Synopsis Edit

In the aftermath of the Massacre at the Target, the group returns to Apex with a prisoner in tow. Meanwhile, a method of Judge, Jury and Executioner is shown at the Yard and Niklas writes a list

Death Edit

Leo and Taylor walk together outside the Target.  Behind them is Niklas, with knife in hand, and Aaron, who holds his gun tilted downward, but ready.  The four walk corpses and see one being gnawed on by a walker. Aaron gets his gun aimed at its head, but Leo motions for him to put it down

Leo: Too loud

Leo takes out his knife and throws it into the walker’s head

Taylor: Where did you learn to do that?

Leo: Years in the circus

Niklas runs up to the corpse

Niklas: This one is Kenzie.  Looks like she took one to the head

Leo: >points towards the right< What about that one near her?

Niklas: >looks at corpse<  Maria.  She made the coffee

Niklas drops to one knee and stabs the corpse in the head

Niklas: Saw no bullet in the head

He picks up a pistol with three letters engraved in it

Leo: Okay.  Taylor, Aaron, help me check others.

Aaron runs up to the corpse of Eric, who is already dead.  Niklas runs up to the corpse of Bill and places a knife in his skull while Taylor runs up to the corpse of Tim

Taylor: Um… you guys?

The three men run up to her

Taylor: Only one wound.  It’s in his chest

Leo: You know what to do, right?

Taylor:  I…. I don’t … wanna

Leo: You need to do this.  You need to understand what goes on out here.  You brought the knife out for a reason

Taylor takes a deep breath, drops to one knee and inserts her knife into Tim’s skull.  She pulls it out slowly and wipes it off on her jeans


Todd sits leaned back on Annie’s couch sipping soda out of a can.  Annie sits next to him with one leg in the seat.  She reads from a magazine from three years before the outbreak.  Todd takes a deep breath in and sits forward

Todd: Okay, I have to address this question because it is eating at me.  How old are you exactly?  Because what we just did feels awkward if you’re half my age

Annie puts her magazine down and sighs

Annie: I’m 35.  The reason I look as young as I do is that I got plastic surgery when I was younger.  My ex-husband was verbally abusive and manipulative.  He was 5 years older than me and we met when I was fresh out of high school.  He would say if I ever lost my looks, he would leave me.  So I got plastic surgery to make sure I wouldn’t lose him.  It wasn’t until after friends told me to do something about him that I realized I wasted so much money for nothing.  Thankfully in this world, money doesn’t matter.  Nothing really matters.  That’s why my ex-husband is dead

Todd: Dead?  Before or after this all went down

Annie takes a deep breath

Annie:  Only a few people, Jenny included, know this information.  After the world went to shit, and people turned and ate each other, I drove down to my ex-husband’s house.  He was there, alone, and thought I was crawling back to him.  So I took out my gun and I shot him three times until he dropped.  Then twice more for good measure.  I’m glad he’s dead.  I talked with his dead body for over an hour afterwards.  It gave me so much closure letting it all out. I’m glad he is dead, because he can’t hurt me or anyone else anymore

Todd: I’m sorry that happened to you

Annie: I’m not.  It shaped me into the woman I am today.  I’m not afraid to kill.  In this world, post-apocalypse, I’ve already killed three other people.  Two men and a woman.  Not all at the same time, but all because they were trying to take from me.  I needed to protect myself.  Are you okay?

Todd: >slightly shaken< Well I now respect you more and fear you more than I did five minutes ago

Annie: >smacks lips< We can take this into another room and you’ll learn to fear and respect me even more than now


Gregory returns from his attack with Rick, Lewis, Lottie and Brooks.  He is tired and bloody.  He is met with several eyes pointed his way

Liam: Gregory! Thank God you’re back.  

Gregory keeps walking and Liam keeps pace on his left with Alex on Gregory’s right

Liam: We were attacked while you were gone. We killed one but…. Stefan’s dead

Alex: And the kid’s gone

Gregory stops walking

Gregory: What?!

Alex: Niklas is gone.  They took him

Gregory: Who was supposed to be watching him?  How did you all let him escape?

Alex: They set off a bomb. C4.  Killed one of our guards in the explosion

Gregory turns back to the other four

Gregory: Lewis! Get me some fucking whiskey

Lewis: Yes sir!  Would you like a glass?

Gregory: Fuck a glass.  The whole bottle

Lewis: Yes

Lewis runs off

Rick: Gregory…. Cosmo was on guard duty when we left.  Can I go find him

Gregory: Yes… yes go

Rick runs off

Gregory: Who the fuck was supposed to watch the prisoner tent?  

Alex: Umm… Cosmo was on watch until 2pm, about half an hour before you left.  He was replaced by …. Sean.  Sean uh… >snaps his finger three times< Moreland.  Yes. Sean Moreland

Gregory: Liam, go find Sean and bring him to me.  Alex, you gather everyone up and tell them to get back here in five minutes.  Lottie… go clean your gun

All: Yes sir

The three leave Gregory alone.  He walks over to his trailer and plops himself onto his bed.  He looks to his left, to a pad of paper that says “DEATHS” on it.  He takes the cap off a pen and marks down seven names:  Stefan, Maria, Kenzie, Georgia, Bill, Colin, Gavin.  He caps the pen and puts the pad back.  He looks to his ceiling at a poster.  The poster is signed by the members of the Motorhead, depicting them with their instruments.  He stands up and walks to where his clothes are.  He unbuttons his dress shirt and puts on a new, cleaner one.  Then he does the same with his jeans.  A knock comes on his door

Gregory: Ah Anthony, what can I do for you?

Anthony: Everyone’s ready sir

Gregory: Good.  Let’s get this fucking show on the road

Gregory walks up to a loud crowd of people gathered in a circle.  In the middle are Liam and Spencer, holding Sean’s arms behind his back.  Gregory pushes his way to the center

Gregory: Okay everyone. Settle down, settle down.  I have gathered you all to deliver sad news.  While you were all here, myself and several attacked those fucks down at the Target who killed a few of our own the other day.  We lost six good soldiers today, and one more back here, as I’m sure you’re all aware.  But, I have called you all here because we lost our leg up.  For the past few days, we have had a prisoner in a tent known as Niklas.  He is guarded 24/7, except during the bombing here, earlier today.  The man who was supposed to be on duty failed to stay at his post for the entirety of his shift.  Isn’t that right, Sean?

Sean: It’s not my fault.  I was tricked into leaving during the bombing

Gregory:  Tricked?  By whom?

Sean: I don’t know he… he had black hair, a big nose, black jeans, a baseball cap

Spencer:  Baseball cap?  Was it an Orioles one?

Sean: Yeah

Gregory looks to Spencer, who looks back

Spencer: That was the hat we found on the dead attacker.  ID said his name was Gary Allen Taylor.  33 years of age

Gregory looks at Sean with his mouth partially open.  Sean looks back, terrified

Sean: I… I didn’t know I swear.  He said to check out the explosion.  I said I had to watch the prisoner but he said what’s the worst that would happen. I swear

Gregory:  For now, Sean, I believe you.  Let him go

Liam and Spencer lose their grip on Sean

Gregory: You know our rules.  Since none of us here were lawyers or judges, we do not have the right to make calls like this.  So we let fate, or rather, our willingness to survive be our judge, our jury and our executioner.  Everyone take five big steps back, enough so that everyone is in line and can see.  There should be no second row

The circle becomes larger

Gregory: Who is brave enough to fight Sean?

A sea of hands shoot up into the air.  One of them stands out to Gregory over the others.

Gregory: Avi!  Thank you for volunteering.  Get in the ring.  Nils! Get me two weapons.  No bullets

Nils runs and grabs two weapons before returning to the ring

Nils: I grabbed a bat and a knife, sir

Gregory: Don’t come to me, put them in the fucking pit, you idiot

Nils stands with his mouth slightly open for a second before running into the ring and giving Avi the bat and Sean the knife, before running out again to view the carnage

Gregory: On my command.  Ready.  Set.  Fight for your life!

The crowd begins to cheer as the fighters move closer.  Sean hops around, stepping forward and back, dancing around Avi

Avi: For christ’s sake, you little fuck.  Stop dancing and fight

Avi brings the bat close to him and lunges at Sean, who backs of and throws a punch.  Avi runs up to Sean and lifts his left leg to kick but instead kicks Sean in the chest with his right.  Sean goes down on his chest as Avi runs up and raises his arm to swing down on him.  Sean rolls out of the way and gets back up, before losing his balance and falling back on his ass.  His head hits the leg of Brooks, who kicks him back into the ring

Brooks: Get back in there, pussy

Sean rolls in the dirt until he is able to get back up.  Avi runs at him and swings at his head.  It is a direct hit.  Sean goes down to the ground, but still has hold of his knife.  As Avi moves closer to swing again, Sean swings his knife at Avi’s ankles, cutting slightly into them, and gets back up.  Avi stumbles a bit but goes in for another swing.  As he does, Sean ducks and jabs his knife into his stomach.  Avi yells in pain and starts to spit blood from his mouth as Sean pulls the knife out and stabs again.  He sweeps Avi to the floor and sits on top of him.  Sean pulls the knife out and stabs Avi again and again.  The cheers from the crowd soon die off as Sean emerges victorious.  He adds the final blow to Avi’s head before standing with his arms in the air.  He looks upon the crowd as he is spun around and his collar is grabbed by Gregory

Gregory:  >close to Sean< You lived!  You shouldn’t have.  I want you to leave immediately and never return.  You may keep the knife.  Go

He shoves Sean out of the circle.  Sean starts to run away

Spencer: Should we chase?

Gregory: No.  He won.  Fate decided it.  But I decided he should leave.  Folks.  You can return to you stations now.  Except for Alex, Liam and… Callum

Everyone disperses except for Alex, Liam and Callum

Gregory: I’m not done at that Target.  I think they’re going to be leaving today.  They got what they were after.  I want you three to go there and make sure you follow them on their way home.  I want blood.  Worthy blood.  Avi didn’t deserve this.  Callum, are you up to this?

Callum: Yes sir Gregory.  I’m honored I’m one of the three you chose

Gregory: Save it for when you return.  You have ten minutes to pack.  Go

Alex: Where will you be?

Gregory: I’m staying here.  A bottle of whiskey is calling my name

Gregory heads back to his trailer while the other three men disperse. Callum goes up to his living arrangement to get his guns and some snacks.  His best friend, Maine, is sitting drinking some water

Maine: Going on a run?

Callum: Something like that.  I’m going with Alex and Liam to the Target to follow those fuckers home

Maine: We'll be safe. You’re my best friend, I fear for you

Callum sits down and puts his arm around Maine’s shoulder

Callum: Is that all I am?  I thought I was more

Maine: >sighs< … I don’t know who might be listening.  I’m afraid to say anything else because I am afraid of what they’ll do to you.  Do to us

Callum: They won’t hurt you too bad.  You said so yourself you’d fuck Izabel… or Virginia.  You’re bi.  I’m gay.  They’ll treat me worse

Maine: I don’t want it to come to that.

Maine leans in close to Callum

Maine: >whispering< You’re not just my best friend.  I just don’t know what to call you.  I love you.  Now go.  I’ll see you when you return

Inside Izabel’s trailer, she is changing her shirt.  Her white one she was wearing got Avi’s blood on it and she needed a change.  Suddenly, Liam walks right into her trailer

Izabel: Liam! What are you doing here?

Liam: Well, I’m about to go with Alex and Callum to find that community where Niklas is from.  I just wanted to see if I could get my goodbye kiss

Izabel: Why would I do that?

Liam: Well… doesn’t the hero always get a goodbye kiss?

Izabel: Tell you what.  You return a hero, I’ll give you more than a kiss

She walks up and hugs Liam

Izabel: Did you… did you just unhook my bra?


Niklas is standing near a checkout counter with a piece of paper and a pen.  He has a list of names: Brooks, Alex, Nils, Izabel, Anthony, Gregory.  At the top is the word “HIT”.  Tess walks up to him and begins to rub his back

Tess: What are you writing?

Niklas: Nothing, Tess. It’s not important

Tess:  It obviously is.  You’ve grabbed a pen.  That means you want it to be permanent.  Let me see it

Niklas hands her the paper

Tess: “HIT.  Brooks… Alex… Nils… Izabel… Anthony… Gregory”.  Why?

Niklas: You don’t know what kind of torture I was subjected to.  The amount of pain, physical and mental, over the course of just days.  It was hell

Tess: Aren’t you glad you’re back though?

Niklas: Not yet.  I’m not back yet.  I need to see Ruben, he’ll understand

Niklas walks away from Tess and up to Ruben, who is gathered with Leo, Taylor and Sylvester.  Dex and Doug sit on opposite ends of the counter.  In the middle lies Gavin Foxx, who has just woken up

Leo: Good morning sleepy head.  Welcome to Target

Gavin begins to struggle, but Ruben and Sylvester hold him down

Sylvester:  Don’t struggle.  It’ll only get worse

Gavin stops

Gavin: What do you want?

Leo: To be honest, I’m not sure.  We know where you live.  Where your crops are, about how many people live with you.  We really don’t need information out of you.  Instead, I have figured out something better.  We don’t to kill you, it’s not right.  But we won’t send you back, not yet at least.  It’ll add another man to Gregory’s army.  We don’t want that.  Instead, you’re coming back with us.  Taylor removed the bullet, and we’re leaving shortly.  Dex… the sack?

Dex:  Hold still, Gavin

Dex takes a dark sack and places it over Gavin’s head

Leo: We don’t want you to see

Leo leads him away from everyone else

Niklas: Ruben, can I get a word?  Alone?

Ruben complies

Ruben: What’s up?

Niklas takes out his list and shows it to him

Niklas: I don’t think they’re done.  I want to stay the night and see if they try to attack again.  After then, we can leave

Ruben: Why did you ask me?

Niklas: I figured you might say yes

Ruben: Okay. I’ll tell Leo

Niklas: I already told him.  He said if I found someone who would help, I could stay

The two walk outside of the Target.  Everyone has packed up and is having important conversations before leaving

Warren: Scotty I’m warning you, Ray is pissed

Paul: He’ll be more mad when he finds other left

Scott: He’ll be more pissed when he finds out Tim died.  Maybe not.  Maybe he’ll be sad

Doug: He'll be pissed to find I need days off my feet

Otis: I still don’t see why we leave my car here

Meredith: It’s a distraction.  In case they come back

Otis: Fine.  But I’m getting the CDs from my car

Nathan: Do you miss Matt?

Lindsay: I couldn’t sleep last night

Phillip: So we take our group out to where Fish’s box truck was?

Aaron: That’s right.  We take three or four cars, plus Fish’s truck

Phillip: Jenny told me she’s had a lot of requests from people to join

Aaron: Do you know whom?  Anyone in particular you want?

Phillip: She said Garrett asked.  I’d like him to come.  Bentley asked to pull his weight around so he’s probably joining.  And I’ve got Nathan and Dimitri already.  So that’s us two, Todd, Fish, and those four.  I figure we might pick up three more?  That work?

Aaron: I think that’ll suffice.  We’re down to about 60 even now with Eric, Jason, Norman, Tim and Gary all passing. We need to be careful

Niklas: I’m staying with Ruben

Leo: I figured you would

Tess: What? But you just got back

Niklas: I need to stay at least the night.  Once midnight hits, we’ll leave

Tess runs up to hug Niklas and gives him a quick kiss on the lips

Tess: Be safe.  Don’t bore him with nerdy stuff

Niklas: I probably will.  For both of those

Leo: Okay everyone.  Let’s pack up and go!

Otis and Meredith drive off with Tess.  Warren drives with Paul, Scott, Sylvester and Doug.  Dex rides with Phillip and Aaron while Gavin is tied up in the back.  Leo begins to get in Dimitri’s car

Leo: Good luck

Dimitri: Stay safe, guys

Ruben:: You too

Dimitri and Leo drive off


Jenny:  So I heard more from Phillip.  He said he and Aaron recruited Nathan and Dimitri to join them on the mall run

Elizabeth: So who does that give us so far on the run

Garrett: Am I in?

Matt: Me too?

Jenny: Yes, yes don’t worry.  He just called me up and said he, Aaron, Nathan and Dimitri were a go.  He was fine with Garrett and Bentley joining.  He asked for three more, not including Todd.  Matt, you’re in, and Tracy asked to join as well.  I’m thinking of sending Eli as the last man on the mission.  He hasn’t shown up yet, but he should be ready

Tracy:  I’m all ready too, Jenny.  I want you to know that

Jenny: This is your first run.  I want you to be safe

Elizabeth: And you too, Mr. Graham. Do not lose another limb

Jenny: Are you sure you’re alright Matt?

Matt: Lindsay was out at the Target yesterday.  I found it hard to sleep last night without her


Alex: You look tense, Callum.  Don’t be nervous.  We’ll be fine

Callum: This was the spot of death not even 24 hours ago.  Not 48 hours ago, even more death in these woods.  Hell, Spencer had to put down two of our own

Liam: He made the right call

Callum: Spencer did?

Liam: No.  Gregory did.  Sending you with us. You’re nervous.  That’s reassuring.  If you weren’t, I’d think you were sociopathic or a psycho.  I wouldn’t be in the same woods as you

Callum: You don’t know what I’m nervous about

Liam: I don’t need to know why.  I just need to know.  I’m thankful you are

The three walk in awkward silence

Callum: I’m nervous…. Because I’m gay.

Alex and Liam stop

Alex: What?

Callum: I’m gay. And I’m afraid of what might happen if people found out

Liam: So why did you tell us?

Callum: Because you just made me feel comfortable enough to trust you.  I know you won’t tell.  I am afraid of people like Reid and Maxwell.  What they might do

Alex: You’re afraid of dead people?

Callum: Well no.  I mean they were assholes

Alex: Were you afraid of physical violence against you and your lover?  Don’t be. If it ever happened because of that, Liam and I would have your back.  Not just us.  Brooks, and Spencer, and Nils, the Murphys.  Lottie, Margot, Miles, Kenneth, Stephanie.  Gregory himself.  He would put them in the ring, against each other, til they both died.  He tolerates most things, like rape and murder, but hate crimes or vulgar, discriminatory language, he cannot stand.  

Liam: You don’t have to feel like an outcast.  In the Yard, we’re all a family.  We have our issues, but we solve it.  Sure, sometimes with physical violence to the death.  But it is solved.  You’re one of us, til you die


Knock knock knock

Gregory: Come on in

Gregory lies in his bed. The door opens and an older, busty woman in a white dress walks in

Gregory: Howdy Virginia.  Nice to see you today.  Anything I can help you with?

Virginia sits on his bed and runs her arm down his leg, which is covered by the sheets

Virginia: I think you know

She slowly runs her hand up closer to his thigh

Gregory: Stop

She suddenly stops

Gregory: I thought I could do this, but I can’t.  I just.  Not after today.  It’s been rough.  Maybe some other time, if you’re up for it

Virginia: I’ll be here for you Gregory

She walks out the door.  Gregory grabs his bottle of whiskey and drinks more.  Outside of his trailer, Izabel sits down with Brooks, Cosmo, Spencer and Nils inside of Spencer’s trailer.

Nils: Do you think it’s over?  Do you think Gregory is done with them?

Spencer: I think for a while, we will be done.  Maybe we need to get better at shooting or change our plans of attack

Brooks: Bullshit he’ll send us in as soon as possible.  He’s getting drunk tonight but he’s gonna come back stronger by tomorrow.  Alex, Liam and Callum will be back and let us know where they live.  The real question is, should we let him send us out?

Cosmo: What do you mean?

Brooks:  What does it sound like?  Should we let Gregory send us out again to die?

The three look at him strangely

Brooks: Should he be in command anymore?  I want to survive this with my life.  I want to be able to die of my accord.  Not sent out to God-knows-where to fucking die.  I saw we kill him.  Kill him while he sleeps

Spencer: You can’t be fucking serious

Brooks: I am.  I fear for my life.  I’ve killed for him before, I’ll do it again.  But I’ll have to put him down if I need to.  Are you with me?

The group stares blankly at him.  Brooks stands up and head for the door

Brooks:  Fine

He opens the door

Brooks:  But don’t think I’m not afraid to take him down.  When the time is right, I’ll do it.  And I’ll wait for your response


Bentley: So I’m going on the mission?

Bentley sits in the den of Jenny’s house across from her.  Kendall sits by his side

Jenny: Of you really want to go, Phillip is alright with sending you

Kendall: Are you sure you want to go?

Bentley: Yes, dear I am

Jenny: By the way, did you ask Elizabeth about morning after pills?

Bentley: We decided that we want to have this conversation when I return.  We’re thinking of pros and cons for children now

Jenny: Well let me kno---

Suddenly her a knock comes on her door.  Jenny opens it to see a man no more than 4 feet tall at her door

Jenny: Hello Oliver.  What can I do for you?

Oliver: Leo’s returned.  I saw him with my binoculars like you asked.  Just wanted to let you know

Jenny turns to her guests

Jenny:  Sorry to cut this short but Leo has returned

Jenny walks up to the gates where Leo and his group are standing with a few others crowded around him.  Ray runs up to Warren

Ray: Are you all good?  Ready to return to the crew?

Warren: Ray… I have to tell you something

Ray: If it’s that you’re sorry, I accept your apology

Warren: No… I don’t know how to say this.  We were attacked yesterday.  Lost a few people and uh… Tim is dead.  He’s in the back of the truck.  He took a shot to the chest.  I saw him go down.  He was with me and Scotty

Ray looks down to the ground, then back to Warren

Ray: I… I’m sorry.  I’m sorry you had to see him go.  We’ll take the tomorrow and the next day off to mourn him.  Burial and service and all

Ray suddenly gives Warren a big hug.  Meanwhile, Dex takes a masked Gavin out of the back seat in view of everyone

Dex: Well, Gavin.  Welcome to our home

Jenny: Dex? Who is this?

Dex: This is Gavin Foxx.  He’s one of Gregory’s soldiers that attacked us yesterday.  He took a bullet in the leg so we fixed him up and brought him back here

Jenny: Who said to do that?

Warren: I did, actually.  Figured he could be useful.  One less man in Gregory’s army

Jenny: So you brought him home

Warren: He won’t get a weapon or anything.  He needs to earn trust first.  Trust me, this’ll work.

Jenny: It better

She walks up to Gavin

Jenny: Welcome to A...our home.  

Gavin: You’re less hostile than Gregory.  What do you want me to do here? Clean, cook, build?

Jenny: Can you cook?

Gavin: I dabble a bit

Jenny: Well, our kitchen is over that way where Olivia works.  I’ll walk you there

The two walk off

Otis: You think this is a good idea?

Leo: We’ll see, Otis.  We’ll see

Todd: We leaving tomorrow?

Phillip: Yes.  Do you have our crew?

Todd: You, me, Aaron, Garrett, Matt, Nathan, Dimitri, Bentley, Fish, Tracy and Eli.  Haven’t met Eli yet, but seems like a good group nonetheless

Suddenly Timothy west walks up with his brother

Timothy: Are you guys leaving tomorrow? Do you want another hand?

Fish: He's more helpful than you think

Todd: I don't see why not. Welcome aboard, Timothy

Timothy: Please, call me Tim. Or West. Fish has his nickname, Jack is short for John, and I'd prefer to take the family name sometimes

Todd: West it is then


Liam: And that… is how I found out I had an eating disorder

Alex: Holy shit Liam.  I’m so sorry.  I didn’t know

Liam: It’s fine.  It feels good to get off my chest.  Went to therapy for years and just telling you two now made me feel so much better

Callum: We’re always here for you.  In case.  You know

Liam: Thank you.  Both of you

Alex: Hey guys.  Let’s keep our voices down now.  We’re here

The three drop down to lower themselves and keep quiet.  When they get to the lot of the Target at the end of the woods, they are met with only cars.  It is the dark of the night, and none of them can really see very well

Alex: Do you think they left?

Callum: There’s cars still here, but they look abandoned.  Probably left today

Liam: Dammit.  Gregory’s gonna be pissed

Alex: We haven’t searched inside yet.  We can see if---


As Alex is finishing his sentence, Liam drops straight to the ground with a bullet in his head

Callum: What the fu---


Callum drops as well, with a bullet in his head

“Toss your guns and get on the ground.  NOW”

Alex complies.  Two figures walk out of the darkness.  One taller than the other

Niklas: Good shots, Ruben.  I got it from here.

Ruben: I’ll watch for more

Niklas walks up to Alex

Alex: You?

Niklas: Shut up

Niklas slaps Alex in the face twice.  He then pulls out a piece of paper and a pen and turns on the flashlight in his hands.  He uncaps the pen and marks a line through

Niklas: See this paper?  I want you to read it aloud.  From top to bottom

Alex:  “HIT.  Brooks… Alex… Nils… Izabel… Anthony… Gregory”.  My… my name’s crossed out

Niklas: Good observation

Alex: You won’t get them all, you realize that

Niklas: I might. But then again, I might not.  It’ll give me motivation.  I won’t give up, I won’t die… until all these names are crossed off my list

Alex: So you’re gonna kill me?

Niklas: Kill you?  It says hit.  I clearly just hit you

Alex: So I’m good to go?

Niklas:  No I’m gonna kill you.  I was just messing with you

Niklas takes out a Heckler and Koch MK23 with the letters KJE etched in it

Niklas: Picked it up off Kenzie’s corpse.  What’s J and E stand for?

Alex:  Her initials are KJE.  Kenzie Johanna Edwards

Niklas: Hmm

He takes the safety off the gun and points it at Alex

Niklas:  Ruben can you warm up the car?  After I shoot this, we can leave

Ruben runs to his car and starts it up

Alex:  That’s a loud gun.  I know she had a silencer

Niklas: I don’t want the silencer.  It’ll be more satisfying if I hear it.  Last words or no?

Alex:  >breathes in<  Go ahead.  Make sure you didn’t prematurely cross my name off.  I’m tired anyway

Niklas gives a slight smile breathing in and out a few times


Alex’s body flops to the ground.  Niklas turns around and gets in the passenger seat of Ruben’s car before they drive off


Later that night, outside of the Apex gates, a figure walks through the clearing.  Eddie, on guard, watches the figure walk up to the gate.  The figure knocks

Eddie: They won’t answer you.  You’ll have to answer me.  Please put all weapons you have onto the ground

The figure complies, putting down a knife with dried blood on it.  Eddie climbs down from the guard position and stands on the other side of the gate

Eddie: Is that all?


Eddie: How?  Turn around

The figure complies.  He has no bag.  He has only the clothes on his back.  His shirt is dried from sweat

Eddie: How is it you only carry a knife?

“Up until today, I was living in a community.  I had guns, ammo, food, water.  Everything.  Then today I was evicted after proving I was worthy enough to stay.  The leader, he let me keep the knife

Eddie opens the gates and the figure walks in

Eddie:  You can stay here with me until the next guard shift.  That’s in four hours, at about 7am.  At that point, I’ll take you to our leader.  You can sleep here, but I need to hold onto your knife

“Thank you”

The figure gives him his knife

Eddie: By the way. I’m Eddie.  Eddie Hedd.  I didn’t get your name

“Sean… Moreland”

Eddie: Welcome Sean Moreland.  Welcome to the community of Apex North Carolina

Credits Edit

Main: Edit

Daniel Day-Lewis as Todd Andrews

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Also Starring: Edit

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Co-Starring: Edit

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Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Niklas

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Elijah Kelley as Maine Ryan

Pamela Anderson as Virginia

Jordan Prentice as Oliver

Aviv Geffen as Avi

Guest Starring: Edit

Tom Hardy as Dimitri Vanderbilt

Quentin Tarantino as Rick Murphy

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Tim (Before Reanimation)

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  • First appearance of Sean Moreland
  • First appearance of Eddie Head
  • First appearance of Oliver
  • First appearance of Virginia
  • First appearance of Maine Ryan
  • First appearance of Anthony
  • First (and Last) appearance of Callum
  • First (and Last) appearance of Avi
  • Last appearance of Liam
  • Last appearance of Alex
  • Last appearance of Tim (corpse)
  • Last appearance of Maria (corpse)
  • Last appearance of Kenzie (corpse)
  • Last appearance of Bill (corpse)
  • Last appearance of Eric Dugan (corpse)