This is Issue 42 of The Sewers.

Issue 42Edit

"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

"Your friend, Cole, already told us everything. We know where your base are. We know where your women are. And we are going to take them." Cal says, standing with a bloody knife over for Liam.
"Hansi is gonna kick your ass." Liam spits with a bloody face.
"Yea, i doubt that. For every of my men they kill, i am gonna kill two of you." Cal says, approaching Liam.
Liam looks at the knife Cal is holding. Blood dripping down. Somebody had been recently stabbed.
"What are you gonna do with that?" Liam asks cold, nodding towards the knife.
Cal smiles. "You don't want to know."

Alan is also tied to a chair in another meat locker. In the same room is Bill tied too. Another survivor from the supermarket, Mike Cooper, is standing with an assault rifle, smoking.
"So what's the plan, bud'?" Alan asks. He too has a bloody face and a big wound from a knife on his shoulder.
"Shut up." Cooper snorts, leaning up the wall of the meat locker.
"You're just gonna take our women and supplies and then kill us?" Alan asks and blows away a piece of hair.
Cooper takes a last blow of the cigarette and moves towards Alan. "I said shut up."
Alan nods, a passive-aggressive smile on his face. "Yea, i know."
"Alan, you shouldn't..." Bill begins. He too has a bloody face, but no wound from the knife.
"So, Cooper..." Alan interrupts. "Why don't you just kill us now?"
Cooper takes the still lit cigarette and shoves it inside Alan eye, causing him to scream.
"Alan!" Bill yells trying to twist himself free of the chair.
"You shut the fuck up!" Cooper whispers, cigarette still inside Alan's eye. "We are not going to kill you. We want your women and then we'll let you free."
Alan continues screaming. As Cooper takes out the cigarette, Cal enters the meat locker.
"What's going on here?" Cal asks calm.
"Just this fucker asking questions." Cooper says and backs off.
Cal smiles and kneels over for Alan. Alan's eye is insanely red and busted. "We're not barbarians, friend. We just want to survive."
"Why do you torture us then?" Bill asks scared.
"Because you need to be scared of us." Cal says and gets up, headed towards Bill, knife in his hand.
Cooper is now leaning up against the wall again. Cal now kneels over for Bill.
"Scared...?" Alan coughs, eye burning with pain. "I'm just pissed angry now."

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