Stanley Roar
Stanley, brad beyer
Personal Information
Portrayed by Brad Beyer
Status Undead
Gender Male
Age 32
Occupation Deputy
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
First Seen 304; Let It Be
Last Seen 712; Ain't No Horseman
Death 712; Ain't No Horseman
Origin Rogersville, Pennsylvania
Created by Kaffe4200

Stanley Roar is a character in Hope On The Rocks.



Not much is known about Stanley from before the outbreak. He was a deputy from Rogersville.


Stanley quickly became the right hand man for Sylvest, as he was one of the only authorities left. He introduced Chad to the town, after he had been hired as a deputy in Rogersville shortly after his arrival. Stanley refused to take charge as Sylvest was killed, allowing Chad to become the leader of the town.

Kerri, the killer of Sylvest, was welcomed into Stanley's home, where he wanted to start a relationship with her, but she didn't.

After Chad was kicked out, Garrett took charge. Stanley was one of the few survivors after Rogersville had been overrun.

The small group was found by Chad's group who had left and now returned. Together, they left for the coast. On the way, a horde went past them. Kerri and Stanley hid under a car, and while arguing, Stanley was bit. Kerri never got to put him down, and the zombified Stanley walked away from the scene.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of zombies.


Killed byEdit

  • Zombies

Stanley was bit, partially eaten and eventually turned.

Centric IssuesEdit



  • Sylvest appeared in a total of 8 issues.
    • He also appeared in 1 issue of Before The Outbreak
  • Sylvest has met all of the main characters, except Nick, Esther, Peter and Daniel.


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