This is Issue 47 of The Sewers.

Issue 47Edit

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others." - Jonathan Swift

"Must be there." Hansi whispers.
Hansi, Timmy, Ringo and Wolfgang are currently hiding in the bushes Andy's group were hiding in before they got taken prisoners.
"We're going in. Timmy, stay here. If thing goes down, we might need you." Hansi says. Timmy nods, and kneels down with a loaded 9mm in his hands.
Without hesitation, Ringo and Wolfgang follows Hansi towards the supermarket.

Inside, in the cafeteria, are Simon Flenderton reading an old magazine, eating chips. As Hansi, Wolfgang and Ringo breaks open the door, Flenderton falls down from his chair and looks confused around.
"Hey!" Flenderton cries out and reaches for his pistol. All three men are standing with their guns aimed at the man. "Who are you?"
"Who are you?" Wolfgang mutters with his german accent.
Flenderton aims his gun at Wolfgang. "I..." As Flenderton realizes who they are, he begins to stutter. "I... You should..."
"Drop the gun." Hansi says and nods to Ringo. Ringo walks towards the entrance and calls for Timmy.
Flenderton drops the gun and kneels down. "Please... Don't kill me..."
Hansi looks at Wolfgang, who has Flenderton on gunpoint as well. With a tired look in his eyes, Wolfgang takes a deep breath and mutters: "Do you have our men?"
"What...? Your men...?" Flenderton stutters.
"Listen, i'll kill you if you don't answer." Wolfgang mutters.
"Allright. Allright." Flenderton says nervously, as Ringo and Timmy enters the cafeteria. "They're in the meat lockers. Just down the hallway."
Hansi nods to Ringo and Timmy, and they go to look.
"Where are the rest of your men? I doubt you along could take all of our men." Hansi asks.
"They're out... Looking for you." Flenderton says and looks from Wolfgang to Hansi.
Hansi takes a deep breath. "Fuck." He says low. He nods to Wolfgang, who pulls the trigger and kills Flenderton instantly.
"If they're out there looking for us..." Wolfgang begins, muttering as usual. "They might have found our base."
"I know." Hansi says, and searches Wolfgang's body for weapons or ammunition.
"Well, what are we gonna do?"
"We're gonna go back, and be ready next time they come around."

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