This is Issue 44 of The Sewers.

Issue 44Edit

"Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself." - Mark Twain

"We're leaving in ten minutes, people!"
On the third day, without the scavengers coming back, Hansi, the second-in-command, decides to take a group with him to find the scavengers.
"Timmy, Ringo, Wolfgang. You three are coming with me." Hansi said, packing a bag.
"Yep." Ringo says and shoves a 9mm gun down his belt.
"This means that Ethan, Noelle and Hunter goes to the construction site." Hansi continues.
Hunter nods. He is usually the leader, but after hearing about Lisa's pregnancy he has been nervous all the time.
"Wayne, i need you to stay here with Seth, Nia and Lisa, okay?" Hansi takes compound bow and heads to the drain. In the other end of the camp, they had set up a shooting range for bows, so that everyone could use these silent weapons.
"Sure." The clumsy IT-guy, Wayne, says.

At Laker Town Supermarket, Cal is having a meeting with the other residents of the supermarket.
"I need all of you to do this. Cols says that they're pretty heavy armed." Cal begins.
A fat, clumsy man raises his hand.
"Yes, Flenderton?" Cal sighs. He never liked Simon Flenderton, but he knew how to reload ammunition, so he is needed.
"What with the prisoners?" Flenderton asks, and lower his hand.
"Well... We can't risk them returning after we've let them free, so i'm thinking execution." Cal suggests.
On the other end of the table, two identical men sits, listening. The two twins, Davis and Xander, are sitting next to a tall, thin, creepy looking man named Ruben.
Ruben raises his hand.
"Yes, Ruben?" Cal says, and gets up from his chair and heads to a fridge.
"Can i kill Cole Williams?" Ruben says, as Cal opens the fridge.
"No." Cal takes out a cola and smiles. "We're letting Cole live, and we'll force him to watch while we have sex with their women."
"Hell, yea!" Another of the residents cries out. Rob Tender is a former employee of the Laker Town Supermarket, and was the first one to live there.
"Can we go soon?" Cooper asks, without raising his hand.
"One hour. Flenderton, you stay back. The rest of us go." Cal says with a big grin. "And then we're gonna have some sex."

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