Template:MatureContent This is Episode 13 of The Walking Dead: Life of the Dead by Lee Dixon and Lee Everett (Season 4)

Episode 13Edit

Daryl tried pulling the arrow out of Ken but failed "Shit,It's in to deep" Daryl said "What,We can't let him die" Maggie said "There's one way but i can't say he'll survive it" Daryl said "Do it" Maggie said and Daryl using a knife chopped off Ken's arm just below the shoulder where the arrow hit "Okay,First step the arrow's there..Shit" Daryl says  "What?" Maggie said "The arrow hit into the bone,I'll need to cut into the bone to get it then there's only a 30 precent chance he'll survive and i don't have the stuff to do that,Need a bone saw or something like that" Daryl says Morgan comes running to him "Here,Found this a little earlier,It's an electric bone saw" Morgan says and hands it to Daryl "Thanks" And Daryl cuts the bone around the arrow and removes it and bandages the arm up.

"Okay with the amount of time it took and the amount of blood lost...I'd say he has a 5 to 10 precent chance of living" Daryl says "Shit" Rick says and a bunch of arrows hit the ground near them and the hunters come and start shooting more "Fucking,Shit" Daryl says "Hunters!" Rick shouts "KILL THEM ALL!" Chris shouts The group grabs guns and starts shooting at them,Daryl hits Albert in the head "They got Albert!" Chris says Rick shoots David in the Heart "And David,RETREAT RETREAT RETREAT" Chris says and the Hunters run away.

"We got most of them now" Daryl says "They'll pretty much be easy to kill next time " Rick says "What about Ken do you think he'll survive" Daryl says "I don't know" Rick says "Hey,Where's Maggie?" Michonne asks "Wait,She's not missing?" Daryl says "FUCK!" Morgan says and the group follow Morgan's shout to find him standing next to a tree and Maggie hanged on it "Holy...Shit,She hanged herself?" Daryl says who cuts the rope and checks her pulse "Oh my god,She's dead" Daryl said and they shoot Maggie in the head and Bury her and have a funeral for her and later Rick and Daryl find a note.

  • In the note* "I'm sorry,Everyone my entire family,Hershel,Glenn,Beth hell even possibly my only friend right now Ken as Daryl said only has a 5 precent chance of living,Don't worry for me,As i hope you shot me in the head so i don't turn,I am in a better place now     Goodbye -Maggie"

                                                    End of Episode

Deaths                                                                                     Edit





Last appearence of a Greene family member

Maggie was originally supposed to die in the finale but was changed to this episode

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