MY brother though?  If I didn’t stab that Asian chick...

Phillip: It’s not because of that.  He would have shot anyone

Fish: This isn’t helping!

Phillip sighs

Phillip: I’ll be honest.  I was never good at this whole comforting stuff.  But I’m trying here.  You need to accept this though: He’s been shot in the liver.  There’s no coming back from that.  And you need to be strong.  He has stopped breathing; you have to put this in his head

Phillip hands Fish a knife.  Fish takes it and lets go of his brother’s hand.  He breathes in, looks up, and shoves the knife into his brother’s skull.  He then slowly pulls it out, drops it, and leans back against the wall of the truck, breathing heavily

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Inside the mall, Miles still crawls on ground, leaving a trail of blood with every drag.  Every time he attempts to stand up, he drops to the ground and loses distance between him and the enclosing walkers.  He has made it to the final hallway, but the walkers are closing in on him.  He aims his gun towards the dead that follow him and shoots the closest in the head.  Eventually, he makes it to the door the group broke to get in.  Seeing this as his opportunity to escape, he hoists himself onto his good leg and slides his bad leg through the hole, then his good leg.  He stumbles to the next set of doors and does the same.  The walkers are unable to get through the doors.  After he gets out of the doors, he immediately drops to the ground again.  He crawls, this time slower, through the parking lot.  At some point, he stops crawling and passes out.  He never wakes up

Credits Edit

 Main Cast Edit

Daniel Day-Lewis as Todd Andrews

Edward Norton as Phillip James

Wayne Brady as Aaron Meyer

Martin Csokas as Leo (Does not Appear)

Rachel McAdams as Jenny Hanson (Mentioned Only)

David Henrie as Garrett Smith

Nicholas Hoult as Matt Graham

Chris Pine as Ryan "Fish" West

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Otis (Does Not Appear)

James McAvoy as Timothy West

Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastián Bernal

and Michael Madsen as Gregory Ames

Also Starring: Edit

Samm Levine as Scott Cleary

Ty Wood as Brooks

Will Tudor as Dexter Hubbard (Does Not Appear)

Rose Leslie as Olivia Graham (Does Not Appear)

Ellen Hollman as Meredith (Does Not Appear)

Carmen Bicondova as Tess (Does Not Appear)

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Niklas (Does Not Appear)

E. Roger Mitchell as Warren Smith

Josh Helman as Spencer

Donal Logue as Ruben Eastview

Chris Coy as Cosmo Murphy

Raúl Arévalo as Octavio Arévalo

with Jason Momoa as Nathan

Nathan Sutton as Sean Moreland

Jason Earles as Nils (No Lines)

Christine Evangelista as Izabel (No Lines)

Eugene Byrd as Gavin Foxx

Stanley Tucci as Ray

Lee Pace as Lewis

James Frain as Sylvester Nelson

Makenzie Leigh as Lottie

Andrew J West as Doug Santos

Sarah Bolger as Tracy Long

Elijah Kelley as Maine Ryan

Bruce Soord as Julian

Adam Gontier as Max

Brandon Jay McLaren as Alex (Corpse)

Diarmuid Noyes as Liam (Corpse)

Steven R McQueen as Callum (Corpse)

 Co-Starring: Edit

Lawrence Kao as Paul

Tom Holland as Eli Wilson (No Lines)

Laura Harrier as Stephanie Key

David Mazouz as Kevin

Pamela Anderson as Virginia

Kalani Queypo as Miles

Maggie Geha as Margot

Linda Park as Lulu

Zakk Wylde as Richard

Leo Fitzpatrick as Taz

Jake Weary as Johnny

Benjamin Burnley as Basil

 Guest Starring: Edit

Tom Hardy as Dimitri Vanderbilt

Quentin Tarantino as Rick Murphy

Deaths Edit





Tracy Long

Timothy West

Trivia Edit

  • First Appearance of Max
  • First Appearance of Stephanie Key
  • First Appearance of Taz
  • First Appearance of Basil
  • First (and Last) Appearance of Richard
  • First (and Last) Appearance of Johnny
  • Last Appearance of Timothy West
  • Last Appearance of Tracy Long
  • Last Appearance of Miles
  • Last Appearance of Lulu
  • Last Appearance of Alex (Corpse)
  • Last Appearance of Callum (Corpse)
  • Last Appearance of Liam (Corpse)
  • With Timothy's death, this marks the first time a character listed under "Main Cast" dies
    • Timothy is also the first member of his family to die in the series
  • With Stephanie's introduction, this introduces the second homosexual character in the series (not including Maine) and the first lesbian character
  • Eight Series Regulars do not appear in this episode: Leo (Martin Csokas), Jenny Hanson (Rachel McAdams), Otis (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), Dex Hubbard (Will Tudor), Olivia Graham (Rose Leslie), Meredith (Ellen Hollman), Tess (Camren Bicondova) and Niklas (Thomas Brodie-Sangster)
    • This is the first episode since his introduction that Leo (Martin Csokas) does not appear
  • Lewis (Lee Pace) and Maine Ryan (Elijah Kelley) are moved to Also Starring after being listed under Co-Starring in season 1
  • The name of this episode comes from the Porcupine Tree demo song with the same name. This coincides with the rest of the season where every episode's title comes from a song performed by him or one of his bands