""Good Show""
Season 1, Episode 3
Written By Jamie
Completion Date 20th September 2017
Word Count 11,736 Words
Reading Time 42 Minutes 41 Seconds
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"Good Show" is the third episode of season one and the third episode of The Dead World overall. It was released on 20th September 2017.

Previously On...Edit

(Enter different scenes of the previous episode to serve as flashbacks.)

Humanity has fallen. The world as it was known is gone and now the remnants of Humanity face the aftermath of the chaotic World War Three and the virus it brought. A few months after the beginning of the Apocalypse, both William and Natasha had managed to not only survive and find it each other but also discover more survivors that have ended up being brought together in the ruins of a former military safe-zone built in Charleston after the city's residence of undead monsters had been brought down on the group which forced them to fight together in order to survive. Once they had managed to survive the treacherous streets of the dead city, they found rest in the club of the Crystal Amethyst, after it's owner had welcomed them, where they learned about each other.


"This is how it works in a group. We work together to get the job done."

Recovering in the aftermath of their drunkenness a couple of hours earlier, the group awake not long before the sun goes down and night comes which leaves the volunteers with little time to make the runs and get the supplies before dark. Meanwhile, the group members left back at the Crystal Amethyst grow restless and find themselves going out on their own run as unknown figures watch the streets from above on the rooftops.

Episode 3 - "Good Show"Edit

27th September 2017 - 18:00 - Charleston, America

It had been a few hours since the group of them agreed to rest and naturally William was one of the first up, making his way out of his assigned room to head down the stairs and investigate outside through one of the windows, grateful to see the majority of the monsters had moved on, not noticing Aiden and Faith in the background and preparing something before the latter grabbed a mug and made her way over to William.

“How’s it looking out there?” Faith suddenly asked, making William jump a bit in which she apologetically smiled for as she offered him a mug “I hope you don’t mind coffee. It’s all that was here and me and Aiden were making some to lighten the headaches.”

“Thanks. I’m fortunately one of those who can drink both” he said, chuckling at the look she gave him before taking a sip and looking back outside to answer her question “most of them have moved on, the stragglers we can deal with easily.”

Faith nodded, sipping from her own drink before she smiled as Aiden had come to join them “did you get all the mugs set up for the others?” she asked and once he nodded, she put down her mug and kissed his cheek in thanks before excusing herself, leaving the two men alone which led to William noticing Aiden’s awkward stance.

“I’m not going to bite, you know that right kid?”

“It’s not that sir, its..” while Aiden tried to think of the way to explain it, William narrowed his eyes in thought as he studied the kid until he could finally place his finger on the problem.

“Let me guess, military family?”

Aiden nodded “yes Sir. Both my mother and father served. Felt like I needed to continue being respectful as you always do with a officer in your presence.”

William just shook his head and took another sip of his coffee “the time of ranks and such are gone kid, no use pretending like they aren’t.”

Aiden thought about that for a moment before he let out a sigh and muttered “I guess” but before William could question it, the rest of the group started to come into the main room, most groaning and trying to rub away their headaches while Faith led them over to the coffee, fortunately most turning out to like it while the others put up with it, as Aiden chuckled “who let all the monsters in?”

“Sorry, forgot to close the door behind me” Bella said with a smirk as she grabbed the coffee left for her and made her way back over to her usual spot, the smirk disappearing from her face just as quickly as she returned to looking at her marked map “we better not take too long to get things done, it’s getting late.”

“Perhaps we should wait until the morning then” Robert pointed out as he, along with the rest of the headache affected group members, sat down somewhere around the room “it’s going to be dangerous to go out in the dark.”

“We do that and we chance losing a lot of supplies we can scavenge now” Bella sighed but the majority of the rest of the group were looking doubtful.

“If we haven’t already lost our chance” Jeff pointed out as he sat up in his seat, both hands clasped around his coffee as if he was afraid it wasn’t real “it is going to be pretty dangerous out there and while my group have the equipment to help look in the dark, I’m sure it’ll be best for us to wait until morning.”

The majority of the rest of the group were starting to nod in agreement with what was being said which caused Bella to sigh but before anyone else could speak up, William had his turn “you’re both right but we do want to get supplies as quickly as possible. I say anyone who volunteers can go out and everyone else can stay here.”

The group weren’t too sure what to say about that, although William could see a grateful smile on Bella’s face out of the corner of his eye, before Jeff stood up from his seat and made his way over to the map, looking over it with a sigh “what is it that we’re even planning to do?”

“Me and my brother found Aiden and Faith at a warehouse over here” Bella said as she pointed to a marked spot on the map “it's secluded, not the type of place people would usually think to scavenge and when we were there, we saw it was full of supplies that would be extremely useful for us…” she paused mid explanation when she noticed everyone’s eyes were on her which caused her to grab the map and move over to the middle of the room, placing it down on the big table instead where everyone could gather around.

“We also noticed a big truck that would be able to transfer all these supplies over about here, right?” Tyral asked his sister as he pointed out to a spot on the map and when she nodded, he continued “it may be on the other side of the city but if one group of us went to get the truck and the other group headed to the warehouse, we could have it loaded up and back here in no time.”

The group collectively thought this over and Jeff was eventually the first to speak his thoughts “in my personal opinion. If people are going out to do this, three in each group would be a good amount to watch each others backs and get across the city we have any volunteers?”

Immediately Bella raised her hand and not long after, once she had given him a smack on the shoulder, Tryal raised his own as well. For a short moment, no one else raised their hands but soon enough William raised his and once he had done so, both Aleena and Aiden raised their hands with Natasha about to as well but a barely noticeable shake of the head from William told her not too.

“Alright, well if you’re all sure, I guess I’ll volunteer on the sixth spot” Jeff said as he took a moment to look at all the people who had raised their hands before pointing down to the map “do both of you remember generally where you would find both the warehouse and the truck?” he asked the Walker siblings and they both nodded as the raised hands were lowered “good. I think Tyral should take Aiden and Aleena to go and get that truck while Bella takes me and William to the warehouse. Those sound like good groups, yeah?”

Nods of agreements went around the group so they silently dismissed themselves, six of them going to get themselves ready for their trips while the remaining four spreaded around to talk to them about it, Natasha going straight to William as they separated from the group “I could’ve gone. You don’t have to be always protecting me, I mean you let the kid decide to go.”

“The kid weren’t the one who ended up throwing up” William said gently as he reached to give her shoulder a comforting rub “I know you’d be fine out there but if you were sick, you’re not going to be a good option to head on out. Aiden, while a kid, is clearly feeling perfectly fine” he said, gesturing over to Aiden himself as he was confronted by a worried Faith before looking back at Natasha with a smile “you’ll get your turn another day as this is how it works in a group. We work together to get the job done.”

Natasha didn’t want to admit that he was right, not outright anyway, so she just rolled her eyes and muttered “fine” which caused William to grin as he reached up and ruffled her hair which made her whine in protest “hey, I’m not the kid!”

“Are you sure? You sure acted like one earlier” he teased, earning Natasha’s tongue to be stuck out at him which he allowed himself to laugh at as he excused himself to go and get ready.

27th September 2017 - 19:29 - Charleston, America

It hadn't take long for the two groups to head out and go their separate ways across the city after their meeting and now, as the sun went down, Bella was leading William and Jeff on a jog, easily slicing through the heads of whatever monster had made the mistake of going in her path while the two men just found themselves having to keep up.

The three of them were not sure how much time was passing as they did but they continued working together to take out any monsters in their way until they finally decided to pause and take a moment to rest before they wore out.

“One good thing about this apocalypse, you get some good exercise” William joked through his breaths which caused Jeff to let out a laugh while Bella just studied the two joking moment with a thoughtful gaze before she finally spoke up.

“I don’t get it.”

“...Well, we’re getting exercise because-”

“No. Not your joke” Bella interrupted, pushing herself to sit on a empty box as she swung her machete lightly between her legs “how do you two trust each other so quickly? In a world like this?”

“It’s...not a matter of trust” Jeff said after a moment of thought “it’s a matter of the fact that we live in a dead world. There is no point in us fighting against one another. You can live alongside strangers and not lay your life in their hands.”

Bella wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that and she didn’t have to as William pushed himself off the wall and nodded at them “that should be enough rest, we should keep going.”

“Sure, I don’t think the warehouse will be much further away” Bella told them which the two men were grateful for as they kept moving. She at least hoped it wouldn’t. When her and her group had left it, it only took so long to get to where they were holding out now due to being chased around by the herd “although it will take my brother and his pair a while to get to the truck, if its still there.”

“First you give me some good news, then you give me some bad news, wait a go” William joked with a chuckle which caused Bella to tilt her head and give him a fake apologetic look before she sped up a bit, the three of them going into a jog again until they came to a complete full stop around the next corner.

“Well, that ain’t good” Jeff observed obviously as the three of them stared at the sight in front of them. They had reached the road that Bella and her brother had been on not too long before but this time it was overfilled with the undead monsters “are you sure this is the only way to get to the warehouse with the hours?” he asked, turning to look at Bella who nodded.

“Unless if you want to go the long way around and be fighting the monsters all night.”

“Not my idea of a date night” Jeff said, meaning for it to come out as a joke but it merely became just a hollow statement “we should go back. Hope that they move on by tomorrow.”

While annoyed at the idea, Bella was agreeing but before the two of them started turning to go back, William moved forward, slinging his crossbow over his shoulders and keeping low as he moved towards the herd, his two companions sharing surprised looks before they followed him in a similar stance, Bella being the one to question it “what are you doing?”

“These monsters are mainly attracted to sound or smell. If we distract them…” William started, trailing off for a moment as he saw a brick down beside his foot, picking it up and testing its weight before he continued “we can get past. We just need a distraction...which one of these cars do you bet has the best alarm?”

All three of them looked around but they couldn’t properly judge and Bella eventually said what they were all thinking “not sure so...don’t fuck it up” she told him which caused William to look back at her and when he looked into her eyes he couldn’t help but think back.

William was terrified.

Right there, in his own house, one of the undead monsters had been able to get inside through the front door that had accidentally been left ajar. It wasn’t attacking though and he wasn’t sure why. He could see that the eyes and nose had been chewed off, a rather disgusting sight, so maybe it was relying on only sound?

Turning to look behind him, his body shaking hard, he could see that his wife was just as nervous. He had one chance to trick this monster into going back outside with sound and if he fucked that up, they’d both probably be dead.

William took a deep breath and when his heart couldn’t take the waiting any more, he threw the glass bottle, watching it, with a grateful look, as it flew over the monsters shoulder and landed outside with a loud smash, drawing the monster’s attention and leading it to slowly turn around and stumble back outside, hungry for its latest meal while William took the moment as an opportunity to quickly but quietly close the door behind it again.

Now, he started crying. William collapsed to the floor as his emotions got the better of him while Rebecca quickly made her way over to comfort him, wrapping her arms around him and drawing him into a loving hug as she tried to soothe him with words.

William couldn’t handle this. He couldn’t handle the war and now he can’t handle the world.

Shaking himself back to the present, William mentally cursed at himself and avoided the curious look that Bella was giving him before he looked over the hood of the car again, trying to judge which was the best one to go for until Jeff spoke up “hey, look over there. That’s the flashiest car I’ve seen in this entire city. It must have the best car alarm.”

Following where Jeff was pointing, William’s eyes caught onto the flashy car he was talking about and grinned “thanks to the rich guy then I guess” he said with a chuckle before throwing the brick, the three of them watching as it flew across the air and hit the car’s front windshield, a very loud alarm immediately setting off and drawing the attention of the monster herd once the shield was smashed.

While watching as the monster herd slowly but surely shambled out of the way of the road and towards the car, William and Jeff high fived each other in excitement before Bella grabbed both of their arms and started dragging them away from the scene, muttering “let’s go” but she did have a smile on her face at the plan working out for them.

27th September 2017 - 20:15 - Charleston, America

Natasha couldn’t keep herself contained. She was pacing around the main room, sometimes going to check the window to see if the others were coming back yet, until she finally muttered “I need a drink” under her breath and walked over to the bar and going behind it in order to pick out whatever pulled her attention first, deciding she could mix a few up together.

This caught the attention of Josh who raised his eyebrows in curiosity and made his way over to the bar, watching from the patron side as Natasha picked out drinks until he decided to put his thoughts into action “I’ll have a martini mix” was what he said and with interest he watched as she, without word or even realizing, went about mixing the drink that he had asked before giving it to him as he let out a chuckle “so you were a bartender?”

It was when he asked this question that she came to the realization of what she had done without thinking and let out a soft laugh as she nodded “yeah, guess it's just natural. Why’s that?”

“Oh, I just didn’t take you for the type to be behind the bar.”

“Heh, let me guess, you took me for the type to be up on those stripper poles over there” she said lightly as she gestured over to said poles but Josh just shook his head and chuckled again.

“Quite the opposite actually. I expected you to be more of the receiver than the terms of entertainment, not that way” he added after he gained a curious look from Natasha which caused him to nervously smile “the way you lost yourself earlier, made it seem like you were more the type to be dancing on the dance floor than serving the drinks.”

“Oh, I definitely let my hair down a lot, I can assure you of that but yeah, I prefer to give more than receive” Natasha teased, adding a little purr to her voice as she winked in order to purposely make Josh feel awkward but before either of them could continue the discussion further, Robert came walking into the main room with a worried look on his face.

“Hey, I don’t want either of you to get the wrong idea but I need to ask you something” Robert asked as he made his way over to stand next to them, the two other adults eyeing him curiously as he pushed his glasses up his nose before continuing “did either one of you take some of the medicals that I’ve been looking after? I’m missing pills that help with heart conditions. I won’t make you look bad if you have, I can understand the reason but we’re going to have to start working together as a group here.”

They both shook their heads which caused Robert to sigh but as Robert started to walk away again, Josh put his hand on the man’s shoulder and brought him back while offering a smile as he spoke “why not go down to the nearby pharmacy and get the medicals there? I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been raided yet. It weren’t in the first month after the safe-zone got overrun and I haven’t seen a single soul nearby here but our group since.”

“Could prove fortunate for us I guess” Robert mused as he thought over the idea before shaking his head “but it would be too dangerous for us right now. We can discuss it with the rest of the group when they get back.”

“Oh come on Robbie, where is your sense of adventure? Let’s go raid it now!” Josh declared as he walked away from his two fellow adults in order to grab a jacket and put it on before routing through some drawers in order to grab two flashlights, keeping one to himself as he offered out the other “I’m going anyway, anyone else gonna come?”

Natasha and Robert shared doubtful looks. They didn’t really want to risk the night but they also knew that if they allowed Josh to go out on his own, there was no way he would be coming back, at least alive. So they, against their guts, nodded and started preparing themselves to leave into the darkness just as Faith came into the main room with a questioning look “what are the three of you doing?”

“We’re going out pharmacy shopping. You in?” Josh said as if it was a casual friday night, a grin on his face as the three of them started making their way out the front of the club, leaving Faith to stand there alone and confused until she cursed under breath and quickly followed out after them.

"Don't worry guys, it'll be fun to stretch our legs" Josh told them outside as he lightly laughed to himself before closing the club's door after Faith had exited, locking it behind them.

27th September 2017 - 21:00 - Charleston, America

The warehouse was near them now and the trio were both excited at what it could give them but also the dangers that could be within it. Bella, who was grateful to see her brother’s motorcycle hadn’t been stolen, taking the lead with her machete ready to swing while William covered her rear with his crossbow and Jeff covered behind them with his pistol.

“In before there are a ton of heavily armed people in there and we don’t stand a chance” Jeff muttered which earned him glares from his two companions as Bella peaked her head through the slight gap in the doors but with how dark it was getting, she couldn’t see a thing.

“I can’t see a thing. Dammit we shouldn’t have searched through all those cars on the way, we wouldn’t have taken so long to get here” Bella said, something William agreed with considering the three of them weren’t able to get anything useful from their car scavenging but it was too late now.

“What’s done is done. Get back” William told her, turning on the flashlight on his crossbow and using the scope of his crossbow to look through the gap himself, unable to see anything in the now slightly lit up until a monster suddenly appear directly in front of him, making William jump back in surprise as it growled hungrily, trying to push through the warehouse doors in order to reach its meal.

“Boo” Bella taunted as she chuckled, William giving her a slightly annoyed, but also partly amused look, as he raised his crossbow, without looking at the target, and fired. Hearing the thud of his bolt going into the monster's skull before even a second had passed.

“Ha-ha. Just watch your back” William told her, facing the monster now and pulling his bolt out of its skull before stepping to the side and pulling open one of the warehouse’s doors, the corpse of the monster simply falling to the ground as the three of them looked inside the warehouse using William’s flashlight “I’m assuming more than one monster came in here. Someone had to have closed the door.”

“Let’s go in and find out then?” Benjamin suggested before he stepped past the two of them, the grip on his pistol remaining strong as Bella followed in after him, William remaining at the door in order to use his flashlight to light it up for his two companions, the three of them standing there awkwardly for a moment before Jeff called out “hello! Anyone there?”

There was no response. Nothing came out from the shadows but there was a slight growling sound that could be heard and when Bella was able to get a flashlight from one of the shelves and turn it on to look around herself, she could see one of the shelves further towards the back of the warehouse had been knocked down which led to her pointing towards it as she said “you see that? Something went down over there.”

“I’ll check it out” Jeff said as he put his pistol into it’s holster and grabbed a flashlight for himself and also grabbed a hammer, deciding that silence would be better as he made his way over to the collapsed shelves. It didn’t take him long to learn where the growls were coming from as he called out “found the noise-maker.”

When William and Bella made their way over to where Jeff stood, the two of them found it too. Under the shelves was a trapped monster that hungrily reached for the three meals that had appeared in front of it but it couldn’t reach. Through their flashlights, they could see it had been bitten on the arm and they all assumed it must’ve been trapped and unable to defend itself from the monster they had killed previously. Having their answer to the question, nobody asked anything else as Bella crouched down to stab it through the head with her machete, ending its existence.

“Alright, let’s see what we can find” William said, his two companions nodding in agreement before the three of them split up to search around, being careful to watch their own backs as Bella wasn’t able to walk far before her foot connected with something metal and when she looked down, she found it to be a camera, curiosity taking over her and causing her to pick it up as William noticed this and spoke up “I wouldn’t look at it as far as you. You won’t like what you see.”

Bella ignored him and went straight into investigating its footage while William and Jeff just sighed and decided to allow her. She didn’t understand why at first but as the videos started playing for her, she realized what William meant.

She wouldn’t like finding out who it was she had just killed.

The first scene that played was clearly a wedding. The husband holding the camera as he and his wife were excitedly walking out of their church, cries and shouts of happiness being seen and heard as the people around them celebrated as the new couple took a moment to kiss each other before they got into their limo and drove off.

The second scene that played was the same people enjoying themselves as they celebrated in the bar, the wife being the one to hold the camera this time. Although the celebrations were soon interrupted by screams of terror as monsters invaded the bar, quickly slaughtering the majority of it’s patrols while the husband immediately grabbed his wife and dragged her along as he ran from the scene.

The wife was still holding the camera in the third scene but the surroundings had been completely changed. It was clear that whatever was being recorded happened at least three months after shit went down. The husband and wife were ragged, tired and barely speaking except for their plans on how to continue to survive. Despite few words, it was clear by the way they looked at each other, they were still heavy in love.

It then cut to the surrounding that Bella knew. The warehouse. Carefully, the couple made their way inside and shut the doors mostly behind them. They were just looking for somewhere to stay for the night and that was when a monster jumped from the shadows, latching onto the husband’s arm and quickly tearing through the skin. The husband had managed to kill the monster with his hammer but it was clear that the two of them thought it was too late as the camera footage finally came to a stop which caused Bella to turn the camera to the side and see “property of Logan and Rachel Courtney” written on the side.

“I guess he turned and bit her” William suddenly spoke up from behind her, making her jump before she quickly recovered and hid it away while he continued “a shame. This is why I told you not to look. It’s easier to kill them when you can pretend they weren’t monsters before” he tried to ease but she just shook her head and put the camera down as she offered a response.

“It ain’t that hard. You just have to recognise that they aren’t anything but monsters to be put down.”

“Hey guys, I found something to help us deal with our monster problem on the bridge!” Jeff called out to them suddenly, interrupting William’s response to Bella, as the two of them decided to head over and investigate, finding themselves face to face with a lot of fireworks “we fire these in the direction of the bridge sides, I bet you they will all fall off the bridge like idiots to chase the flashing lights.”

William grinned at that, his thoughts of the camera’s film immediately going out of his head, as he examined the fireworks before turning to look at his two companions “well, let’s give them a good show then.”

Although, while the two men were excited for their chance to get rid of the monster group on the bridge, Bella was still trying to turn her head away from the sight of Rachel's corpse trapped under the shelves and Logan's corpse as it laid outside of his deathbed.

27th September 2017 - 21:00 - Charleston, America

Across Charleston, Aiden was taking his time to appreciate the view, that they had been given by the outskirts of the city, but while it looked pretty, they were now in the night stage and with it being dark, all three of them knew how dangerous it was.

“This was such a bad idea” Aleena muttered as she followed behind Tyral who was just happily strolling around without a care in the world “are you sure we’re going the correct way?”

“Positive, it should be just around the corner” Tyral said before he suddenly came to a stop, his two companions also stopping as they looked at him confused, a look that turned into worry when Tyral looked at them with his own worried look “actually… I think we missed the right turning.”

“A-are you serious?” Aiden asked, looking around their surroundings nervously while Aleena looked as if she was trying to light Tyral on fire with her glare, a glare that only worsened when Tyral grinned and the pair of them realized he was joking, Aleena shaking her head and taking the lead now as Aiden followed, both men hearing her call Tyral an asshole under her breath.

“Hey, I’m just trying to lighten the mood. I mean, I don’t want a pretty little thing like you getting bored” Tyral said, his grin never fading, as his eyes couldn’t help themselves trail down and get an eyeful “although, now you’re up front, it does give me a much better view.”

“Mention that view again and you’ll get a faceful of shells” Aleena warned as she turned to walk backwards and aim her shotgun at him. It wasn’t actually loaded, she had no ammunition left, but it was a nice thought while Tyral raised his hands in mock defense and she rolled her eyes and turned back around “you’re nowhere near my type.”

At that comment, Tyral studied her for a moment before he grinned “does that mean you’re gay?” he asked, only being ignored by the woman in response so he continued “that’s cool. I’ve never had a gay friend before.”

“I wasn’t aware that we were friends.”

Tyral let out a pained squeak at that retort, placing his hand against his chest as he done a few over dramatic stumbles while he kept pace with her “wow, your words wound me!”

“Yeah? Well you’re a terrible actor too.”

“Now you’re just trying to kill me.”


“Hey, is that the truck over there?” Aiden suddenly spoke up, the two adults following where he was pointing with their eyes until they noticed an old military truck, one that used to carry soldiers into battle, abandoned on the road not far away now as Tyral nodded in agreement.

“Not going to lie, I was hoping for a truck that is actually used for warehouse storage movement, not a truck like that” Aleena said with a sigh as she looked over the ruined military checkpoint that was nearby “although it’s better than nothing. Let’s see if it still works.”

“You know, you’ve probably jinxed us now with your hope for something else” Tyral joked, letting out a chuckle as no one else did before he picked up speed and jogged over to check the truck their eyes had caught, Aiden going over with him while Aleena instead headed over to the military checkpoint, her hands gripping onto her shotgun tightly.

“Just watch your backs” Aleena called out to them before she ducked her head and walked into the tent, resisting a disgusted look as she was met with both the sight and smell of soldiers that had been torn apart and doing her best to ignore them both as she looked around the tent, not trying to find anything in particular but she found herself rooting through what was on the desks until she found an unfinished letter in her hands and started to read it.

“Dear Chloe. I’ve just received word that you’ve been placed in the safe-zone at D.C., I’m glad you’ll be safe there and I’m so grateful our superiors are doing the best they can to keep people in touch with their lost ones. Can you imagine how hard that must be with all the different people they’re flocking to safety? I hope Jason is doing well and not too sad that his father missed his first birthday party, I’m going to try and see if I can get transferred to the guard there but transfers aren’t the main concern right now which is sadly understandable. I still can’t believe that on top of this damn war, we’ve got people turning into cannibalistic monsters. We keep getting sent to deal with a new freak each day...I just worry for-”

That was it. The letter wasn’t finished and never would be and Aleena could tell the reason why by looking at the blood splatters along the letter. Silently, she took a moment to bow her head and give whoever the man who had written this letter was a prayer before her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the truck being started up.

“Hell yeah, we have it working!” Tyral shouted, celebrating as he waved his baseball bat around, Aiden sending a thumbs up over to Aleena which she returned with a small sad smile on her face. While others hadn’t been so fortunate, at least they had been. So far.

“Alright, let’s get moving to that warehouse before it gets too dark” Aleena told the two boys as she walked over to the truck, climbing into the driver’s seat while her two companions got into the cabin as well, Tyral grinning as he looked over to Aleena.

“Since I got us a vehicle, does that make us friends now?”

“Pfft. You wish.”

All three of them laughed at that as Aleena got the truck going and drove it down the road, Tyral prepared to give her directions while, from the rooftops, two unknown figures watched as they drove away until they disappeared from sight before the woman of the pair cursed and slammed her first against the wall slightly “damnit. That truck would’ve been good for us.”

“Look on the brightside Karen, at least we know our group aren’t the only living people on the planet now” Karen’s male companion said with a grin which made her roll her eyes.

“That’s great news Logan, now just to find out whether they’re bandits, rapists, murderers, psychopaths, cannibals or just normal people trying to survive” she retorted with a bit of a sarcastic smile but before Logan could give a response, the other male companion spoke up.

“You worry too much, Karen! I’ll just give them the good old Anthony charm and they’ll want to be bestfriends with us!” Anthony declared as he drunkenly stumbled until falling over completely, groaning out in pain “urgh, I don’t think a date night into the city at this time was a good idea.”

Both Karen and Logan chuckled at that while Logan was the one to speak up as he moved away from where he had been to help Anthony back up “maybe not for you and your light weight tolerances but it was more than fine for us” the big man teased, Anthony sticking out his tongue in retort before he nearly fell over again, Karen just shaking her head before she gave her opinion.

“Let’s get him back to the motel. We’ll tell Connor about this other group as well” was what she suggested and she earned nods of agreements from her male companions as the three of them moved to get ready and head back to the motel.

27th September 2017 - 21:00 - Charleston, America

“You said just around the corner” Natasha muttered as her and the rest of the group were still making their way through the dark and overrun streets of Charleston, Josh offering her an apologetic smile as he had already explained that his judgment was wrong but they kept going anyway. They had gotten this far now, might as well go all the way.

“It was still such a bad idea to go in the first place” Faith muttered as well, her usual worried look gone as her face was actually covered with a look of annoyance, although it did disappear for at least a brief moment every time there was a slight noise that made her jump.

“Oh come on, we’re having fun, right?” Josh asked but when he looked behind him to see their reactions, he only received glares in response which made him turn to look away from them again “we’re at least sure to get plenty of supplies that will help us.”

“I hope so, I don’t want to be risking our lives for nothing” Robert whispered but the moment he did, the four of them came to the exit of the alleyway they had been walking through and were greeted with not only the sight of an empty street but also one of the pharmacy on the other side which caused Josh to chuckle as he turned to them and spoke again.

“Why did the chicken cross the road?”

“Yeah, yeah. We still had to walk further than what you said” Natasha told him although she, like the other three, was smiling at least a little bit as they looked both ways down the road and then ran across, the four of them quickly looking for a way in and generally see what was inside “we’ll have to be careful, there might still be an active alarm” Natasha told them which made Faith sigh.

“Great, now you make me feel like a criminal.”

“It’s just what we have to do in order to survive?” Robert tried to comfort as he took his glasses of for a moment to clear them “we’ll make up for it later. For now, I think we’re just going to have to break in.”

“Oh don’t worry, I got it handled” Josh said with a grin as he moved back onto the road, gesturing for them to move out of the way before he took a deep breath and surged forward, putting all his energy into it as he slammed against the door in aim to force it open, only to scream in pain and collapse to the ground, Robert immediately going to attend to him as the two girls rolled their eyes.

“Let me pick the lock instead, yeah?” Natasha suggested, smirking as she reached into her pockets and pulled out the tools before getting to work on the lock as Faith looked on with hesitation. She clearly still didn’t feel too happy about what they were doing but Robert did have a point.

“I had it handled, you know” Josh said in between groans, Robert helping him stand back up as he supported his wounded arm “if you’d let me do one more run up, that door would’ve been down.”

“I’m sure it would’ve” Natasha teased, not looking away from the lock “but you are more useful to us with both of your arms working” she told him as the lock let out the noise to show it had been picked, leading to Natasha slowly pushing open the door so the four of them could look inside using their two flashlights, grateful that no sounding alarm blared off “now, let’s see if the trip was worth it, hmm?”

It didn’t take long for the four of them to be able to judge that it was indeed completely worth it.

“Holy shit, this place is stocked up” Robert said out loud, his eyes widening as he looked at all of the stocked shelves, a lot more than any of them would have hoped for at a time like this “we’re going to need a car if we’re going to take all this with us back to the bar.”

“Heh, first we’re raiding a pharmacy and now we’re stealing a car. Is a bank next?” Natasha teased before she grabbed one of the flashlights from Josh “I’ll go see if I can get us a car” she told them before exiting from the pharmacy, leaving the remaining three of them to slowly get over the shock of the goldmine that they found.

“Huh, looks like there are some hospital grade medicals here too. Weird” Faith commented as she walked down the aisles, distracting herself from their bad deed by examining what was currently stocked “you think the military raided the hospitals and put it all in pharmacies?”

“That’d be my guess” Robert said as he moved over to the counter, quickly routing through everything in order to see if he can find the keys to the main storage of the pharmacy while Josh sat himself down on a box, reaching into his pocket to get a flash that he could drink from as Faith continued searching, her eyes landing on something she had been on the lookout for for a while.

Whispering a very silent gratefulness, Faith made sure that neither Robert or Josh were looking before she pocketed what she had found, smiling to herself and looking past the shelves to Robert at the counter “did you find what you’re looking for yet?”

“I did indeed” Robert declared loudly, holding up the keys and playfully waving them around before walking over to the storage room door, not taking long to unlock it and open it to reveal a second room full of medical supplies “wow, we could set up our own little mini hospital if we wanted with all this lot, I don’t even think it would all fit in a car!”

“Well then let’s just try and fit as much in it as possible then, yeah?” Natasha suggested as she returned, the three of them being able to see a van parked outside the front of the pharmacy as Natasha swung keys around on her finger “if push comes to shove, I can just drive it back to the pharmacy as y'all just walk.”

“That would be very rude of you” Josh said with playful puppy eyes but she just teasingly ignored him which caused him to sigh as he took one last sip of his flask before putting it back into his pocket and stood up, putting on his grin “well, guess we better get to work then. Otherwise the others will come back and wonder where we’ve all gone.”

27th September 2017 - 21:35 - Charleston, America

It had taken a bit of time to get their “good show” set up for the audience but they were finally ready, both William and Jeff grinning like children as they backed away from the gathered together fireworks while Bella just watched with a doubtful look “this is going to go terribly, what if it also draws the attention of monsters from other areas?”

Although she said this out, the two men were too busy being lost in their fun to actually give her a response as William reached into his jacket to grab his lighter in order to set the spark in motion before the three of them quickly moved back to a safe position. A few moments passed and then the show began.

One after another, the fireworks flew into the dark sky, brightening it up with explosions of lights and shaking up the silence with louder noises than the dead city was used to. The sight being so beautiful that even Bella, whom had been doubting the idea this entire time, appreciated the view they were given until Jeff pointed all their attention to down the road they had come.

“Both beautiful and tragic” Jeff muttered as the three of them watched the large monster herd that was blocking the road all shambled towards where the fireworks were going until they fell over the edge and towards their final end. All falling one after the other with a rather large pile gathering below.

Without any words and instead in silence as the last firework went off, they paid their respects to the poor victims who didn’t get to appreciate the lovely view while alive.

That was until the sound of a military truck coming down the road interrupted their silence as they turned to watch as the other half of the scavenging team finally arrived, all three of them stepping out of the truck with grins on their faces, Aiden being the one to speak up about what was witnessed “was that fireworks?!”

“Yeah, we thought we’d celebrate you slowpokes finally getting here” Jeff joked with a grin, earning laughs from them all before Aleena gestured for them to all get in as she returned to the driver's seat, William and his two companions hitching a ride in the back of the truck as Tyral guided Aleena down the rest of the way in order to reach the warehouse.

“Nice to see my bike is still here” Tyral said with a chuckle, going over to look it over and make sure it was still in working condition while the rest of them also got out of the truck and made their way over to the warehouse except for Bella who remained behind with Tyral who took a moment to realize she was waiting for him to pay attention to her and get confused “what?”

“We killed two people, Tyral.”

“Uhh, no?”

“We left the warehouse doors open. One of the monsters got in and sometime later an innocent husband and wife went in there and died because of it. Because of US.”

Tyral sighed at the guilty look he was seeing on his sister’s face before he turned his full attention from his bike and to her, gently taking a hold of her cheeks so they both looked each other in the eyes “we made a mistake and left the door open, sure but we didn’t kill those two people. They died because of their own carelessness. Okay?”

Bella sighed at this but she eventually gave her brother a nod which made him smile and playfully ruffle her hair as he nodded towards the warehouse “come on then. Let’s see what we’ve got.”

Fortunately for Bella, they had moved the bodies behind some construction nearby so, as she walked into the warehouse with her brother, she didn’t have to look at them and instead was greeted with the sight of the rest of their team quickly taking inventory of what they had with excited looks.

It turned out that they had pretty much found a goldmine. The boxes had all sorts of useful supplies, from necessaries and things that would make life in the apocalypse a bit more easier for them. Although, they didn’t have too longer to celebrate over what they were collecting as it was continuing to get extremely dark outside and they still needed to deliver it back to the club so it wasn’t long before Jeff was starting to get them going on moving the boxes to the truck.

That was until they heard Aleena saying “well this is interesting” just as she was about to grab her next crate, leading to the team gathering around to look as she continued her thinking out loud for them “it says this was delivered on 1st February but it came from England and we went to war on the first day of the year…”

“England?” Jeff asked, knowing what he heard but being unable to believe it as they all looked over the crate as if it was the most interesting thing in existence “can’t be. As soon as the war started, no shipping was allowed between countries. Did we break the law and collude with England?”

“Let’s find out” William simply stated as he reached and grabbed a crowbar from a nearby shelf and pry the crate open with force, muttering “and hope it isn’t a bomb” just as the crate came open, the group eagerly all pushing the lid off in order to see what was inside.

“Holy shit” Tyral said, being the first one to get over the shock and react to guns that turned out to be in the crate. They weren’t military grade but they were the type of weapons that police officers would have been using if the apocalypse hadn’t happened and it was better than nothing.

“Plenty of ammunition too” Bella observed as she smacked her brother’s hand to stop him from reaching to grab one of the guns as Aleena was the first to grab when she noticed some shotgun ammunition that would go with her own personal shotgun “even though, I’m sure half of us don’t know what we’re doing with them” Bella added as an afterthought, everyone turning their attention to their two residents soldiers while Aleena also looked towards William.

“I...I’m sure we can get some training going” William said after a moment of hesitation, lost in his thoughts as his hand rubbed along the single assault rifle in the crate before he abruptly grabbed the lid of the crate and put it back into place “for now, let’s get this all packed and head home, we should keep an eye out for more of these as we do.”

They all nodded in agreement to that and went back to doing what they were doing except for Aleena who stop beside the crate she was going to carry to the truck, curiously watching William as he separated himself from the rest in their collecting.

27th September 2017 - 21:35 - Charleston Motel, America

Anthony, Karen and Logan were walking through the woods, silently trying to get back to the rest of the group at the motel which was now in viewing distance, when the fireworks went off which made the three of them all turn to look back at the dead city as the sky was lit up by multiple beautiful explosions that caused them to be completely confused with Anthony soon letting out a little chuckle as he spoke “looks like someone is giving off quite the good show.”

“Do you think it’s that same group from earlier?” Logan asked as he turned his attention to Karen but she couldn’t give him an answer. Instead she just turned her head to watch as the rest of their group came running out of the motel to get a better look at the fireworks heading up into the sky and exploding, most of them even enjoying the sight before Karen decided to walk over to greet their leader who stood out among them while she called out to him.

“Connor, we need to talk.”

“Well, since I can see you’re not the idiots who are setting those fireworks off, I can assume what it is you’re going to mention” Connor said in response as he turned his attention to her and gave an annoyed look “but first of all, what the hell were you three doing out there? I told you not to go into the city just for some date night. That was stupid.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever” Karen replied with a wave of her hand, letting out a sigh as she watched Logan helping Anthony over to them while the fireworks came to a stop in the background “we saw three other people in the city. Turns out we’re not alone like we originally appeared to be.”

“So?” Connor casually asked, looking at Anthony with disappointment as he stumbled over and vomited on the ground, Logan helping him out while the other members of the group just chuckled and muttered among them except for Karen who glared at their leader while he continued speaking “you know how dangerous it is out there these days Karen, we can’t trust anybody but ourselves. End of discussion.”

With that, Connor started shuffling the group back into the safety of the motel, leaving the date night threesome outside of the motel as Anthony kept throwing up, Logan taking their moment of being alone to speak up “you’re totally going to still go and find that group, aren’t you?”

“Of course I am. Think you can keep him distracted in the morning long enough for me and Anthony to sneak out?”

“You bet I can” Logan said with a wink before he helped Anthony back up as he finally stopped vomiting “come on brother, let’s get you in bed so I can clean up this mess” he said, patting him on the back and accepting the multiple apologizes of his friend over and over while Karen just watched them go for a moment before she turned her attention to the dead city in the distance, pursing her lips in thought.

27th September 2017 - 23:23 - Charleston, America

Natasha was feeling much better now as she looked and walked around the crystal amethyst as she and the others had just finished stocking up the club with the supplies that they had managed to retrieve from the pharmacy that Josh led them to and she couldn’t help but smile as she watched Faith and Robert excitedly talking over the supplies before confusion set upon her as she realized Josh wasn’t around.

With this realization, Natasha left the main club room and started looking around for their resident drunk, peeking her head into all of the rooms in an attempt to find him until her search led her to the roof where she finally found Josh who was currently sitting on the ledge, looking out to the dead city which made her breath a sigh of relief before announcing her presence “are you now are guard?”

The sudden appearance of another person made Josh jump slightly but he quickly shrugged it off as he turned to grin at Natasha “hey girl, come join me” he offered, patting the ledge beside which led to Natasha strolling over and cautiously taking a seat next to him which made him chuckle “considering you came from the roof, I didn’t take you for the type to have a fear of heights.”

“Yeah, well when it’s live or die, there isn’t much room for fears.”

“True that. I can’t blame you for such a fear, especially now with those...freaks down there waiting.”

The two of them fell into an awkward silence at that statement as they both looked down and watched as the few monsters below them stumbled around in the darkness until Natasha turned to look back up at Josh while speaking “so what are you really doing up here?”

Surprisingly, Josh didn’t grin. Didn’t have any of his light hearted attitude inside of him as he just let out a slow breath before replying with “looking” which made Natasha tilt her head in confusion.

“Looking for what?”

“My old friends. Patrons and such. They’re down there somewhere and I’m trying to see if I can find them” Josh said, leaving it at that for a moment as he reached to his side and grabbed his flask, taking a quick swig of it before he sighed and continued “I lied to all of you.”

“About what?”

“I didn’t have a group before all of you got here… they all died long before that… I killed them.”

“What do you mean killed them?” Natasha asked, remaining calm and gentle about what she had just been told, not even reaching for her revolver as she waited patiently for Josh to take another swig of his drink before explaining.

“When the safe-zone went to shit, the club was quickly overrun. So many people were dying as undead filled in from the entrance. The only escape was the roof and I panicked. I went up there and locked the door behind me. The survivors who managed to escape the initial slaughter, they… they tried to join me on the roof but… I was too scared… there was even a newly wed couple among them and I killed them. I killed them all.”

Natasha sighed at what she was told, wrapping one of her arms around him to pull him into a hug which he accepted “I’m not going to say you can’t blame yourself for it but at the same time, you can’t dwell on it. What’s done is done and all you can do is do better next time. You’ve already helped us by getting us supplies. Now continue to help us, make up for your mistakes.”

Josh wasn’t quite sure what to say in response to that but he didn’t need to as the two of them were soon turning their heads to watch as a military truck and motorcycle made they’re way down the road to them which made Natasha give Josh a light kiss on the head before she quickly left to greet their returning group members.

On the road below, the vehicles were parked and the group members left them in order to put down the few monsters that were gathering around while Josh waved from above on the roof as he called out “welcome back homies! Whatcha get?”

“More stuff than we can handle!” Tryal yelled back at him with a grin before Bella smacked him on the back of the head, giving him a look that told him to stop encouraging yelling in the night just as Natasha and their other two companions came out from the club, greetings being shared among them all before Aiden was the one to excitedly show off all the goods in the back of the truck.

“Just wait until you see what we got” Faith teased with a grin, earning shared confused looks from those who had just gotten back which caused her to explain as she gestured up to Josh who was still on the roof “our drunkard wanted to go and get supplies from the nearby pharmacy, with or without us so we decided it would be best to give him company.”

“Dangerous but I assume it worked out?” Aleena asked and received a nod from Faith who gestured for them all to follow her as she led them into the club where she worked with Natasha and Robert to show them all of the medical supplies they had managed to get, the grins on everybody’s faces only getting bigger as they took in just how many supplies they had with Aleena being the one to say what they were thinking “who knew the city would turn out to be a goldmine.”

“Well, let’s make sure it stays in our hands, we still got a lot of unpacking to do” William said with a grin which caused them to all nod in agreement as they headed back outside to the truck. It may have been a lot of work but they were able to get a lot in return.

Maybe their luck was finally getting better.

28th September 2017 - 07:13 - Charleston, America

By the time of the morning, all of their supplies had been moved inside and the group had gotten some deserved rest as they took turns being on guard duty with Aleena’s shotgun. Tyral being the current one as he kept his gaze on the outside. The streets were clear and the sun was happily showing across for all to see.

“I got a feeling that today is gonna be a good day” Tyral said out loud with a grin, looking over at Robert who was also already up and doing inventory of all the supplies they now had “although, I’ve probably just jinxed us. Huh?”

“Likely” Robert simply commented, looking over the inventory he had gathered again quickly before he sighed and put the clipboard down on the table, looking up to Tyral as he adjusted his glasses “I have an important question to ask you and I don’t want you to take offense, I’ve asked everyone.”

This quickly gained Tyral’s full attention as he turned away from the window and faced Robert directly, toying with Aleena’s shotgun a bit nervously but he still gave a shrug “sure. Go ahead.”

“Did you steal some pills that help with heart conditions?”

Tyral’s first instinct was to lie but for some reason he stopped himself and it was clear with that hesitation that Robert had easily decided it was him which caused the thief himself to sigh as he leaned on the shotgun in his grip “I did. My own supply is running low and it still wasn’t clear whether we’d end up being friends or not.”

Robert sighed himself once the explanation was over, taking off his glasses in order to give them a bit of a clean before he put them back on and rooted through the medical supplies, Tyral unsure of what to do until Robert finally grabbed a bottle of the same pills and headed over to Tyral, offering them to him “take them. They should last you a while but if you end up needing more, I’ll see what we have.”

Slowly, Tyral reached to take the bottle from him, balancing it in his hands for a moment before he looked up to Robert with a smile as he said “thanks man, I appreciate it” but before Robert could give a response, the two of them heard as the rest of the group were starting to come there way which caused Tyral to quickly stash the bottle in his pocket while Robert returned to what he was doing just as the others arrived.

“Now that's what I call a good sleep!” Natasha announced with the biggest grin on her face as they all gathered around at their designated breakfast area at the bar, although slightly confused as their morning drinks hadn’t been made up. A role assigned to their two resident teenagers which caused them all to have the same realization that Natasha was the first to say “wait, where are Aiden and Faith?”

As if on cue, Aiden and Faith came stumbling through the doors to the main room, flustered looks on their faces as they had obviously just been putting on their clothes, Faith giving them all an apologetic look while Aiden quickly went to work on setting up the drinks “hey, sorry we’re late. We were too lost in our dreams” Faith tried to say with a soft smile although the rest of the group gave her curious looks until they decided to just shrug it off and go find their seats.

Except for Natasha who leaned over the bar and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively at Faith with a smirk “so, you two had some fun last night I take it?” was her blunt question which raised a lot of redness on Faith’s cheeks as she gave a shy glance over to Aiden who was completely oblivious to their conversation as he went about preparing the drinks.

“N-not really. I grabbed some condoms from the pharmacy but ah… we couldn’t even get past the… first stage.”

“Oh you did the first stage? I didn’t take you for the on your knees type of girl.”

“N-no! Kissing!”

“Ooh” Natasha let out a bit awkwardly as she rubbed the back of her head “heh, it’s been ages since my first time so kissing kinda just comes naturally rather than a stage. I could offer you advice if you like?”

Filled with complete embarrassment now, Faith was about to politely deny the offer before there was a sudden knocking on the bar’s front door which caused everyone’s attention to turn towards it. Aleena cautiously taking a hold of her shotgun and making sure it was ready to fire as she looked at the rest of them “I’m pretty sure that weren’t the knocking of one of those monsters.”

William nodded in agreement as he reached to his side to grab his crossbow, aiming it towards the door as he gestured for Jeff to open the door, the rest of the group getting into positions where they would be safe from an initial attack, watching as Jeff sneaked up to the door with the keys that Josh passed to him before suddenly opening it, surprising the male and female on the other side when they found a crossbow and shotgun pointed towards them.

“Hey… My name’s Anthony and this is Karen” Anthony said, gesturing to himself and his female partner whose fingers were clasped around her glock, ready to fire it if necessary before he continued, putting a smile on his face “do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior-”

Karen cut him off with the elbow to the ribs, giving him a glare to let him know that now was not the time for jokes before she turned to look back at the group with a nervous smile “before you shoot us, let us explain who we are. We’re from a group set up at the motel just outside of the city. Eleven of us. We saw you guys when you collected that big truck of yours and after we witnessed that good show of fireworks, our leader decided we should make contact.”

No weapons were lowered but none were fired either as all of the group shared looks with each other. Not saying a word as they thought about what they were offered but they all clearly couldn’t really come to a conclusion which left Anthony to speak up “you don’t have to come but, if I were you, I’d think it would be worth checking out. We can offer-”

“We’ll head back to our motel now and, unless if you want to follow, we’ll promise this will be the last time you see us” Karen interrupted, glancing at them all before she gestured for Anthony to follow her as she turned around and started walking away “it’s up to you. Whatever you decide, good luck on surviving!”

With that, the group were left to make their decision, all of them gathering around the table again as Josh shut the door first before joining them, Jeff looking between all of his companions before he let out a sigh and spoke up first “we can’t just let this slide, can we?”

“No, we can’t” William said as he looked down at the crossbow in his arms, thinking their situation over before he turned to look at Aleena “me and Aleena should check it out, if things go south, we’re trained to get out of it. The rest of you should get preparing in case we need to leave this place now that they know we’re here.”

“Are you?” Natasha asked, her voice and eyes full of concern but William just gave her a nod and comforting pat on the hand before he stood from his seat and walked over to the same crate they were looking in earlier, placing down his crossbow in order to reach inside and grab the assault rifle, putting everything he had into not shaking as he held a weapon he hadn’t wanted to hold ever again in his life.

“Ready when you are” Aleena spoke up, interrupting William from his thoughts as he quickly started loaded up the rifle before he turned and nodded to her, the two soldiers sharing their farewells with the rest of the group before they left the club and walked onto the streets of the dead city, Josh closing the door behind them.

28th September 2017 - 07:13 - Charleston, America

Elsewhere in the dead city, one of monster’s heads fell to the ground with a splat while it’s body fell down beside it shortly after it, the axe that had finally put the creature down being swung around as its owner, Riley Vega, casually whistled his way along down the street until he came to a stop outside the pharmacy, swinging the axe up to lay across his shoulders as he let out a sigh.

“Great” was all he muttered to himself as he observed that someone had recently broken into the pharmacy and with a quick look inside, he could tell that everything had been stolen as a few monsters even shambled around inside. He didn’t care about them though, instead he just cursed as he kicked the pharmacy’s door off its hinges before grabbing the radio at his side and raising it to his mouth as he clicked it on “this is Vega to base, the goods have been stolen.”

He didn’t receive much response from the other side of the radio for a few moments except for a few strange licks on something until the person he was trying to contact finally replied “any idea from who?”


“Well? Fucking find out. We need those fucking supplies. You think I can run an organization on fucking thin air?”

“Chill, boss. We’ll handle it.”

“You fucking better” the voice on the other side of the radio came through in a growl, the moment being tense as Riley tried to not let Leon and the rest of his mercenaries see that the two leaders were having an argument “I hired you to get shit done but all I see is shit being fucking stolen, get our supplies back. Whatever it fucking takes.”

With that, the communications were cut and Riley sighed as he placed the radio back on his belt, casually watching in silence as the monsters from inside of the pharmacy started walking stumbling towards him, growling hungrily until they were put down by Leon with a few rounds from his rifle which caused Riley to turn to look at his rather large group of mercenaries while he grinned at them “we have some thieves to find.”

Significant Events SummaryEdit

  • The group split into three teams and successfully manage to collect the supplies, inadvertently stealing from another group for some of their supplies, and vehicles they wanted.
  • Bella's team set off fireworks to divert a herd of monsters which was witnessed by multiple groups, including ones that haven't been introduced yet.
  • A secondary group from a nearby motel turn out to be watching the group which leads to two members introducing themselves to William and the rest, offering for them to come and visit the motel in turn leading to William and Aleena going.
  • Riley Vega's mercenaries discover that their pharmacy has been raided and are commanded by their boss to find the people who raided them.


(The cast list is ordered by appearance in the episode)
  • Seen in the background as members of the motel group = *
  • Referred to as Riley's boss = **


  • Logan Courtney (Zombified)
  • Rachel Courtney (Zombified)
  • Numerous Counts Of Monsters
  • One Monster (Camera Footage)
  • Numerous Counts Of Bar Staff And Bar Patrons (Camera Footage)


  • The "episode representing image" for this episode would be the group together and gathered around Bella's marked map as they discussed their options.
  • This episode is the remixed version of Issue 10 - Issue 11 of the original version.
  • While the episode wasn't released on the date, the scene in which Aleena, the first lesbian encountered in The Dead World, revealed she was such was written on the day of Purry's birthday so iconic.
  • The husband and wife featured in this episode were actually characters originally intended to appear in the first main group in the original The Dead World series but ended up being taken out before they appeared.
    • The author decided to use them for this episode due to the fact they were nearly apart of the main group but were scrapped out, similar to how the couple in this episode could've become apart of the main group if they had come to the warehouse at a different time, rather than inbetween the group's two visits to it.
  • Due to writing some of the scenes out of order, the author made a mistake in Connor saying they wouldn't make contact with William's group but then Karen later telling William's group that their leader said to make contact. This is fixed in the first scene of the next episode.

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