This is Issue 48 of The Sewers.

Issue 48Edit

"Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither." - C. S. Lewis

"Alan? What happened to you?"
Ringo and Timmy are currently getting the prisoners free. In the meat locker with Alan and Bill, Ringo is cutting Alan's ropes.
"Just these men who've been making me blind on one eye." Alan spits. Red spits lands on the floor, as Ringo moves to Bill.
"Really? Wow. These guys must be dangerous." Ringo says, cutting Bill's ropes.
"Who the fuck are you?!" The three men hears someone shouting.
"It's them." Alan whispers. "You've got weapons?"
Ringo cuts the last of Bill's ropes, and heads to his assault rifle. He then checks his hulster; a 9mm Beretta. He gives it to Alan, and takes up a knife and gives to Bill. "That's all i have."
Bill nods and heads toward the door. A big wound on his lap makes him moan, but he ignores it. Same with Alan.
"On three." Ringo says and takes the door handle.

In the cafeteria, Cal and his men are standing holding Wolfgang and Hansi at gunpoint.
"Who are you?" Cal asks, pistol pointed at Hansi.
"Hey, hey. We're not bad people, okay." Hansi says, trying to sound friendly, but that isn't in his voice.
"Yea, right." One of Cal's men, Rob, mutters.
"Shut it, Rob." Cal says.
"We've food and weapons. We'd like to join your group." Hansi says with a smirk. "You can check our car. It's in the parking lot."
Cal nods to the twins, who instantly reacts and heads outside.
"Why'd you kill Flenderton?" Cal asks.
"He threatened us." Hansi says. "Self defense."
Cal looks at Hansi with a short nod. "I never liked him anyway."
Cal lowers his gun and looks at Rob. "Take them in an empty meat locker for now."
Rob, with a rifle in his hands, points toward the hallway, where Wolfgang and Hansi goes.
Cal, who has an injured neck, turns around to get some bandages. Just as he turns around, Hansi knocks down Rob and runs toward the main entrance with the words: "We're leaving!"
All doors to the meat lockers opens and the survivors begins to run, following Hansi.
"What the fuck?!" Cal shouts. "What..." He doesn't get to finish his sentence; the wound is infected and he blacks out.

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