This is Issue 42 of The Sewers.

Issue 42Edit

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." - Soren Kirkegaard.

"They should be back by now." The blonde-brown woman says, walking towards the current guards; Hansi and Ethan.
"Easy, Noelle." Hansi says calmly. Where Hansi before was angry all the time, he managed to control his temper since the apocalypse began.
"Easy? Andy is out there! My friends!" Noelle says, beginning to build up a frustration.
"It's our friends too." Hansi marks, staring over Robe Lake, which the sewer leads into.
It has been two days since the groups left. Before they left, Andy told them not to go after them if they weren't back within three days. After three days, they could go.
Noelle looks at Hansi. Ethan jumps, slowly, down of the car and heads toward the woman.
"Listen." Ethan begins. "Andy's okay. Liam's okay. They're all okay."
Noelle stares at Hansi, not listening to Ethan.

In the food stash, Lisa is currently making inventory, with help from Nia, Timmy and Seth.
"Aren't you afraid?" Nia asks Lisa, while placing a box of canned corn in a box.
"Of what?" Lisa asks, even though she knows what she's talking about.
"You're pregnant." Nia answers. "I would be afraid if it was me."
Lisa pauses and turns around, to face Nia. "Yes, i'm afraid. Actually i'm scared shitless. The only doctor we have here is Seth, and he's drinking."
Seth looks ashamed at Lisa. "I will stop. Soon. I promise." The old man says.
"Right." Timmy mutters, placing a box with various cans on the plank-bridge to the other end of the sewer.

In the far end of the camp, between the toilets and the building material stash, Ringo, Wolfgang and Wayne are currently trying to set up some light and a water-based generator in Robe Lake.
"You think this'll work?" Wayne asks, helping Ringo setting up a cable. They are standing on the half-finished dam that will dry out half of the sewer, and lead all the dirty water another way out.
"Of course." Ringo says, trying to set up the cable with a light bulb.
Wolfgang snorts, leading the cable over the toilets and into the building material stash.

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