This is episode 11 of Lee Dixon and Lee Everetts The Walking Dead: Life of the Dead

Episode 11Edit

"We're being hunted by these people called the Hunters,I got bit and then knocked out,Both Ken and Me but when i woke up i was missing an arm according to Ken,They ate it" Tyresse said "Holy shit" Rick said "There's six members now Chris who is the leader Theresa,Albert,David,Greg and Charlie they're all CANNIBALS" Ken said "How do you know this much?" Daryl asked "Because i met them in woodbury" Ken explained "You still didn't get basically any supplies,Me and Daryl will go on a run tomorrow" Rick said.

The next morning Rick and Daryl are looking through the woods and suddenly Theresa jumps out at them holding a pistol "Stay right there,Unless you want to die and end up as FOOD,Actually you'll end up as food either way" Theresa said "You're Theresa right? A member of the Hunters" Rick asked "How did you know that" Theresa asked "Because the people you kidnapped Ken and Tyresse they're with us,They told us about you" Daryl answered "Tyresse's arm made for good food,You two" Theresa said "You know the arm you ate,Was where Tyresse was bitten,You ate TAINTED MEAT" Daryl said "Well if that's the case heh heh heh I AIN'T TURNING INTO ONE OF THOSE MONSTERS" Theresa said and put her pistol into her mouth and blew her brains out.

Rick and Daryl returned to the group with plenty of supplies "We got tons of stuff,But there's one thing we need to talk about" Rick said "Yes?" Morgan asked "We encountered a member of the hunters,Theresa that's the one We told her about Tyresse's bitten arm and she was scared she'd turn into a walker and....blew her own brains out" Rick said "Holy shit" Said Ken "We're gonna need to make more defences things to protect us against them" Rick said.

From a distance the Hunters watch "Interesting,They still haven't figured out who our inside man is" Chris says and smiles

End of Episode



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