Shannon Joyce-Kaulu is a character in Apocalypse Life.

She is more worried for her only son's safety than everyone. She wishes not to meddle with group decisions, but adds her input when she can offer it.


Compared to her brother, Shannon had a more successful life. Able to settle down with a stable job and a family, she was admired by her least successful older brother. She was so caught up with having a family that she was nearly caught off-guard by the incoming apocalypse.


To be written.


Shannon was a workaholic who only had time for her son, and nothing else. It's not easy for her to trust, seeing as she has grown accustomed to the existing members of her tight-knit group.


Ellen MolderEdit

Ellen and Shannon are very close; in fact, she may be the only person Shannon interacts it with regularly. They mostly share the same role of housekeeping and gathering.

Paul KauluEdit

With the spark of their marriage dwindling, Paul and Shannon weren't as close to each other as they used to be. They try their best to stay close to each other because of the current circumstances, but they would always distance themselves shortly after.

Xavier JoyceEdit

Shannon's older brother. They seem to keep a steady relationship, still identifying each other as siblings.


  • Shannon is left-handed.
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