Stenholm is a character set to appear in Apocalypse Life.


Judging from his gruff appearance, he doesn't want to make friends. He makes this even more evident with his signature beard. He has long been living in the mountains, occasionally visiting the nearby town. Since the apocalypse arrived, he has been staying in his home, using the mountainous terrain to his advantage.

His pet and best friend, Gilgamesh, has been the more social one, often attracting survivors without his permission. As much as he doesn't want to accommodate them, company will always be company.



He has owned Gilgamesh since he was an infant. He was responsible for his proper social skills, which in turn became much better than his as time passed by. Due to the current threat of walkers, he has recently trained him to properly avoid them, and even engage them in certain occasions. He loves his dog more than anyone, and will do anything to keep him by his side.


  • The nicknames he has were mostly given by the locals near the town he lived in.

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