This is the third issue of Volume 1: In the Beginning

Amazing Undead GraceEdit

Steven: There. Up ahead. The Church. Never thought I’d be happy to see God or his buildings

Kylie: It looks safe. We should enter

Malcolm: Alright sis. Let’s go everybody

The group slowly walks towards the church, which is about a half a mile away. Suddenly, they see two people on the top of the tower, near the bell. They hear a yell as one of the figures falls off as the second gets close to him. They see him fall all the way down. Immediately, they suspect the figure near the bell to be a biter. Johnno doesn’t hesitate as he looks through the scope of his Remington 700 BDL, and fires at the head. It is a direct hit, but the dead biter hits on the bell ever so slightly that the bell rings. Malcolm screams to run and the group runs quickly to the church.

Outside of King County Church; 3:30 P.M.

The fallen man has reanimated. He slowly crawls towards the door of his church. But what is this? Multiple figures are coming his way. One gets close, so it’s time to bite. Too late, the figure is ready for him


Derek: Guess praying didn’t work out for you did it buddy?

Lam: Good job using his own cross to kill him. Who knew it was that hard on the skull

Kylie: Ladies, are you done having tea, because we need to get into this church before we all get torn apart

She slowly opens the door, afraid of what may be inside. No one expected what is inside. Four people pray for God

Malcolm: Who the hell are you?

Kelly: I’m Kelly Blake and this is my family. My grandfather Jack, Grandmother, Susie and Brother Christian


Lam Kendal

Steven Hargroon

Kylie Hargroon

Malcolm Marsh

Kelly Blake


Miya Carena (No Lines)

Johnno Topsy (No Lines)

Jack Blake (No Lines)

Susie Blake (No Lines)

Christian Blake (No Lines)

Unnamed Priest (No Lines)


Unnamed Priest


The title is based on the song sang in many churches


First appearance of the Blake Family

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