The Dead Have Taken Over

The Dead World

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The Dead World is an ongoing story that is written by Jamie and serves as the second story of The New World Trilogy.

Its been about half a year since the apocalyptic virus was released into the world and by now any bit of what remained of civilization has gone, leaving a dead world ruled by zombies. Any remaining survivors have been forced to scavenge, run and survive, giving up any remaining humanity they had. Alone, a man named William, a former gunnery sergeant, has accepted that he will always be on his own during this apocalypse but when he comes across a woman who is being attacked, he soon finds himself protecting a group of people and he finds surviving with a group turns out to be a lot harder than on his own...


Season One
Title Completion Date Word Count Reading Time
1. "Lone Wolves" 23/08/2017 11,969 Words 43 Minutes 31 Seconds
2. "Ragtag Group" 01/09/2017 11,266 Words 40 Minutes 58 Seconds
3. "Good Show" 20/09/2017 11,736 Words 42 Minutes 41 Seconds


If you are looking for a full list of all the characters that have appeared throughout the series, both with spoilers and without any spoilers, then feel free to check out this page.

Season One

Main Cast

Guest Cast

Recurring Cast


  • The Dead World was originally titled The Last Of Humanity. However this was later changed last minute due to two reasons. One reason being that a different story had a very similar title, at the time, and the other being that the author liked "The Dead World" as a more fitting title.
  • Originally The Dead World was set during 2013 but with it's rewrite the timeline was retconned so that The Dead World happened in 2017.
  • Despite being a rewritten version of the original The Dead World, the new version features characters and storylines from all of the previously created but scrapped stories that it's author wrote and can remember.


Genre Portal
Drama Action Comedy Futuristic Spin-off
Original Script Omniscient POV

Previous VersionEdit

  • The original series of The Dead World, before it was scrapped and replaced with the current series, can be found and read below.
    • There is also a character special that features Bella and her brother which was created when the author was intending to have the part one main characters each get a character special in the original version of The Dead World.
Part One
Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3 Issue 4 Issue 5 Issue 6
Issue 7 Issue 8 Issue 9 Issue 10 Issue 11 Issue 12
Issue 13 Issue 14 Issue 15 Issue 16 Issue 17 Issue 18
Issue 19 Issue 20 Issue 21 Issue 22 Issue 23 Issue 24
Part Two
Issue 25 Issue 26 Issue 27 Issue 28 Issue 29 Issue 30
Issue 31 Issue 32 Issue 33 Issue 34 Issue 35 Issue 36
Issue 37 Issue 38 Issue 39 Issue 40 Issue 41 Issue 42
Issue 43 Issue 44 Issue 45 Issue 46 Issue 47 Issue 48
Part Three
Issue 49 Issue 50 Issue 51 Issue 52 Issue 53 Issue 54
Issue 55 Issue 56 Issue 57 Issue 58 Issue 59 Issue 60
Issue 61 Issue 62 Issue 63 Issue 64 Issue 65 Issue 66
Issue 67 Issue 68 Issue 69 Issue 70 Issue 71 Issue 72
Part Four
Issue 73 Issue 74 Issue 75 Issue 76 Issue 77 Issue 78
Issue 79 Issue 80 Issue 81 Issue 82 Issue 83 Issue 84
Issue 85 Issue 86 Issue 87 Issue 88 Issue 89 Issue 90
Issue 91 Issue 92 Issue 93 Issue 94 Issue 95 Issue 96
Part Five
Issue 97 Issue 98 Issue 99 Issue 100 Issue 101 Issue 102
Issue 103 Issue 104 Issue 105 Issue 106 Issue 107 Issue 108
Issue 109 Issue 110 Issue 111 Issue 112 Issue 113 Issue 114
Issue 115 Issue 116 Issue 117 Issue 118 Issue 119 Issue 120

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