This is issue 8  of The Choices I Make

Issue 8Edit

We pulled open the door, anxious for what's inside. As we had fully opened the doors we got from the back of them, and looked at what's inside. As we looked inside we had our biggest dissapointment ever. As the room behind the doors turned turned out to be empty, completely empty. Malcolm stood behind us and chuckled a bit, then going on with looting the place. As we recovered from our disappointment, we went on with scavenging the place.

As we were almost finished Ronin got up from disecting his specimen. I walked up to him and asked:"Found anything." Only things Ronin had to inform was that he seemed to have eaten a lot of human meat. My phone rang, and I answered. It was Job. "We are being surrounded, we could need some help." While I was on the phone Malcolm and Heiner were discussing how the phone poles were still working, before Ronin finally sushed them. I told Job I would come to aid. But before I hang up I asked: "Is it just your party?" To which, a still calm, Job replied: "No, Betty's party too. They're trapped across the street." Then the connection was broken.

The rest looked at me, Heiner asked: "What was it?" To which I told him that Job and some others needed our help. A concerned Ronin asked who it were, to which I gave an answer. "Job's squat. So that's him, Boris, Yuri and... Uhm I think Jeff. And also Betty, Vincent, Achmed and the old guy." Ronin seemed to be concerned about Betty but didn't say anything, Heiner asked me if Hossan and Sasha couldn't help them. "They didn't have a phone, and Boris dropped the walkie so they can't reach Arthur." I replied. Ronin nodded. "We must help them then. What is the plan?" I sighed. "Dunno. Don't care. We will figure something out. I looked at the boarded up windows. A few infected outside were pressing themselves against it so reach the tasty snack, we were to them. They're growls made me uneasy. "First get rid of them." I said.

We stanced, getting ready to go outside when Malcolm came with the idea of taking out some of them from inside. I complimented his idea. And ordered Malcolm and Ronin to do that, while Heiner and I prepared to charge when they are done. I saw Ronin stab a few and Malcolm chop some heads up with his machete. At one point it got stuck in a head and it was pulled outside by the infected falling down. He cursed a bit before grabbing a screwdriver and continueing his job. Once he was done, we stepped out of the door and killed the few remaining infected.  We looked around, to find a way to help the rest.

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