This is the first episode of Scatter Season 3, and the season premier

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A small group heads to the nearby Hospital. Gregory calls a meeting. Luka finds himself in an interesting situation

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The convoy arrives at the gates of Apex.  Eddie allows them entry upon identification and the enters to a glimpse of blackness slowly being driven away by day.  People are seen crying in the streets.  Blood litters both the concrete and clothes of those affected by the disaster that occurred just 20 minutes prior.  Leo steps out from the back seat of the vehicle with a confused look on his face.  Phillip steps out after taking the keys out and catches up to Leo, who wanders around aimlessly.  He walks up to Lysander, who stands there, looking across the street and not in the direction of the pair

Lysander: A lot has changed since you left.  New arrivals from the Yard

He turns to look at them

Lysander: We lost some, too.  Otis.  Annie.  Logan.  One of the new guys as well

Phillip: Where’s Todd?

Lysander: Haven’t seen him.  One of these new guys, Lewis… he’s requesting to take a small crew out to gather supplies once you returned.  I’ll tell Jenny you’re here

Leo: No need

Leo mentions for the entire convoy to follow him into Jenny’s house.  He barges in to see her cover her tears with a tissue.  She runs up and hugs him, noting the new arrivals

Leo: Found this place called Waterfront.  They came to help us rebuild.  I can see we need more manpower now anyway.  What happened?

Jenny: People got bit and turned.  That’s what I know so far.  I don’t want to ask but are you willing to join a few people on a new supply run?

Leo: I’ll ask around, see if any from Waterfront want to prove their worth, but I will go regardless

Leo turns to the crowd as Jackson walks up to Jenny and points at Dustin and Gina

Jackson: Keep an eye on them.  We were caught in a rebellion and they were sent along our way in exile.  It’s how we lost David.  We lost Andrew on the way there, too

Jenny: You weren’t the only ones to lose people recently

Sebastián, Dimitri and Nathan walk up to Evan and Octavio

Sebastán: Hell of a trip

Evan: Anything interesting?

Dimitri: Caught in a rebellion.  Lost some folks

Octavio: Who?

Nathan: Andrew and David.  Been with us pretty much since the beginning

Leo walks back up to Jenny with two people

Leo: This is Blake and Stan.  They’ve agreed to join.  Who else is going?

Jenny: It was Lewis’s idea.  Elizabeth is going for medical supplies.  Jack and Luka will be going as well.  And Nils and Julian.  They’re new

Miranda: Do you have any coffee?  Been a rough night

Jenny: Of course.  Come with me

The two enter her kitchen as the convoy exits the house and walk down the street to talk to others, except for Dustin

Dustin: Mind if I get a cup?  

Jenny: Who are you?

Dustin: Name’s Dustin Hammond, from Waterfront

Miranda: Jenny… he was a rebel

Dustin: Look.  I fucked up I know.  I shouldn’t have listened to Ryan.  I just wanted things to be different.  You can trust me or not, I don’t care.  All I ask for is a simple cup of coffee

Jenny gives him a funny look before showing a slight smile and chuckle.  She motions for him to follow to the kitchen.  Outside, Isabel pleads with Nils, who assures her he’ll be safe while Eli talks with Julian and Reina with Jackson

Eli: You sure you don’t need my help?

Julian: I heard about what happened on your last supply run.  And your run in with Peanut.  I’m sorry man

Reina: So this is Apex?  Kinda small

Jackson: We’re able to house those we have, although the numbers keep thinning out

Matt stands with Aaron and Jack watching Eddie being relieved by Scott

Matt: Annie, and Logan, and Otis

Jack: Don’t forget the guy from the Yard

Matt: Him too

Aaron: Heard Todd left last night, Ed

Eddie: It’s true

Phillip walks up, having heard the conversation

Phillip: Wha… left?

Eddie: He said he was leaving.  And that was that.  Maybe he’ll return, but I do not know

Phillip runs off.  Meanwhile, Tess still sleeps outside Niklas’s door when Dex and Olivia walk up to her

Dex: You can’t stay here forever

Tess: They won’t let him go

Olivia: He can stay with Dex.  Jenny has allowed it

She opens the door and sees Niklas sitting here, having not touched any food he was given

Niklas: Am I free to go?

Dex helps the boy to his feet and carry him out of the house.  Inside the half built church, Ruben, Sean, Ray, Sylvester, Train and Gavin inspect the premises

Ray: We could get a head start this morning.  Get a lot of work done

Sean: I need at least two cups of coffee to stay awake.  I wish we still had a coffee maker

Gavin: I like Jenny’s.  I don’t know how she makes it, but it’s good

Sean: I just don’t like the taste of black coffee.  Too bitter

Ruben: That’s how it’s supposed to be

He wraps his arms around Sean and Gavin

Ruben: Hot as hell. Black as death.  Strong as a good woman’s love

The three chuckle it off when Sylvester calls out to them

Sylvester: Check this out

The construction crew walk up to Sylvester

Train: What is that?

Sylvester: Looks like someone had their head smashed in

Ray: Who would do that?


A small fire burns around a trailer.  18 people sit around the fire, primarily on logs or benches brought from picnic tables.  Gregory walks out from his trailer and into the ring

Gregory: I… didn’t want to have to do this.  But after that has happened… the attack on Apex… attempt on my life… reanimated corpses attacking here… I needed to call a meeting

John: Gregory, if I may… there’s not a lot of people left.  When this all started we had 100 people rallying behind you.  Now there’s only 17.  What are we gonna do?

Gregory: I’ve been thinking.  But I can’t be the only decision maker here.  It has lead to too many deaths.  You said so yourself, John.  There were 100 of us.  Now, there’s less than 20.  I’m putting this up to a vote, and I will abstain.  We can stay and survive here.  Or we can leave.  We can discuss it first if you want

Lottie: Where could we go?  There’s nowhere good except for Apex within a hundred miles.  We’ve checked

Josephine: I agree.  And we can’t just leave and hope for the best.  We’d have no chance

Max: This place hasn’t been kind to us either

Vass: But it’s been our home pretty much since this disaster began

Max: I’m not denying that.  But sometimes… you have to move

Jane: I don’t want to be another grave here.  And what if the Apex people decide to attack us?

Rick: They won’t.  They saw Gregory get shot and they assumed he died.  Plus Nils and Isabel already left.  I assume, if they made it to Apex, they would have said something.  They won’t come after us.  We’re safe here.  We have enough weapons and ammo and food to last us a year, maybe even two.  But if we stay, we should go on a supply run at first light

A silence fills the air and Gregory knows it’s his turn to speak

Gregory: All in favor of staying

13 hands, including Brooks, Rick, Lottie and John, extend towards the sky

Gregory: All opposed

Max, Jane, Adam and Ryo raise their hands

Gregory: It’s settled then.  We will stay.  And Rick is right.  At first light, half of us will go find supplies.  Dismissed

The group leaves as Gregory walks up to Max

Gregory: Will you be leaving after that speech?

Max: You and I both know I’ll never survive out there alone, or in a group of four.  So long as we’re all here, so will I.  And count me in on this run.  I need to be a part of things

Dawn comes and Rick leads a group of Brooks, Lottie, Grease, Max, Ryo, Vass and Adam out of the Yard in two F350s.  Gregory watches them leave and turns to John

Gregory: We made the right call

John: Why did you ask to meet with me?

Gregory: After the Marcellus incident, I realized I needed another man on my small council. Brooks, Lottie and Rick aren’t enough.  I need you, John

Elsewhere, on the road from Apex, Lewis turns to Leo

Lewis: Rough trip?

Leo: Yeah.  Escaped from a rebellion in the Waterfront.  Lost a few guys.  Why’d you leave the Yard?

Lewis: When Gregory had planned to attack you, I was done.  And Julian too.  We decided to leave.  So, we let our infected friend loose on our own people, ones we’ve survived with, so he wouldn’t have more soldiers in case he came back

Leo: That’s some crazy shit

Jack, Elizabeth, Luka, Blake and Nils ride in a Saab 97-x behind Lewis’s vehicle

Blake: Where’s is it we’re heading?

Jack: A hospital first.  Doc needs medication in case of any issues.  We’re about half a mile out so get ready for anything

The group drives until they reach Wilson Memorial Hospital and Research Facility.  They park and enter the hospital, the automatic doors opening up for them

Nils: That’s weird

Luka: Must be a generator or something keeping the place running

Stan: Wouldn’t have lasted this long.  Someone’s gotta be keeping it running

Leo: Keep your eyes peeled.  We don’t know who or what we’re dealing with.  Stick in pairs.  Blake with me.  Julian and Lewis.  Liz, you’re with Stan and Nils.  Jack, you’re with Luka.  What do you need doc?

Elizabeth: Here’s a list.  What I mostly need is on floor three.  Leo, can you and Blake take floor two?  Julian and Lewis on floor four. Jack and Luka can take this level.  We’ll meet back here in an hour

The group split as a figure is seen watching from the shadows.  He is a tall, black man he earring dark body armor and an M16A3. He turns down a corridor and runs down a flight of stairs until he reaches a room with light


Chester: I don’t know what do do, Nate.  Shoshana was able to do it, but I can’t

Nate: Yes you can.  Just focus

Nate lights a cigarette

Chester: >sigh< You didn’t come here to listen to my complaints so why are you here?

Nate: I’m heading back to Cedar Island… and I’m thinking of shutting it down for the time being.  We need people to clean up this mess.  It’s the smallest outpost.  They’ll listen to me

Barney: They listened to Kevin

Nate: And I was his number two.  Now he’s gone.  The people there will listen to me. >puffs cigarette< Or they will be in open rebellion against not only me, but the Waterfront

Vazquez: They’re not Ryan

Nate: Who knows if word got out to the outposts?  We never questioned them about it

Chester: You’re right.  Barney, get Ivan now and ask him.  He’ll comply

Ivan sits in a room with Barney

Ivan: I told you everything you asked.  Why am I back here?

Barney: We have one final question.  Did Ryan ever get word to the outposts about the rebellion?

Ivan: >chucking< You just figured that out now?  >breathes in< He got word to one.  Pungo River.  The crazy fucker there will probably go through with it.  Better warn Milo before it’s too late

Barney: Who did Ryan tell?

Ivan: >leans in< His counterpart.  Milo’s aid.  Jared

Barney turns to the man next to him

Barney: Get immediate word to Milo.  Tell him not to trust Jared

In Pungo River, Milo sits at his desk playing with a deck of cards and a half full glass of whisky in front of him.  A telegraph sits beside him as he stares out the window into the slowly rising dawn.  Jared walks in

Jared: Anything I can do for you?

Milo: >sighs< No.  Just another slow day

Jared slowly pulls a knife out and hides it behind his back.  He begins to get ready when Milo turns around

Milo: Although I am hungry.  Let’s say we get some breakfast

Jared: Uh… sure

Milo turns to grab his coat when the telegraph starts beeping.  He turns to it and shows a confused look on his face as he writes it down on a piece of paper next to his Morse code cheat sheet.  When it finishes, he reads it allowed

Milo: Milo… don’t trust anyone

Jared brandishes the knife, yells and lunges at Milo dodges the knife as it gets stuck in the chair and pushes it towards Jared.  It rolls into the wall.  Jared grabs the knife and runs again at Milo, knife over his head.  Milo dodges and trips Jared, who drops the knife.  Milo kicks Jared, who rolls over and gets back up.  Jared runs at Milo and throws two punches, one which hits Milo in the gut.  Jared then knees Milo in the face and drops him to the ground.  Jared runs over, picks up the knife and heads back towards Milo, who slowly stands up.  Jared lunges at him, and Milo kicks the knife away, getting close to Jared, and stabs Jared in the neck with a knife hidden in Milo’s sleeve.  Jared holds his neck as blood spews out both the wound and his mouth

Milo: Ryan got to you then

Jared’s words are hard to comprehend with the blood popping out his mouth

Milo: You understand why he’s dead too

Milo pulls out the knife and lets Jared drop to the floor, clutching his bloodied neck.  Milo grabs Jared’s knife, sits on top of him, and stabs it into the top of Jared’s skull.  He then leans back off of the now dead assistant and breathes heavily.  He walks over to the telegraph and his cheat sheet and begins typing

Milo: All… clear.  Thanks for … heads up.  Will… be there by … afternoon

Milo grabs his coat and keys and walks out of his office


Lewis walks with Julian along the fourth floor.  The lights flicker, some smashed to bits, and the pair walk through a destroyed hallway.  There is one biter trapped beneath a stretcher with both legs missing.  It gurgles and reaches at Julian.  Lewis walks behind it and stabs it in the head.  Both men look at each other with slight terror in their face.  At the turn is complete blackness and the sounds of the dead.  The pair silently move to their destination and ransack the place, grabbing everything they need on the floor and then some

Julian: >whispering< What does she need these for anyway?

Lewis: >whispering< I think it’s just a precaution

The pair leave the room with everything they need and begin to make their way to the stairs when seven dead come marching on in front of them.  They quickly back up, with Lewis accidentally hitting the call elevator button, which surprisingly still works.  The sound of the elevator hits each floor, passing Leo and Nils, both with shocked looks on their face.  The elevator reaches floor four and opens with a ding.  Both Lewis and Julian looked shocked and then terrified as the walkers all around them turn towards the ding.  The pair run into the elevator and close it, narrowly avoiding the one dead arm trying to reach them.  Lewis looks at Julian before hitting the floor three button and riding it down.  Elsewhere, on floor one, Jack and Luka scour the cafeteria for any food.  To their dismay, there is nothing but cobwebs and empty boxes.  Jack hears a noise

Jack: Sh.  I’m gonna go check it out

He clicks on his flashlight and heads toward the noise.  Luka watches from a distance, walking through the murky liquid on the floor, squashing with each step.  He is taken aback when his next step leads to him falling through the floor into the basement.  Jack turns to see his friend missing

Jack: Luka?  Luka?

Luka lands on his back in the ground below to see a bright white light coming from in front of him.  He follows it down the hall to find two scientists and three soldiers standing in front of something he can’t make out.  One tall black soldier in dark body armor holding an M16A3 speaks first

“You think you got it, Hollis?”

Hollis: Not to worry Colonel.  This should do the trick

Another soldier speaks.  He is a short Hispanic man with a thin mustache

“You said that the last three times”

Colonel: Calm down, Jimenez.  The doc learned from his mistakes

Hollis: I can’t take all the credit.  Doctor Stockdale helped too.  Now follow me

The group of four follow Hollis to the side, giving Luka the chance to view what they were standing in front of earlier.  One of the undead, locked in a glass tube.  He turns back to Hollis holding a canister

Hollis: I’ve purified it in a gaseous state, so it can be spread around with ease.  

He hooks the canister up to a tube and screws it on tightly

Colonel: If this works, the general will be pleased

Hollis: Watch closely

He turns it on and a gas fills the glass tube, stopping the biter from its one desire to attempt to understand what is happening

Hollis: Interesting

The third soldier speaks

“What?  What is interesting?”

Hollis: I’ve never seen the dead recognize it before

Jimenez: Maybe the effects are occurring immediately

Stockdale: Improbable, but not impossible

The gas runs its course and stops going through the tube.  There is a deafening silence as Hollis slowly walks over towards the tube, the biter just watching him, no apparent desire to eat the doctor.  Hollis smiles with glee

Hollis: Amazing.  It worked

Suddenly, the biter explodes from the inside and makes a mess of the clear glass tube

Hollis: >stunned< Or maybe not.  Back to the beginning

Luka watches the doctors and soldiers in amazement when he feels the barrel of a gun point into his back.  A deep voice speaks quietly to him


Luka puts up his hands


He walks forward into the view of the others

Colonel: What’d you find, Lever?

Lever: A spy? Assassin?  

Jimenez: Maybe just a random survivor

The third soldier walks up to Luka, close enough to red his name: Pinkley

Pinkley: What do we do with him, Colonel?


Four people march along the road, reaching a tree line which covers all angles

Kevin: Think we made the right call?

Samuel: Safety in numbers

Basil: I’m still skeptical of you two, you know

Kevin: Oh we know

Cole: C’mon guys, we’re in this together

Samuel: Think we should head back to the Yard or Apex

Kevin: Gregory will welcome us

Basil: Not us

Kevin: He won’t recognize you

Cole: I don’t think it’s a smart idea.  We should find somewhere else.  You said so yourself, safety in numbers

Just then, a car pulls up and guns cock in the direction of the the four, who it their hands up in the air

Credits Edit

 Main Cast Edit

Daniel Day-Lewis as Todd Andrews (Does not Appear)

Edward Norton as Phillip James

Wayne Brady as Aaron Meyer

Martin Csokas as Leo Henderson

Rachel McAdams as Jenny Hanson

Nicholas Hoult as Matt Graham

Christa Miller as Elizabeth Hill

Gael Garcia Bernal as Sebastián Bernal

Lee Pace as Lewis Edwards

Samm Levine as Scott Cleary (No Lines)

Ty Wood as Brooks (No Lines)

Zan McClarnon as Chester Navarro

and Michael Madsen as Gregory Ames

Also Starring Edit

Will Tudor as Dexter Hubbard

Rose Leslie as Olivia Graham

Camren Bicondova as Tess

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Niklas

Donal Logue as Ruben Eastview

Bruce Soord as Julian Watts

Christine Evangelista as Izabel

Jason Earles as Nils

Raúl Arévalo as Octavio Arévalo

Nathan Sutton as Sean Moreland

Roger Neal as Nate Demarco

Makenzie Leigh as Lottie

with Shia LaBeouf as Evan Curtis

and Jason Momoa as Nathan

Eugene Byrd as Gavin Foxx

Tom Holland as Eli Wilson

Stanley Tucci as Ray

James Frain as Sylvester Nelson

Harry Lloyd as Luka

James Michael Keats as Jackson Allen

Michael Kelly as Jasper Bernard

Adam Gontier as Max

Tyler Hoechlin as Train

Ron Perlman as Barney Munson

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Arturo Vazquez

Santiago Cirilo as Santiago Montoya

Lindsey Garrett as Ciara Nash (No Lines)

Michael Zegen as Jared

William DuVall as Milo

Rosabell Sellers as Reina

Morgan Spector as Peter Martin (Arrowhead) (No Lines)

Benjamin Burnley as Basil

Mike Colter as Cole

David Mazouz as Kevin

Nik Dodani as Samuel Tollett

Tony Vincent as Lysander

Ross Butler as Ryo

Lucian Msamati as Roscoe Jefferson

Zachary Baharov as Ivan Petrova

Co-Starring Edit

Paul Di'Anno as Eddie Hedd

Kevin Durand as Jack West

Charlotte Hope as Miranda

Joe Dempsie as Blake Miller

Tobias Menzies as Dustin Hammond

Riz Ahmed as Amin (No Lines)

Corey Brill as Grease (No Lines)

Rider Strong as Stan

Jilian McLendon as Jane Byron

Alexander Skarsgård as Vass

Aldis Hodge as Benjamin Ocean (No Lines)

Miles Heizer as Adam McGill (No Lines)

Hannah John-Kamen as Gina (No Lines)

Alex Sawyer as John

Lucille Sharp as Josephine

Justin Mark as Private Charles Pinkley

Micah Fitzgerald as Corporal Jeff Lever

David Warshofsky as Hollis Echlain

John Cooper as Aidan Stockdale

Michael Peña as Corporal Pablo Jimenez

Guest Starring Edit

Tom Hardy as Dimitri Vanderbilt

Quentin Tarantino as Rick Murphy

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  • First Appearance of Colonel Roscoe Jefferson
  • First Appearance of Ryo
  • First Appearance of John
  • First Appearance of Josephine
  • First Appearance of Private Charles Pinkley
  • First Appearance of Corporal Jeff Lever
  • First Appearance of Hollis Echlain
  • First Appearance of Aidan Stockdale
  • First Appearance of Corporal Pablo Jimenez
  • Last Appearance of Jared
  • One Series Regular does not appear: Daniel Day-Lewis (Todd Andrews)
  • Lewis (Lee Pace) is moved up to Main Cast after being listed under Co-Starring in Season 1 and Also Starring/Series Regular in Season 2
  • Eli (Tom Holland), Kevin (David Mazouz), Samuel Tollett (Nik Dodani), Cole (Mike Colter), Basil (Benjamin Burnley), Lysander (Tony Vincent), Arrowhead (Morgan Spector) and Ivan (Zachary Baharov) are upgraded to Also Starring after being credited under Co-Starring in Season 2
  • The Title of this episode is a reference to the Radiohead Song "Lift"