Teague Hart
Actor Jay Ellis
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier
Ethnicity African-American
Relations Jarvis (Best Friend)
First Seen Issue 14
Other Information
 Teague Hart is a character in Beyond The Dead


Teague was a soldier, along with Rod and Jarvis.


Teague and Jarvis came to Central High School together. They are first seen being guards out on top of the school discussing of the rebellion. Teague and Jarvis continue to engage in a chat.

Teague goes with Drew, Nick, and Alfred to the mansion. He is the first one to climb over the fence, and says it is very easy. They later leave, and he tells Nick he is family, and that they will be with him, after he told his story. Teague tells Jarvis, he is thinking about leaving the school and going to the mansion instead.

Teague plays a very important role along with Jarvis, in taking out majority of the surviors. Teague is devastated by Jarvis's death, and keeps his dog tags as a memory. Teague sets out for revenge to kill Rod. He is caught off guard Rod, as the dead biters began to come back alive as a biter. He quickly leaves slams the door, hearing the screams of Rod being eaten alive. He is later seen celebrating at the mansion.

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