""Lone Wolves""
Season 1, Episode 1
Written By Jamie
Completion Date 23rd August 2017
Word Count 11,969 Words
Reading Time 43 Minutes 31 Seconds
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"Lone Wolves" is the first episode of season one and the first episode of The Dead World overall. It was released on 23rd August 2017.

Previously On...Edit

(Enter different scenes of the beginning of the Apocalypse to serve as flashbacks.)

Humanity has fallen. During the chaos of the large World War Three that nearly destroyed the entire world and Humanity faced the consequences for its actions when it became a victim of a deadly but completely unknown virus that had quickly swept the world and infected every living and dead Human above the ground. Once everyone had been infected with this virus, the war was over as the ones that had died from the effects of the war soon rose up and lived again but not as they had before their life was claimed but as cannibalistic monsters that only had one intention, to kill. It has now been an half a year since the world was claimed and those Humans that still live are desperate to keep themselves that way but also find themselves with nowhere to go...


"I’m beginning to realize one important thing. The world is becoming more deader each day, lone wolves like me and you are not going to survive much longer."

William Hayes is alone in his fight for survival against the undead that now rule the world but the formally tough and unbroken man is slowly finding himself give up hope without the presence of his pregnant wife by his side but just as William thinks he has reached the end of his journey, he finds himself to be a savior when a woman needs his help which marks only the beginning of a difficult and long journey for the former, lone wolf, soldier.

Episode 1 - "Lone Wolves"Edit

26th September 2017 - 23:57 - Unmarked Crossroad, America

It was a dark and cold night as William sat in the driver’s seat of his old truck, just silently watching as rain poured down from outside rather heavily, unsure of what road he wanted to take as his truck remained parked at a crossroad.

He didn’t even know why he was still doing this. If he looked back behind his seat, he could see that both the back seats and the bed of the truck were absolutely filled with supplies but something told him to keep going, keep collecting.

William eventually let out a sigh as he started up the truck and turned right. Can’t go wrong with going right, right? That is what his wife always used to say if they ever got lost while driving.

As it turned out, he was in fact right. It didn’t take much more driving until he was forced to bring the truck to a stop after running into a vehicle jammed highway. Most drivers would be annoyed at something like this but William knew better. He knew it meant an opportunity to scavenge.

Not wasting a breath, William reached to his side and grabbed the crossbow on the passenger side before stepping out of the truck and into the hard rain. Fortunately he had managed to attach a good flashlight to the underside of the crossbow so the moment he turned that on was the moment he could see properly through the rain.

Part of him was overjoyed as he shone the light on all the supplies that the cars were holding, another part of him was saddened as he thought about all the innocent civilians that probably died here for the cars to be left behind. That thought only worsened when he saw not a single body as he walked through the vehicle jam to see what options he has.

That only meant the bodies that should be there had risen again and no one in their sane mind would want to become the monster that happens after death.

Sighing, William shook his head of these thoughts before making his way back to his truck and opening up its bed and back seat doors, taking a moment to shift around the supplies he already had before he started going back and forth between his truck and the abandoned vehicles, collecting what he could and shoving it in the truck somewhere, of course, keeping an eye out for any threats as he did.

It didn’t take long before he could no longer fit any more supplies inside, not if the truck was to remain usable so now he was sat back down in the driver’s seat, writing down a complete inventory of what he had before sighing as he closed his eyes and rested for a moment.

It was time, he had done enough.

Opening his eyes again, he grabbed another piece of paper to write down on, making the note quick and to the point and left it where someone will see it. He then sighed as he reached into his pocket to take out a picture of his pregnant wife, looking at her sadly before he lowered his head and muttered “I’m sorry”.

That was all he said before he exited from the truck, leaving the keys behind but taking the crossbow and picture with him as he walked out into the darkness, repeatedly telling himself that this was for the best and that he had done all he could until he found a nice spot to sit down against a tree, the rain still pouring as he took slow breaths.

After what felt like an eternity, William stood the crossbow up on his lap and made sure it's loaded bolt was pointing up at him, the former soldier gently placing his head just in the perfect position for it to go into his brain when he pulled the trigger.

He was ready and as his eyes closed, his finger went to shoot the bolt.

That was when he heard a scream that made William jump up from the ground and go on full alert, looking around to try and see what it was that made the sound but he didn’t see a thing. Maybe it was his imagination he started to tell himself but that's when he heard another scream and he decided to run and investigate anyway.

He was a soldier, it wouldn’t set right with him if it wasn’t just his own blood on his hands tonight so he ran, as fast as he could, he ran back towards his truck and then past it in order to follow the screams and cries that kept happening until he came to a complete stop when he arrived to the scene.

In front of him was a woman, desperately trying to keep two monsters off of her but clearly to no avail. She was in trouble and William knew he only had one chance to help her as he saw one of the monsters managed to force her arm back and going to bite at her neck, tears falling down the woman’s face as she clearly, for good reason, thought her life was over.

That was when he fired, his bolt flying through the air and striking the monster that was about to bite her first straight through the head, causing it to fall dead to the ground. William wouldn’t take a moment to see the woman look to him with a surprised but also eternally grateful look as he instead dropped his crossbow to the ground and charged forward, tackling the monster off her and easily digging a knife through its skull and to the brain.

It took both living beings a moment to get over what had just happened. Not too long ago, William was about to kill himself but instead he used the same bolt to save a life while the woman had clearly not expected to be saved, not in the middle of nowhere at night.

Once she had gathered her breath back, the woman moved over to help him up from the ground, clearly still a bit shaken from the event “thank you so much, I didn’t even know anyone was around” she proclaimed as she watched William retrieve his bolt and crossbow “I guess that makes you my knight in...a jacket. Wow, that sounds weird.”

“Yeah, yeah, you owe me one” William said, waving off the gratefulness as he gestured over to the darkness “but your screams made it so we aren’t the only ones in the area so we have to go now” he told her before running back to his truck, leaving the woman behind as she took a moment to squint into the darkness, completely confused until she realized what he meant and saw more shadows that she’d ever want to count, gathered in the darkness, making their way towards them.

“Hey, hey, Knight wait up!” she yelled at him as she reached down to the ground and picked up a backpack and ran after him, running faster than him in order to catch up with him just as he opened his truck driving seat door and got in “I can come too, right?”

That made William roll his eyes as he reached over to the passenger side door from inside and opened it “nah, I just risked my life to save you only to leave you behind for certain death” he told her, meaning it as a joke but with the situation it must’ve came across a bit more snidy so he just sighed and started the truck up again “get in, you’re allowed to come.”

The woman nodded, looking around nervously at all the shadows that were converging on them before she got in the truck and closed the door just as William starting pulling the truck into a reverse so they could get out of their situation, the woman offering him a weak smile “well, I hope you don’t turn out to be bad Mr. Knight in a jacket….name’s Natasha.”

“Nice to meet yah. I’m Will and I’m no Knight” he told her, turning his head to offer a soft grin as he drove the truck down the road, back from where he came and away from the shadows that continued to stumble after them, no matter how much the distance became between them and their target.

1st January 2017 - 11:15 - GeorgeTown, America

“World War Three has officially been declared as of today” the reporter announced over the radio with sadness in her voice, a voice that William recognized belonging to his wife, as he listened to her while putting away his shopping in the back of the truck “from today onwards, any contact outside of the country is forbidden but the people of America are recommended to just continue on with your daily lives. The military will protect us.”

William sighed at that statement, taking a moment to think about his time in the military as he leaned on the back of his truck for support. He was hoping he and his wife would be fine in their home of GeorgeTown. It had been awhile since he had been discharged from the military and he still wasn’t over things, that could be seen by how his hands were beginning to shake at just the thought of yet another war.

A car alarm suddenly started going off nearby which brought William out of his thoughts but also practically made him jump out of his skin as he looked around frantically to make sure he was safe before he let out a breath and reminded himself of where he was. He shouldn’t have gone shopping, Rebecca even told him it would be a bad idea to go outside alone but he wanted to try and prove himself, prove that he was better.

He needed to be better for when their daughter, Victoria, was born.

While he continued to lean on the truck as he calmed himself down, hearing the car alarm continue to blare in the background, he listened to his wife over the radio, Rebecca letting out her own calm breath that could be barely heard over the radio before she continued “public protectors such as the police and fireman have been assigned to help the public start to create ways to sustain our living without aid from other countries as the military on the war and the public is asked to simply allow them to do their duties without difficulty and help out when requested.”

The car alarm kept blaring, the owner of the car not coming to check it out. In fact nobody else was around except for William who was slowly coming to this realization as he looked around confused, his body beginning to shake harder now as he couldn’t shake a bad feeling while his wife kept speaking to America “for those who have family that are currently out of country, report it to the assigned official of your town or city and it will try to be established on what we can do for them, which goes for the people on holidays as well, but for now we sadly cannot consider them as members of our country. America itself comes first and we cannot do much for those who are not apart of it.”

William wasn’t properly listening anymore but he could hear the disdain in his wife’s voice but it wasn’t like she could do anything. Everyone smart enough knew how this war was going to work for the civilians. If they spoke up against their leaders, something bad would happen to them.

Although William was sure something bad was about to happen to him as he kept looking around at all the cars that were packed nearby, reaching through the driver’s side in order to turn the radio off so he could properly listen around. Nothing was happening and even the car alarm had finally came to turn off but he knew something was wrong. His number one rule in the military was to trust his gut and his gut was practically screaming danger.

That was when it appeared. At first it looked like a wounded Human as it stumbled out of the store and William even considered asking if it wanted help but that was when he noticed that it was foaming at its mouth, its eyes were white and without a single bit of life and it growled hungrily as it looked over to him. Whatever it was, it wasn’t Human.

Then it got faster, trying to make its way over to William as quickly as possible and it wasn’t alone, more of the monsters than William could count were starting to come out of the mall and they were all hungry for him which caused him to start panicking as he quickly got into his truck and locked the doors, fumbling around with his keys in order to start it up while he also grabbed his phone and quickly started trying to call his wife. He knew she was in the middle of talking to the entire of a country but she had to keep the phone on in case of him being in an emergency.

And this could be an emergency for more than just him.

“Uhhh, William?” Rebecca asked, both awkwardness and worry being able to be heard through the phone as William held it between his head and shoulder while doing his best to get the truck out of the parking spot, a few of the monsters having been able to gather around his truck now but his survival instincts were starting to click in as he plowed through them, not hearing any signs of having killed them but they at least were knocked out of his way.

“Becca listen, I don’t know what the hell is going on but I’m down at the mall and there are these monster things” William tried to explain frantically as he turned the truck out into the open and began to drive away from the scene “I can’t really explain but they’re dangerous and are trying to kill me, warn the authorities!”

At the radio station, Rebecca wasn’t sure how to react as the connection to William went dead and the entire crew around her were just looking at her completely confused as she took a shaky breath. She was extremely worried for her husband but also completely confused, what did he mean by monsters? She eventually decided there was no time to dwell on this, she was on live air and quickly she typed in the number of the newly made special forces to deal with things like this in the middle of war and raised the phone to speak through it.

“This is Rebecca Hayes and I’m reporting a sighting of monsters in GeorgeTown. Murderous monsters.”

27th September 2017 - 00:17 - Unmarked Road, America

It didn’t take long for the truck to be a safe distance away from the monsters that were following them from the shadows. It may have been an old truck but it was still very reliable in getting William out of danger.

However it wasn’t the truck that was gaining Natasha’s attention. It was all the supplies that it held and while she didn’t want to snoop or give her savior a bad vibe but she couldn’t help but be impressed at all the gathered supplies, having never been with anyone since the apocalypse began that had gathered this much on their own.

At least, she hoped he was alone. As far as she knew, he could be taking her back to a camp full of bad people but she hadn’t had much of a choice than to get in the truck that was now driving down the road and rain as she looked out the passenger window. It was possible death or certain death and she’d rather take her chances.

These thoughts were making her nervous again so she took in a deep breath and turned to look at her savior as she broke their silence “so...Will...where we heading?”

“I’m taking you to a cabin where I’ll be leaving you, I can’t take you with me.”

“W-what? No, you can’t leave me alone again! You saw how that went back there!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll leave you with supplies and the cabin is fortified. You’ll be safe there.”

“No, you don’t get it...I can’t” Natasha told him, not quite sure how to say this before she sighed and turned her head to look back out the window “I...I can’t kill them. I don’t judge anyone for killing those...monsters but I can’t. I can’t get over the fact they used to be living like we are.”

This made William think for a moment as he kept his eyes on the road in front of them until he finally turned to look at her “then how have you survived this long?”

“Well, at first I was on vacation. You know in that new Island resort they made? Yeah, don’t know if you know or not but that went to shit. I only survived that because I worked with a group. Then, when we got rescued, the military brought us to that safe-zone they had in Charleston...that went to shit too. Since then, I’ve kinda just kept moving. If I meet a man or a woman along the way, I convinced them to let me stay with them but...they always got unlucky.”

“I’m surprised that you apparently met enough people who just accepted you like that, not many people around like that these days.”

“Yeah, well, at the end of the world, people tend to like the company of a warm body in their bed. I didn’t mind, it’s not the worst thing to do to survive and some people were fun. Although, I must say, you’re the one who’s made me the most wet on the first date” she joked with a smile, gesturing down to her rain soaked body but, as much as William wanted to enjoy her joke, he couldn’t bring himself to smile which made her sigh as she turned to look away from him again.

“If you’re gonna leave me at some cabin in the woods, can you at least teach me to hunt? I haven’t met someone who could teach me that yet.”

Normally, William would’ve just shrugged and agreed. There would be no harm in it but as he looked out of the corner of his eye, he could see that she genuinely believed she would have no hope out here on her own and he knew how empty the world was these days. He knew if he was going to leave her behind, he might as well have let her die to those two monsters so he sighed as he changed his mind.

“You can stay but you’re going to have to do as I say. If I end up dragging you around everywhere, it can lead to us both being killed” he told her as she gave him a hopeful, more energetic, look now with the promise of company.

“Great. Thank you” she told him, a smile appearing along her lips before he noticed as she shifted herself closer to him “so where should we pull over to get to know each other better?” she asked, her voice changed which made William grip the steering wheel a bit harder, not out of anger but at the sheer thought of moving on from his wife like that. He could never but he weren’t going to unload his problems onto her so he instead kept it simple.

“That won’t be necessary.”

“Damnnnnn, shoot me in the heart why don’t you” she said, a surprised look clearly crossing her eyes but she decided to just sit back in her chair and nod “but sure, just let me know if you change your mind. Where we heading then?”

“The cabin. We’ll rest there for the night.”

“Quite fascinated with this cabin, aren’t you?”

“Would you rather sleep in a truck full of supplies?”

“You’ve convinced me. The cabin sounds like the best thing ever.”

27th September 2017 - 08:00 - Unmarked Cabin, America

Oh was coming to some random cabin in the woods the best idea she had done in months.

Right now, Natasha was currently still laying in bed as the sun shone bright through the curtains of the room she had been given. She had to be honest. The moment she saw an actually properly made bed, she stripped completely and jumped right in to enjoy its softness and damn had it felt good, still felt good as she thought about just that moment.

Of course, she knew she had to get out of bed at some point soon, in fact she was surprised William hadn’t already dragged her out, he seemed like the type who needed to get things done in a pace whereas she preferred to just lay back.

She eventually let out a sigh of acceptance as she finally slipped out of bed and started gathering up her clothes that had been thrown around in a mess. Heh, if her mother had seen her now, she wouldn’t be very happy.

It would’ve been worth it though.

It didn’t take very long for Natasha to get dressed. She wasn’t bothering to look good so it only took a few moments before she was stepping out of the room, entering the cabin’s main room and being greeted by the sight of William, sitting at the dining table with one of his feet tapping on the ground.

Guess she didn’t need a mother to punish her after all.

“So, you’ve finally got out of bed huh?”

“Hey, you can’t blame was really comfortable.”

“Oh? I wasn’t quite sure if it was. The way you moaned at how “comfortable” it was last night, I was beginning to think you had sneaked in a living partner in that back pack of yours.”

Natasha blushed a bit, silently cursing at herself for being so loud before she moved to sit down opposite William, hiding away her embarrassment as she sent him a smirk “would you be jealous?”

William allowed himself to give her a smirk which she probably didn’t even see as her eyes caught the attention of something on the table that was hidden under a bag but he didn’t give her the chance to ask about it as he asked her a question “I want a truthful answer. How long has it been since you’ve had a decent meal?”

That question confused her, giving William a quizzical look as she answered “probably just before the safe-zone fell. About four months ago. All the partners I’ve had were very unlucky to find stuff so it was quite tight on food.”

Without a word, William reached and removed the bag, showing off a meal that would leave her full for the rest of the day, Natasha’s eyes eagerly widening at the sight of it which caused him to chuckle as he pushed the plate over to her “enjoy it as a treat. It won’t be every day you’ll have meals like this but I try to push it a bit so it isn’t constant starvation.”

Natasha gave him one of the most grateful looks he had ever received before she quickly dug into eating, having some manners and enjoying the meal while she had it but also making it clear her body was ready to devour it all in an instant while William got up from his chair and moved to leave the table in order to give her some space when Natasha started talking to him again, with a bit of a mouthful.

“What about you? What are you going to eat?”

“I already have while I was waiting for you” he told her, receiving a nod from her as she swallowed down her food and reached to grab the water he had left her, taking a sip from that and letting out a sigh as she just allowed her body to enjoy everything it was being treated to, laughing a little to herself “are you sure you’re not a Knight? First you save me, now I feel like I’m being treated like a princess, a much better date than the others I’ve gone on.”

“Tell me that when I’m dragging you along on where I plan to go.”

That statement made Natasha pause again just as she was lifting the next piece of food to her mouth, giving him another questioning look “you make that sound like I’m about to be taken to hell with you… where are we going?”

“Charleston” he told her, earning a surprised reaction from her as he turned away from the window he had been looking out of while talking to her and instead looked at her directly “if you got out, I’m sure there are others that would have survived. Possibly some that are still there. I want to investigate.”

Natasha had to take a moment to calm herself down, remembering how bad it was when she was forced to escape, before she gave her response “but why? You have plenty of supplies for the two of us and this is a pretty safe place, right? Charleston is going to be one of the most unsafest places in America.”

“I know but I’m beginning to realize one important thing. The world is becoming more deader each day, lone wolves like me and you are not going to survive much longer and that all survivors are going to have to start working together so, once you’ve finished, we’re heading out. At least If it doesn’t work, we'll probably find a goldmine of supplies and can come back here. Alright?”

She was clearly hesitant but after a moment, she just gave him a nod and went back to eating, although she wasn’t quite happy about enjoying it as she was before she learned their destination.

Even if they did find people and supplies, Charleston was the last place she wanted to go.

14th February 2017 - 08:00 - GeorgeTown, America

Suddenly, William awoke from his sleep. Slightly shaking and sweating but he wasn’t feeling as bad as he usually did when he woke up from nightmares which he was grateful for. Rebecca hadn’t been able to get much sleep lately with having to take care of Victoria and as he looked to his side, he allowed himself to smile as he could tell his beautiful wife was having quite the good sleep.

Although, she wouldn’t be lost in sleep for much longer as Victoria herself started crying from the other side of the room which caused William to chuckle as Rebecca herself immediately woke up, blinking away the sleep out of her eyes before playfully glaring at him as she could already tell by the blaring sun through their curtains it was way past time to get up “did we sleep in again? How are you not better at waking us up? Don’t they make you get up early in the military?”

“Well, I’m not currently in the military” William said with a grin as he allowed himself to get a cheeky eyeful as his wife stepped out of bed in order to attend to their daughter, the touch of a mother quickly quieting her as she received her breakfast while William chuckled “and anyway, you looked too cute to wake up.”

“Yeah, well, if you keep up this laziness, I’m going to show you I’m much worse” Rebecca teased as she used her free hand to throw him a shirt before she walked out of the room in order to start the work around the house, muttering that she hoped they hadn’t lost their chance to use power before the military turns it off again but as William soon found out when he himself got up from the bed and looked out the window, that would be the least of their worries.

“What the fuck?” William said to himself quietly as he looked to the streets outside their home, seeing a few of the monsters shambling, including what he would count as the entire police garrison that was supposed to be guarding them. Now on alert, he quickly made his way through the house and stopped his wife just as she was about to open the front door “don’t. There are monsters outside.”

“W-what?” Rebecca said with hesitation as she instead locked the front door again then and looked out one of the kitchen’s windows, eyes widening in shock as they both came to the same conclusion but it was her that said it out loud “the police must have been overwhelmed somehow… what are we going to do?”

William thought about it for a moment before he sighed “I’ll try and get through the street and get to ole Jimmy’s house, there doesn’t look like too many of them and maybe Jimmy will be able to spare me a weapon” was what he said before he turned his head to give her a light kiss on the forehead “I’ll try to be back as soon as I can. Love you.”

Rebecca didn’t answer him straight away and instead just watched as he quickly threw on some clothes before giving their daughter a goodbye kiss which was when she gave him a hug, whispering “stay safe, love you too” to him and then let him go so he could exit from their house and start heading down the street, Rebecca watching him go with an extremely worried look before she closed the door again for safety. Hoping he would be okay.

27th September 2017 - 08:15 - Unmarked Road, America

It may be the end of the world but in this moment, Natasha was having the time of her life.

Right now, as the two of them drove down the road, Natasha had been able to convince William to have Low by Flo Rida to blare through the secrets and she was having quite a fun time dancing and rapping along with it as the truck went fast down the road without the threat of running into anyone or being caught by the law.

William was more than happy to allow her to have her fun, especially if it meant that she would be more calm about their destination. However, their fun wouldn’t remain for long as he soon noticed that the fuel was about to run out which made him curse after he turned around to notice that he ha forgotten to bring the fuel he had when he left the majority of his supplies hidden back at the cabin for safe keeping.

“What’s wrong?” Natasha asked from his side which caused him to gesture to the fuel gauge just as truck slowly came to a stop on the road, leaving them both stuck there in a newly formed silence after the song had also died down “...shit, what are we going to do?” she asked after the moment of pause, looking up to William now as he quickly went through the glove box in order to search for a map.

William didn’t answer her straight away, instead he just looked across the map until he nodded “I thought so. There is a gas station within walking distance off us, should be just over the hill so I’m going to head over there and hopefully get some fuel.”

“You make that sound like you’re leaving me here.”

“You’ll be fine” William bluntly told her as he reached to the back seats in order to grab his crossbow before exiting from the truck, leaving Natasha to take a moment to get over her shock before she exited the truck as well, looking over at him on the other side as she protested.

“No, I’m not going to be fine! What if you don’t come back?”

“Then you make your way back to the cabin and stay there. You’ll work it out for yourself but don’t worry, I’m only going down to a gas station. I can handle myself, I was in the military.”

Natasha glared at him slightly “if you were in the military, why do you go around with just a shitty crossbow?”

“Hey!” William exclaimed as if he’d just been given the biggest insult “this “shitty” crossbow saved your ass so be nice to it. Do you have a weapon yourself? I never asked.”

That question made her hesitate which confused William but before he could ask about her hesitation, she grabbed her backpack and took out a revolver and held it up for him to see “I..I have this but I don’t know how to use it..”

William let out a sigh but he didn’t question it as he gestured for her to hand him the revolver which she did before he looked it over, making sure it was loaded which it thankfully was before he held it up as if he was aiming it at something “you aim, you put your finger on the trigger here and you push herel to fire. You’ll want to go for the head if it's one of the monsters. If its a Human, you’ll want to fire at whatever vital area you can get. Understand?”

Natasha nodded, although extremely hesitant now as she grabbed the revolver again. She wasn’t even okay with killing the monsters, never mind Humans but she decided to not protest. He was clearly going to go through his plan, whatever she said, as he gave her one last look before turning to start making his way down the road to the gas station, leaving Natasha standing there alone as she looked down to the revolver in her hands...thinking back to when she got it.

The safe-zone was in complete chaos as the monsters overwhelmed the unfortunate civilians that got themselves caught in their grip. The military had failed to protect them and as Natasha frantically tried to run through the crowd to save herself, like everyone else was doing, all she could see was fear and death.

Everyone around her was dying and those that died then made more people die. Families were being lost, lovers were being murdered and children were torn apart in an instant to the swarm of monsters. This was hell and Natasha just wanted to close her eyes and imagine herself somewhere better but she knew she couldn’t, she had to survive. So she kept running.

Suddenly someone grabbed her hand and she let out a scream, her life flashing in front of her eyes at that one moment until she realized who it was that had grabbed her and was now guiding her away from the majority of the crowd and down an alley where she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him “oh my god, Chris! I’m so glad that you’re alive!”

He let out a little chuckle but she could hear the worry in his voice as he raised his revolver and took her hand again once they separated from their hug “yeah, well, let’s try to keep it that way, alright? Follow me” was what he told her before he began pulling her along, away from the crowd that continued to just helplessly run into their slaughter.

Natasha shook these thoughts out of her head as she decided to focus on the present and looked up from the revolver in her grip. William was out of sight now so she decided to get back into the truck and close the door behind her, keeping her eyes on the surroundings as she nervously sat there.

She knew if she just sat there, she would get too lost in her depressive memories so she decided to just look around the inside of the truck, find whatever she could to read which made her come across the supply list he had made until something else caught her eye. A note and soon enough, curiosity took over and she grabbed it, reading it out loud to herself.

“To those that find this, I hope you are worthy of it. That you deserve it and are not some terrible person. Who I was doesn’t matter but I decided that my life wasn’t living any more so I have gathered together all the supplies I could and left them for you to find. There is also a cabin not far from here in the woods that has been made defendable for any whom find it. Don’t let this go to waste, don’t let your life be over. Good luck, I hope what I have done for you helps.”

She hesitated as she put the note back down. Is William the one who wrote this note? Does this mean he is going to…?

She didn’t let these thoughts finish themselves as she quickly got out of the truck and began running in the direction that William had gone in. Running as fast as she could in hopes of stopping him before he done anything rash.

27th September 2017 - 08:21 - Unmarked Gas Station, America

William really didn’t know what he was going to do anymore. He had a plan but he doubted that it would be as easy as he was thinking.

He just wanted it to be over.

Every time he closed his eyes or wasn’t doing something, he saw her. His wife. She haunted him, his memories, his life. He couldn’t handle it. He couldn’t handle the guilt when he looked up and in front of his path, seeing her standing there just waiting for him.

He had nearly ended it all for him but now he was back to square one.

William tried his best to not think about her and started lightly swinging his crossbow by his side while focusing his attention on the gas station not far from him now. He just needed fuel, that was simple. He could do that.

Jogging to cross the remaining distance, William raised his crossbow up and looked through the open front. He saw nothing, heard nothing. Good. He just needed to power up the generator and collect the fuel with something.

Letting out a breath, William went inside, keeping his crossbow up and aimed as he looked around, seeing plenty of containers that he could use for what he wanted which was good. Now he just needed to pray that he was lucky enough for the staton’s generator to still work.

With that praying in mind, William made his way to the back of the station but found himself stopping dead in his tracks when he saw the generator room door open and one of the monsters standing there, faced away from him.

Although it wasn’t that simple, he had seen the monsters before enough times to not hesitate. No, what was making him hesitate was the fact the monster’s stomach was swollen, the clear sign of a pregnancy before whoever they were had been killed.

William gripped his crossbow hard but he couldn’t bring himself to pull it backup to fire, not even as the monster realized his presence and slowly turned around to face him. An act that only made the situation worse for William as the monster’s face seemed to change right before his eyes and instead of a monster, William saw his wife.

“ okay? It’s me. Rebecca.”

No it wasn’t. William knew that.

“I’ve made dinner, I tell you, little Victoria in here is quite hungry.”

He watched as the hallucination of Rebecca reached to stroke her swollen stomach. He knew what he was seeing wasn’t real but he couldn’t do anything. He was glued there as the rest of the world became non existent and he only saw his wife in front of him, slowly making her way closer to him. William wouldn’t even notice as Natasha arrived at the station, out of breath but the moment she noticed a monster coming at William, that didn’t matter as she rushed into the store and screamed to try and get his attention “Will! What are you doing?! Kill it!”

William didn’t answer. He was just fixated on Rebecca who he could see in front of him, his hands tempted to reach out and hold her again. To kiss her as he made sure she remained safe, protected her at all costs this time.

“William, don’t do this!” Natasha screamed desperately but, whatever was causing it, he wouldn’t answer her and she could see that. There was only one option if she wanted to save him and so she shakely raised her arms in order to aim at the approaching monster that was so close to William now. She had just one shot to do this.

One shot that would haunt her. A shot that became harder to fire when her eyes took note of the monster’s swollen belly. This monster had been a mother to be before all this shit, or maybe the baby was conceived after. She didn’t know. The only thing she knew how to do in that moment was to beg one final time “please...forgive me.”

With that she fired, the bullet racing through the air and striking the monster straight through the skull, sending its body flailing back, completely lifeless, while William jolted as if he had just been forcefully woken up, nearly falling down to the ground as he suddenly pushed himself away from the scene. Natasha wasn’t sure what he was reacting to, the bullet or the monster but whatever one it was, it clearly had shaken him a bit as she watched him catch his breath against the wall.

Although Natasha only had one thing on her mind in that moment.

“Don’t you even dare!” she told him angrily, earning a confused look from William as she stomped her way over to him and accusingly pointed her finger “I found your note, in the truck. Gathering up supplies and making a safe place to live before killing yourself? What the fuck?!”

William sighed as he inwardly cursed as he had forgotten to get rid of the note. He couldn’t answer her though, he needed to regain his breath and get himself under control, his hands shaking as Natasha noticed him eyeing her gun nervously but she was too angry for that information to process in her mind as she continued to rant at him “I don’t know what reason it is that you wanted to die but let me tell you something. I can tell what kind of man you are, I can see who you are and I read what you planned. You are a good man, clearly, and this dead world needs that. It needs the good men and woman like you to keep Humanity alive so damn it I am not letting you kill yourself, do you get that? It would be a waste!”

While she ranted, William managed to get himself under control, his hand tightening around his crossbow again as his breathing became calm. His mind was still a little rattled but it was enough for him to offer a response as he looked her in the eyes “I’m not a good man. I’m just a man who wants to die, who is a shell of who he used to be. I’m no damn better than those freaks” he said, gesturing to the monster that had been slain before he started walking away from her, leaving her to chase after him. “So why bother with me? You could’ve let me die! You could’ve left me on the road! Why are you still here, helping me?”

“Because I could tell that you wouldn’t survive on your own.”

“So what? You’re taking me to Charleston in hopes of finding some other group to dump me off with and then you go to kill yourself?!” she kept yelling as they both stopped walking, William placing his crossbow on the floor as he began picking up multiple containers for the fuel.

“No. I would’ve had to gather supplies all over again and make a new safe-house since the cabin and the supplies there would be being used by you and whatever group. Then I would’ve ended it.”

“And you say you’re not a good man? You are doing all this to help others before you die and you say you’re no better than them?!” Natasha said as she got angrier and angrier with each word, William letting out a sigh as he stood back up, containers in hand to face her directly as she struggled to find the words to finish her sentence and he didn’t give her enough time to find them.

“Just get ready to collect the fuel, alright?” William asked her as he handed her the two containers before grabbing his crossbow again and heading back towards the generator in order to turn it on, still hoping that all this wasn’t for waste “we can discuss this later.”

Natasha didn’t give him an answer, she just gave in and walked back out of the station to walk to the fuel pumps while William just flicked the generator on, the power fortunately taking only a moment before it started powering the station, William allowing him to smile and close his eyes to rest against the wall with his prayers answered.

Although that didn’t turn out good for him when he started thinking back.

William was running as fast as he could down his street as it swarmed with the monsters. In his arms was a crossbow which was loaded but there were way too many monsters for him to dare fight against them so he instead just kept running. He could see his house nearby anyway and soon enough he was sliding over the hood of his truck to get to safety.

They hadn’t had much time to prepare for the overwhelming amount of monsters that were present so he had just drove his truck up against the gate and prayed their metal fence was enough to keep the monsters out.

Running up the stairs, William was greeted by the sight of Rebecca as she quickly opened the front door in order to get him inside. The door being closed and locked immediately after he had gotten through it before William found himself enveloped into a hug from his wife.

“I was so worried when I saw so many of them flood onto the streets” she whimpered against his chest as he held her close “was it even worth it to head over to Jimmy’s house? I know he was preparing for all this but...all you got was a crossbow.”

“There is plenty more useful things there love” he told her softly, placing the crossbow down on a table so he could grab her face and kiss her on the lips before moving away from her to look out the window “but I decided it would be too risky to grab it all right now with how many are out there.”

“Right. What about Jimmy?” Rebecca asked as she moved to join her husband over at the window and fortunately saw that none of the monsters that had currently swarmed their street had taken notice of their home but when she turned to look over at her husband, she could see that if he answered her question, she wouldn’t like what she was told so she instead asked a different question.

“What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know.”

Eventually William was able to shake these thoughts out of his head and come back to the present which caused him to look out the window at Natasha, seeing her standing there with two full containers in her hands. They should’ve been happy to be lucky enough to find fuel but when he looked at her, all he could see was a sad look on her face as she shifted back and forth on her feet, kicking up the dirt beneath her a bit.

He was trying to not think about what she had said because he knew that she was right but he also knew who he was, what his problems were. He was lucky enough to survive this long by himself but if he joined a group and they needed him to work with them to survive, they would be screwed.

He would be more of a burden than a saving grace.

He softly cursed at himself again as he just turned the generator off and gave the station one more look around. Other than the fuel they had gotten, there was nothing else left to scavenge, unless if he wanted to start collecting bottle caps, so he finally walked back outside where Natasha awkwardly gave him a little nod but remained silent.

He didn’t want her acting like this. He was fine. However he knew that no matter what he would say, now wasn’t the time to try talking to her again so he instead just nodded and gestured for her to follow him, heading back to where they had left his truck.

27th September 2017 - 09:30 - Unmarked Road, America

The ride down the road wasn’t as fun this time around.

No music was playing, no rapping was badly being done. The truck wasn’t zooming down the road as if it was racing. No, it was just silence between William Hayes and Natasha Bailey as the former kept his eyes on the road in front of him and the latter kept her eyes outside the passenger side window, watching as everything passed by, including the occasional monster.

The silence was making them both think pretty heavily, especially Natasha whose fingers were gently tapping down on the revolver in her lap as she started to think back to when she had gotten it again.

Natasha was trying to keep up with Christopher as he dragged her down the alleyways but she was too scared and that kept making her stumble and forcing Christopher to help her back up as they kept going.

What made it worse was it had only been a few minutes of running at the most and the situation around them had changed completely. There was no chaos, no screaming or fighting. The city of Charleston was completely dead silent. It was as if, in those few minutes of running, the two of them had became the only living things in the entire city.

Natasha stumbled again but this time it wasn’t her fault. In the brief moment she had to look down at her foot, she saw that one of the monsters, that they must’ve mistaken for just another dead body, had grabbed onto her ankle which caused her to scream as she fell down to the ground hard, the monster quickly climbing on top of her to make a meal out of her while Christopher had to take a moment to get over the shock before he aimed his revolver at the monster and shot it straight through the head just before its teeth clamped down on her neck.

“Oh my god! Thank you so much!” Natasha proclaimed as she wrapped her arms around Christopher to hug him again, frantically saying it again and again against his chest but when she received no answer, she looked up to him with a confused look, only to see the look of complete fear in his eyes and that was when, from their past experiences on the island resort, they realized.

He had just fired a gun.

It didn’t take long after this realization for the first group of monsters to appear around the corner and start swarming into the alleyway from one end and when the two of them turned to head out the other exit, another group of monsters swarmed in from there as well, trapping them in the middle.

“Oh no! What are we going to do?” Natasha nervously asked, shaking now as she looked back to Christopher but he had already looked around the area and caught sight of a fire escape, reaching up to try and pull the ladder down but, much to their fear, it wouldn’t budge and Christopher cursed as he looked back to her.

“I’m going to have to lift you up.”

“L-lift me up? What about you?!”

“No time to argue” he told her as he forcefully handed her the revolver and then got in position for her to use him to boost up, Natasha nervously looking around at all the approaching monsters that were closing in on them before she shoved the revolver down on her belt and then went into his arms so he could then lift her up with a grunt, Natasha fortunately being able to grab onto the fire escape ladder and climb up to safety.

However, as she turned around to offer him her hand, she saw that it was too late to save him, the two of them sharing one last look before the monsters enveloped Christopher, giving him not a single bit of space to escape as their teeth closed down on his skin, quickly going to work on tearing it apart as he screamed out in pain.

At the same time of his screaming, Natasha screamed out for him as well, tears streaming down her face as she helplessly watched her friend get torn apart in front of her. All because he chose to save her rather than save himself.

At that thought, Natasha came back to the present, opening her eyes again to stare back at the passing nature as they were still driving. She didn’t know what to say or what to do anymore but before she could do anything else, William started speaking to her suddenly.

“It was my wife and our daughter” he said softly before noticing her confusion and elaborating “they were the reason why I became like this. The reason why I want to die. She gave birth shortly all this happened and it was my fault that they died. I’ve been on my own for half a year, not speaking to a single soul, barely seeing any living ones either.”

“So why didn’t you just end it already? Why do you do all this scavenging to help people?”

“Because it's what my wife would’ve done. Rebecca would’ve tried to help everyone she could...she did try to help everyone she could.”

“With that in mind, don’t you think she would’ve wanted you to keep going? Keep helping people rather than just giving up?”

William didn’t answer that question straight away. His eyes remained on the road ahead of them but soon enough Natasha could see as a lone tear slowly made its way down his cheek as he breathed heavily “yeah, she would’ve.”

Natasha offered him a light smile as she moved herself closer to him and reached up to place her hand on his which caused him to look at her as she spoke “I don’t know what it's like to have a partner or a child on the way. I can’t even begin to know how hard that would be but I do know how hard it is too loose people and I also know that the most important thing, no matter how hard it is, is to honor their memory and do what they would’ve wanted and I think you know that too.”

William gave a nod, moving to wipe away the tears that had gone down his cheek on his arm as he turned back to look at the road in front of them, letting out another shaky breath before softly giving her a reply “I don’t know what I want. I don’t know how far I can keep going but I do know I have more problems than you know and while you may see me as a help, I can quite easily turn into a burden.”

Natasha just shook her head as she reached up with her free hand to stroke away any remaining tears before giving him a more bigger smile “that doesn’t matter. You were right. Lone wolves aren’t going to survive much longer in a world like this so we’re going to work together from now on. Whatever we face, we face it together. I watch your back, you watch mine, deal?”


27th September 2017 - 10:00 - Charleston Outskirts, America

There was a much better feeling between the two of them now as they were coming close to their destination. They had sorted their problems and while the two of them didn’t know everything about each other, they knew enough to know they would make a good team if they remained like this but they also both knew that they would have to change if they were to be successful in making some new life out of this dead world.

For William, he would have to work to control himself, to get over his broken mind and repair it, otherwise he will end up getting more than just himself killed. He would have to get back into his role of a soldier, to be prepared to fight more than just the monsters. He wasn’t sure how he was going to do it, even with his wife, he struggled to move on but he would try.

For Natasha, she would have to also get used to fighting, to recognize that she won’t survive much longer by just hoping for others to protect her in trade for services. No, she had to learn how to protect herself. How to scavenge, to hunt. William, and possibly others, would be relying on her to help them and she wasn’t about to let them down. She wouldn’t let anyone else down.

A smile soon came to William’s face as he lightly nudged Natasha’s shoulder before pointing her towards the sign reading “welcome to Charleston” as they drove past it and despite still hesitant to enter the city, Natasha smiled as well. Maybe things can get better for the two of them.

Not long after they passed the sign, they were crossing the bridge until they reached the very middle of it where William slowed the truck to a stop and then gave Natasha a nod before he grabbed his crossbow and got out of the truck, Natasha joining him outside as they looked out over the surrounding area.

“Looks like nothing but a dead city, like how when I really think we’re going to find people here?”

“More hoping than we will” William answered her, offering a soft genuine smile before he looked back towards the city, noting that they would have to climb over the military checkpoint that had been left ruined at, what he assumed, had been the only entrance to the city “we’ll go on foot from here. We’ll be as quiet as we can as well, no idea how many of the monsters are in there.”

Natasha gave a nod, biting her lip for a moment as she too looked over the entrance to the city, indeed remembering that the military made sure that it was the only way to leave before she decided to lighten the mood and smile back at him “you know, when I said that I’d happily follow you into hell after you allowed me to sleep in that bed, I didn’t actually mean it.”

That caused them to both laugh before William walked back to the truck in order to get back in and move the truck to be more parked to the side, making it less suspicious and more tempting for someone to take if it was hidden among the other abandoned vehicles.

While he did this, Natasha become lost in thought for another moment, looking down to the rest of the distance across the bridge they would have to pass in order to reach Charleston which made her remember when she was forced to escape. She had been running. As fast as she could she was running.

Natasha hadn’t even known she could run this fast but with a huge swarm of monsters trailing behind her, hungry to tear her apart like her friend, she had incentive to push herself to the limit and run faster. It was quite the distance to cross the bridge but she could do it. She had to.

She had to survive so the ones who hadn’t made it out of the city alive didn’t die in vain.

She’d find a way to make Christopher’s sacrifice worth her life.

Suddenly her thinking process was interrupted when she realized William was calling out to her and when her mind came out of memory lane, she saw a hand waving in front of her face until William realized she was back with him and he smiled “we’ll be fine, trust me.”

“Of course we will be. We have a shitty old crossbow on our side” Natasha said with a smirk, earning an offended look from William but they both ended up laughing again as they started to make their way along the rest of the bridge on foot.

No longer lone wolves.


1st April 2017 - 17:54 - Jamestown, America

“We should’ve tried staying in GeorgeTown” Rebecca whispered softly as she made sure Victoria was safe on the baby carrier, that she had attached to her chest, while cautiously followed her husband through the alleyways of Jamestown but he just shook his head in disagreement as he held his crossbow up and ready for combat.

“If we had stayed there, we would’ve slowly run out of supplies. We have to keep moving and searching, love” he told her, looking around their surrounding area in order to try and predict where the monsters would come out to escape them from as he continued talking to her “and you know that we can’t trust the military and their safe-zones. It’s a bad idea to put everyone together like that.”

“I guess it means the more supplies for us” Rebecca muttered but William didn’t offer her a reply to that statement. They both didn’t like raiding buildings and taking supplies for themselves, even if it meant surviving where the previous owner had not but it was something they had to do, they were determined to keep their daughter alive.

The two of them remained in silence for a while after that, running around the town in an attempt to find what they could but they didn’t find much luck with most of everything either having already been scavenged or too dangerous for them to make an attempt at scavenging it themselves and soon enough, night began to fall which caused them to head back to their truck.

At first the two of them sat in their truck in silence, Victoria happily sleeping safely in the back after having had her own feeding which left her parents to eat some of the few supplies they had until Rebecca sighed and put the can down, earning the attention of William as she spoke up “I don’t think we should keep doing this anymore, Will. We’re barely finding anything and we can really use the support of the military, they’ll let us in and you know it, the people listened to me before we ran away.”

William sighed at this, looking down at the can in his own hands for a moment before he put his own can down as well and instead took a hold of her hands as they looked each other in the eyes, offering her a gentle smile “Rebecca, this kind of life changes people. We don’t know what to expect in those safe-zones. They could be turning against each other in a desperate attempt to survive.”


“No. Don’t honey me, please. I can tell what you’re thinking, you’re thinking that I’m just paranoid after what happened to me when I was in the military but I’m not. I’m looking out for us, keeping us safe and alive. This is what is best for us.”

For a moment, the two of them just stared at each other in more silence until Rebecca cupped his face and leaned in to deliver a kiss to his lips, one that he returned. They may be going through tough times and being unable to agree on their future but they still loved each other and their little family. Unfortunately, the moment was ruined when a voice could be heard from outside the truck.

“Get out, slowly” the man holding the shotgun at William’s head warned, clearly prepared to fire it as he watched the couple slowly get over their shock and realize the situation that they were currently in as he continued speaking to them “take your baby and get out of the truck. No weapons.”

Sharing a quick look, William and Rebecca decided to do as the man said with Rebecca reaching to the back seats in order to slowly get Victoria who started crying at being disturbed from her sleep which caused Rebecca to do her best in order to soothe her as both her and William got out of the truck, William holding up his hands in offer of surrender “we don’t want any trouble, alright?” William started trying to talk to their threat “why don’t we just try talking this out?”

“I can’t do that man, I’m sorry. I need to get my daughter out of this place and you’re truck is the only working vehicle that would be useful for us that I’ve seen and we both know we can’t just trust each other to work together. I even heard you saying it, you don’t know what a life like this does to people. Maybe we’ll work together for now but if it comes between our families… we have our loyalty.”

“Let’s not think like that, okay?” Rebecca tried to ease, lightly soothing Victoria down into silence as she continued speaking to the man “I’m Rebecca, my husband is William and this little girl is Victoria, what about you?”

The man holding the shotgun paused for a moment as he thought it over, not lowering his shotgun although there was a clear look in his eyes that he honestly didn’t like the situation that they were in as he answered her “I’m Kyle. My daughter’s name is Nadia… I want to try and work this out but I’m sorry, I can only trust the ones I share blood with. Back away from the truck, please.”

While saddened at her failed attempt, Rebecca immediately backed up from the truck while still holding Victoria but William failed too and when she studied him for a moment, she realized a daunting fact. William had a lost look in his eyes, he wasn’t entirely paying attention to the situation around him and he was beginning to shake a heavy amount and she realized too late that the gun was causing his body to go into a breakdown. He was panicking.

“Will-” was all Rebecca was able to get out before William surged forward, grabbing that shotgun and quickly wrestling Kyle for control of it, the shotgun being pulled back and forth as Rebecca could do nothing but helplessly watch as neither of the men could gain the upper hand in their fight until that fateful shot went off and straight in Rebecca and Victoria’s direction, tearing through Victoria completely and leaving Rebecca gasping as she fell to the ground with the corpse of their child.

“H-holy shit” Kyle said as both he and William ended up dropping the shotgun, standing there completely shocked while William immediately rushed over to his dead wife, taking her in his arms and cradling her close while desperately looking her over for any signs of possibly being able to help her, Kyle continuing to walk around as he tried to get over what had just been done “holy shit, oh God, I’m so sorry man, I-I didn’t want that to happen.”

William just ignored him, focusing his entire attention on his dying wife as he gently rocked her in his arms where Rebecca herself sought comfort, very quickly losing her life through the blood that came out of her body, a few short moments passing until she barely managed to get out “I love you” before her body slumped in his grip.

William wasn’t sure how much time passed after that. Kyle just stood there, completely unsure of what to do as William continued holding a deceased Rebecca, even being unable to cry as he was too broken over what had just happened while being completely lost in thought until Kyle finally spoke up again by saying “I’m sorry, man.”

This snapped William out of his thoughts but he didn’t even offer Kyle a response, he just gently laid Rebecca on the ground before getting up and opening the truck door, rooting through the stuff that was in the back as Kyle just watched on, completely confused, before William finally grabbed a baseball bat and closed the truck door, silently walking around the front of the truck and towards Kyle who just backed away with fear, raising his hands for defense “come on, please, please man, I got a child.”

“I had one too” William said without a single bit of emotion in his voice before he raised the bat above his head and swung it down hard on Kyle’s head, cracking it open with one quick swing and making him crumble down to his knees where William then started to beat the baseball bat mercilessly into the man’s head, nothing but anger on his face as he repeatedly crushed the man’s skull in until nothing was left but a mess. It was then that William heard a new voice.

“D-daddy?” a little girl that William could easily assume must’ve been Nadia spoke up from around a corner, a look that was a mix of sadness and surprise in her eyes as she looked between the corpse of her father and William which brought William back to his senses and made him realize what he had done, what had happened and now the tears came down like waterfalls, instinctively reaching out to comfort the girl but she just flinched and ran away as quickly as she could, leaving him alone.

“I-I’m sorry, please don’t run!” William called out after her but he stumbled to the ground as he went to make chase, quickly losing complete control of his emotions as he started to cry heavily, curling up into a ball on the floor and just letting it all out for more time than he could keep track of.

It was only when Rebecca slowly raised herself up from the ground that he came back to the present, only to look up and see what she had become. The complete opposite of what she used to be. Nothing but a monster.

A monstrous Rebecca growled hungrily as she started stumbling towards him, her form quickly coming more monstrous as foam bubbled at her mouth and her eyes went dead white, she wasn’t his wife anymore. She was a thing that he needed to put down… but he couldn’t.

“I-I’m sorry” William said with even more sadness as he quickly stumbled up from the ground and pushed his former wife away, still losing control of himself as he frantically got into the truck and started it up, putting it in reverse and leaving the scene as quickly as he could while Rebecca just mindlessly stumbled down the road in an attempt to follow him.

Significant Events SummaryEdit

  • William and Natasha cross paths and after some encounters, the two of them decide to work together as a team in order to try and make something out of the dead world that they now live in.


(The cast list is ordered by appearance in the episode)


  • Three Monsters
  • Numerous Counts Of The Charleston Safe-Zone Residents (Flashback)
  • Christopher (Flashback)
  • One Undead Monster (Flashback)
  • Victoria Hayes (Flashback)
  • Rebecca Hayes (Flashback)
  • Kyle Dominguez (Flashback)


  • The "episode representing image" for this episode would be William and Natasha overlooking the city of Charleston when they first parked on the bridge.
  • This episode is the remixed version of Issue 1 - Issue 6 of the original version.
  • While the episode was released on 23rd August 2017, some scenes were added to the episode on 20th and 21st September 2017 as the author was unhappy with how he had left some things out.

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