This is the tenth episode in Scatter Season 2

Gravity Eyelids Edit

Coming soon

Credits Edit

Main Cast Edit

Daniel Day-Lewis as Todd Andrews

Edward Norton as Phillip James

Wayne Brady as Aaron Meyer

Martin Csokas as Leo

Rachel McAdams as Jenny Hanson

David Henrie as Garrett Smith

Nicholas Hoult as Matt Graham

Chris Pine as Ryan "Fish" West

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Otis

Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastián Bernal

and Michael Madsen as Gregory Ames

Also Starring: Edit

Samm Levine as Scott Cleary (series regular)

Ty Wood as Brooks (series regular)

Will Tudor as Dexter Hubbard (series regular)

Rose Leslie as Olivia Graham (series regular)

Ellen Hollman as Meredith (series regular)

Carmen Bicondova as Tess (series regular)

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Niklas (series regular)

E. Roger Mitchell as Warren Smith (series regular)

Josh Helman as Spencer (series regular)

Donal Logue as Reuben Eastview (series regular)

Chris Coy as Cosmo Murphy (series regular)

Raúl Arévalo as Octavio Arévalo (series regular)

Lee Pace as Lewis (series regular)

with Jason Momoa as Nathan (series regular)

Deaths Edit

Coming Soon

 Trivia Edit

  • The name of this episode comes from the Porcupine Tree song with the same name. This coincides with the rest of the season where every episode's title comes from a song performed by him or one of his bands

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