This is episode 16 and the Season 4 FINALE! of The Walking Dead: Life of the Dead by Lee Dixon and Lee Everett

Episode 16Edit

Ken walks to a gate "Wiltshire Estates" Ken reads the sign and opens the gate "Seems like a nice place" Ken says to himself and opens the door to a home and searches around,A Walker jumps at him from the side "Shit!" Ken says and stabs it in the head and walks upstairs and finds a bedroom and sleeps in it *Camera goes to a Poster covered in snow and the snow falls off revealing it to say* "All Dead do not enter" *Cue theme music*

Rick and Daryl approach Alexandria Safe Zone "Hello! Anyone?" Rick says and a man comes out "Hello,I'm Douglas Monroe!" Douglas says.

Ken gets out of the bedroom and walks downstairs and out of the house "Hello?" Ken says Ken sees the All Dead Posters "Fuck! FUCK! FUCKKKKKKK!" Ken shouts and runs walkers come sprinting after him he aims his gun and starts shooting ones behind him  "Ahh!" He screams and runs into the forest nearby.

Michonne slices a walkers head in half "Keep following me and we'll all get somewhere and find Rick,Daryl and Ken" Michonne says "Ken had one arm,He will not have survived" Morgan says "What about my Dad?" Carl asks "He'll be fine Carl,He had Daryl with him Right?" Michonne says "I guess so" Carl says.

"What's your story?" Douglas says "We came from a town we barricaded,Kings County we had a group i lost My Wife my new born Daughter and My Son my son Most recently" Rick says "He could still be alive!" Daryl says "Come on Daryl,He won't have" Rick says "My god,You have gone through so much shit!" Douglas says "We have many members,I'll introduce you to them later!" Douglas says.

Ken goes through the woods avoiding Walkers "Shit" He says to himself out of breath and finally finds his way out of the woods "Thank god" Ken says and finds Alexandria "Hello?" He says and Douglas,Rick and Daryl come out "Ken?" Rick says "Where's the rest?" Daryl asks "We didn't leave with eachother i don't know" Ken says! and they Walk inside Alexandria.

Michonne and the rest are walking in some woods "Shit" Michonne says "What?" Tyresse says "Walkers" Michonne says The group see some walkers heading towards them "This'll be easy" Morgan says Walkers start surrounding them  "Oh god" Carl says "Ready your weapon!" Michonne says and the group Ready their weapons

End of Season 4




  • This is the first season finale of Life of the Dead
  • This is the first episode since the first half of the season Lee Dixon has wrote where nobody has died

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